Friends, fellow Bat-family members and Gotham citizens, it looks like we are going to see Robert Pattinson don the cape and cowl for another film. During the Warner Bros. CinemaCon presentation yesterday in Las Vegas, it was announced that Matt Reeves with also be returning as director for The Batman 2. Aside from Pattinson and Reeves’ return to Gotham, no other information was shared.

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The Batman follows a younger Bruce Wayne, more bitter, less experienced, as he fights crime in Gotham. When he is targeted by a new villain, The Riddler (Paul Dano), who is killing political figures, it becomes an investigation into Gotham’s hidden corruption. The first film in the franchise was tied up nicely, allowing it to end there, which we suspect was a way to avoid significant cliffhangers without securing a second film. However, it did open doors to the possibility of a return to Pattinson’s role as the masked vigilante by setting up the Penquin (Colin Farrell) and the Joke (Barry Keoghan).

We are more than excited to see The Batman 2 well on its way. It will give them the chance to really showcase Bruce Wayne/Batman’s growth from young and inexperienced to a suave businessman and legendary superhero. But a few more years of angsty young Bruce Wayne is fine by us. The second film could focus heavily on the Joker, and with the release of the deleted scene and special appearance at the end of the first film, it looks like it is heading that way. But, we are hopeful that we are going to see more obscure villains from the franchise.

We are still early on for any real news on The Batman 2 news, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Are you excited to see Pattinson return to Gotham? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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