This is the TERMINATOR GENISYS Teaser Trailer to tease the trailer that is coming out tomorrow. Redundant? Maybe.

Well, this teaser gives us nothing. Let’s hope the trailer does because as of this moment I have little excitement for this reboot. The photos released in Entertainment Weekly this past October were lackluster and confusing. Terminator is a great franchise, and Gale Anne Hurd is involved so there’s much hope. Plus there’s Matt Smith…and Daeneyrs Targaryen, I mean, Emilia Clarke. But mostly, Matt Smith.

This version of Terminator takes place in an alternate timeline. In this time line, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) met up with Terminator robot (Arnold Schwarzenegger) before she even meet Kyle Reese.  No word on how she meets Reese or gets pregnant with John Connor in this timeline.

Here’s an official poster released on Instagram. It’s a living poster and it’s pretty cool. (Living posters seem to be the thing now. House of Cards released on this week that was awesome).

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