It looks like The Baby-Sitters Club– what a blast from the past!- TV series is not only making a come back but is getting the Netflix treatment. The original Baby-Sitters Club only had one season back in 1990, based on the book series of the same name. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a wholesome series of stories that follows a group of middle school entrepreneurs as they set up a babysitting business. Now Deadline reported that Netflix is “… ordering a 10-part series based on Ann M. Martin’s best-selling book series” and I have questions.

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First off, on Netflix the official synopsis is “In this contemporary take on the beloved book series, five best friends launch a baby-sitting business that’s big on fun and adventure.” It’s already been confirmed the series will be live action so what exactly does “contemporary take” mean? Could it simply be a modern day version of the stories we all know and love? If that’s the case then how in the world will they choose which ones to tell?! There are over 200 books to choose from unless they are write new stories altogether. Also taking place in modern day, could one of the club member’s children form a club of their own and to go on their own adventures?

Walden Media will be acting as the producer of this reboot, Michael De Luca will be executive producer alongside Lucy Kitada and Broad City’s Lucia Aniello will be directing. Personally, I would love this series to take place in the same time period as the books. I read BSC often when I was younger and I fear such a wonderful series being tainted or flat out ruined if changed too much. But I’m willing to give it a chance. As the project appears to be in its infancy there has not been a cast or release date yet. 

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