Here at GGA, we love a good “who done it?” series. There is just something about trying to figure out who is behind a string of murders, crimes and all kinds of things. It is what drew me to Apple TV Plus’ The Afterparty from Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. The story follows a group of alumni who come back together to celebrate their 15-year high school reunion.

During the party, popstar Xavier (Dave Franco) is thrown off the edge and hits the rocks below his beachside mansion, home to the afterparty event. Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish) arrives on the scene and starts questioning each of the partygoers to figure out who is behind this murder. But does this who done it thrive or fall flat? Keep reading to find out more!

DISCLAIMER: There are possible spoilers ahead for Apple TV Plus’ The Afterparty.

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The Afterparty. Image courtesy of Apple TV Plus

The Afterparty. Image courtesy of Apple TV Plus.

What initially drew me into The Afterparty was the hilarious cast they brought on board. Franco and Haddish are joined by Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetriou and John Early. While they are usually the stand-out “funny character” in all of their other work, they group mesh together exceptionally well in this series. No one outshines the others as they each delve into how their night played out for Detective Danner. Well, except Demetriou, whose character is forgotten by the others but manages to steal every scene they appear in.

And playing on each of these cast members’ strong suits, each episode plays out in a different style as Danner relives each of the fellow party member’s nights. The genre of the show shifts in some of the best ways. We get rom-com, Fast and Furious style family moments, a psychological horror theme and even a musical. It’s like each episode takes on a mind of its own but still follows the bread and bones of the overall series. It helps to add flavor to the show and give it a uniqueness that is sometimes lacking in others like it. Just when you think you know where one of these episodes is going, it does a complete 180 and has you laughing on the edge of your seat.

Having each of the episodes taking on a different genre doesn’t hurt the overall series pacing, story or feel in any way. Surprisingly, the concepts roll together nicely and as each episode comes and goes, the bigger picture of Xavier’s death comes together. Having each episode take on a mind of its own adds a unique twist that helps hide the mystery. It’s a great example of how you can use each episode to tell its own story without taking away from the series overall. It’s full of laughs mixed with the overall mystery of who is really responsible for Xavier’s untimely demise.

I highly suggest adding The Afterparty to your watch list when it drops on Apple TV Plus on January 28, 2022!




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