Thanksgiving is only a few days away but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to find fun crafty decor! Whether you want a fun addition to your social media or keep the kiddos busy for a few minutes, NBC has you covered with their Hand Turkey Creator!

There are four base turkey patterns, which can be point-and-click colored with ten color/pattern options (including Nick Offerman‘s infamous red lumberjack plaid and a wood grain). Five decorative categories are available with various options beneath each. There are six hats (football helmet, anyone?), six pairs of eyes (even googly eyes!), seven beaks (yes, candy corn is available), six accessories (mustache!), and six leg options (crocheted Ugg boots? Of course). With the exception of the legs, all categories can have multiple pieces added to the turkey and moved to any location you would like. Once you are satisfied with your turkey, add one of three backgrounds (or leave it white) and add one of five frames (or, again, leave it bare).

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The little online click-creator is actually a cleverly (and not so subtly) disguised ad for the network’s upcoming new show, Making It, starring Parks and Recreation‘s famous duo, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. The show will be a six-episode “lighthearted competition” crafting show where eight competitors will battle it out over quick, themed craft challenges. It sounds absolutely wonderful, if you ask me. NBC did well with their Hand Turkey Creator, too, bringing in the cute arts-and-crafts feel to the final images.

Let’s face it, every moment the children (or spouse, we know how annoying they can get) busy elsewhere, the more time you have to yourself in the kitchen (or with that glass of wine. We aren’t judging), so why not let them play for a little bit on their own turkeys? Find the online Hand Turkey Creator HERE and feel free to share with us your creations!

Isn’t my Pilgrim turkey adorable with his little scarf?

NBC's Making It Hand Turkey Creator

Those derpy eyes are the best, aren’t they?

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