Okay, I have to admit this. I am addicted to Webtoon comics. I don’t just read a few comics here and there, I have a few comics I read every night. But honestly who could blame me? Each one has such beautiful art and stories, created by such artistic individuals that make me wish I could draw. Readers can download the app to their phone or tablet on iOS or Android store as well as online. Really they are perfect for the holiday season too! With tons of traveling or just hiding away at home, I have ten Webtoons you just need to get lost in!

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

From the creative mind of Fishball, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is full of short silly stories between her, the nerd boyfriend, and their families. The short slice of life comics tell funny and relatable stories that will keep you laughing (and crying during some) the entire time. With over 386 chapters already available and more updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, you have a lot to catch up with!

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend can be found online here!

Purple Hyacinth

If you love mystery, murder and a pretty good looking assassin with a sweet spot for flowers, Purple Hyacinth is right up your alley. Lauren works hard by day as a police officer and even harder by night trying to unravel the mystery behind an underground organization. The art and story from Ephemerys and Sophism is by far one of my favorite to read and even though they are only 31 episodes in, the story just keeps getting better.

Purple Hyacinth updates every Tuesday and can be found online here.

I Love Yoo

Shin-ae is the friend we all really want to hang out and eat tons of snacks with. Not to mention the friends she has picked up along the way. Quimchee does a beautiful job of really making you fall in love with even the oddest of characters. With about 100 chapters in, things are really starting to heat up and it looks like some of the questions we have been asking are going to be answered.

I Love Yoo updates every Friday and can be found online here.


While this little gem is currently on hiatus, we received news from Ohkates a few days ago announcing we should be getting season two soon! Which means now is the best time to get caught up on this fantasy filled tale. With a mix between steampunk and fantasy, the story she spins will have you  asking all kinds of questions and keep bringing you back for more.

Empyrea will be back soon but it updates on Mondays and can be found here.

Lore Olympus

This modern retelling of the story between Hades and Persephone is beyond beautiful on top of just being amazing. Each week we are introduced to the drama that goes on behind the scenes of the gods. Watching as the two gods who are meant to be come together just to be drawn apart over and over is the drama we all need in our lives. I hope Rachel Smythe keeps this going on forever, or just starts another story from Greek mythology.

Lore Olympus updates every Sunday and can be found here.

Let’s Play

It’s the story we all want to read folks. An under confident game designer gets kicked in the gut when her favorite streamer disses her game and now he is her neighbor! I know this romance sounds pretty straight forward, but I promise after the first few chapters you are going to be trying to build ships for so many different characters and have no idea what to expect next! Not to mention my nerd heart jumps for every time Mongie throws in nerd culture Easter eggs!

Let’s Play updates every Tuesday and can be found here.


Ever wonder where some of the best internet memes come from? Well Bluechair is chalk full of them! They are entertaining and seriously a lot of ‘same’ feelings. Shen does a great job of reminding us to laugh on the regular. Plus with over 500 chapters currently you will have tons to catch up on over the holidays!

Bluechair updates every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and can be found here.

Third Shift Society

Do you like ghosts and supernatural hunters? How about a mysterious guy with a pumpkin for a head? I know that last part sounds a bit weird but I promise this story is perfect! Ellie and Ichabod are on a mission to make money and hunt supernatural beings while trying not to set the entire place on fire. Plus we all really want to know why Ichabod has a pumpkin for a head. Please Meredith Moriarty tell me why he has a pumpkin head!

Third Shift Society updates every Friday and can be found here.

Cape of Spirits

The second season of Cape of Spirits has just kicked off and now is the time to get into it! This action Webtoon brings us into a world so incredibly built I thought it was from a novel. A group set on bringing in the head of a fugitive have a change of heart, so to say, decide to work alongside him to unlock the secrets behind powerful coins that give different abilities. Kristina Nguyen has a way with word, art, and suspense. Get reading now!

Cape of Spirits updates every Wednesday and can be found here.

Midnight Poppy Land

Fresh off the press is my new favorite Webtoon! Midnight Poppy Land was recently featured and is brand new and fresh! Poppy is going through a rough patch when she meets Tora and things get outta hand real quick. With Lilydusk recently releasing chapters of the featured version, now is the time! Not to mention she has a way of drawing that just makes you fall in love with everyone!

Midnight Poppy Land updates every Saturday and can be found here.

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This article was originally published on 12/22/19



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