Watching films and TV series remains the most popular option for online entertainment. The only comparison is with casino that accepts credit cards. After all, online gambling is rapidly growing in popularity. If you love quality movies and don’t want to waste your time on pointless works, you can check out current information on new releases in world cinema from bloggers. Many channels give professional reviews of films and series, selecting excellent content for viewers.

Which YouTube channels are good for film lovers to watch?

Movie Central

The creators of the channel call it the best destination for free movies on YouTube. It is a rare case where all films are in excellent quality and are not ripped content. Therefore, the channel is not blocked and films are added to it every day without exception. All content on Movie Central is posted with an official license from the rights holders. Therefore, the films that appear here are posted without copyright infringement.


Cult films are often made not by good scripts, but by legendary actors. Many film buffs choose a film only after seeing information about who’s in the lead roles. If you adore famous actors and actresses, BIG STAR-X creates interesting content about the lives of famous personalities. The short clips show who Hollywood actors were and who they have become, how their careers have changed over the decades, and how their looks have changed. Their appearance has changed over the decades and they are worth watching.

Watch Movies Now!

Another popular channel. Another popular channel where only licensed movies are posted. The authors of the blog publish a new release every week. These aren’t always box office movies with worldwide appeal, but that’s what makes the content attractive. You can find rare works that have been undeservedly neglected by viewers. There are no genre restrictions – at Watch Movies Now! Dramas, thrillers, comedies, horror.

Movie Coverage

A huge number of movies of different genres are presented in this channel. Movie Coverage is a great way to find good movies and make sure you don’t miss out on the latest releases.

What’s interesting about Movie Coverage:

  • The handy breakdown of films into playlists of different types of genres;
  • more than 4,000 films have been uploaded to the channel;
  • In addition to films, official trailers are released.

Boxoffice | DRAMA | Full Movies

This channel is already specialized. It is subscribed by fans of dramatic films. The films are presented in their original languages, without translation. Basically, the works of European directors: England, Germany, Italy. The channel is brand new, but it has an interesting concept. Dramas are rightly considered to be the films with the most profound content.

Screen Culture

The best trailers are the first to appear on this channel. Find the best films and TV series to watch in the near future here. In addition to the official trailers, the channel also puts up conceptual trailers from film fans on a daily basis. More often than not, the best cuts from Marvel and Star Wars scenes can be seen here.

Boxoffice Movie Scenes

Watch some of the dialogue from cult movies become legendary over time. You want to watch some scenes for a long time – so successful played roles and written scripts. That’s why there is a YouTube channel dedicated to the best movie scenes.

Actors Trends

What is left out of the picture and hidden from the audience? The answer is provided by the creators of the Actors Trends channel. This video blog provides interesting, but little-known data about movies and TV series from Netflix, Disney, Universal Picture, Marvel. To find out about all the behind-the-scenes intrigue, bloopers and bad special effects, subscribe to the channel and don’t miss new videos. As always, all episodes on the channel are hotly debated by subscribers in the comments.

The TV Leaks

This channel entertains its audience with interesting and informative videos about TV series, movies, anime series and their popular characters. The authors of the blog are among the first to provide interesting reactions to all the new movies and the most attention is given to the TV series. In addition to the usual reviews, there are clips with film criticism and collected viewer opinions. Thanks to The TV Leaks, it’s therefore easy to find really interesting and worthwhile films to watch.

The channel’s strengths:

  • Releasing movie picks once a week;
  • Tracking movies and TV series of all genres;
  • Always reviews of the most talked-about series.


An unusual format of video clips has been invented on the channel. There is no option to watch movies or trailers. Each video is a selection in the form of top 10. The best one can be anything related to cinematography. For example, 10 best movies of this month, 10 best male roles of this year, 10 bloopers in the TV series, 10 best movie costumes.

The selections are so diverse and interesting that you can watch them regularly. Moreover, the channel is updated steadily two times a week. Thanks to original videos, subscribers can find the best films for themselves and keep up to date with global film trends.

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