Greyhounds, assemble! Gift-giving season is upon us, and it’s time to buy something marvelous for the Ted Lasso fan in your life. Whether they’re a fan of Ted’s insightful wisdom and catchy, Midwestern-infused phrases, or Roy Kent’s innate grumpiness, there’s something for everyone. 

So, without further ado, here’s a Ted Lasso gift guide that’s sure to make your Greyhound believe. 

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Ted Lasso t-shirt on Etsy

He’s here, he’s there and now you can wear a shirt inspired by the legendary Roy Kent everywhere! This t-shirt aptly conveys Roy’s signature “grunt,” his kneejerk response to most things in life. Or you can go for this AFC Richmond distressed sweatshirt, emitting vintage vibes. 

What about a simple t-shirt from Redbubble with Ted’s trademark “Believe” sign emblazoned across it? Of course, nothing’s more Ted Lasso than a shirt with Dani Rojas’ endearing catchphrase, “Fútbol is life.” 


Ted Lasso wine labels on Etsy

Who doesn’t love a good Greyhound accessory? Impress your wine-loving Ted Lasso fan with these adorable wine labels, complete with popular phrases from the show. If they’re avid coffee drinkers, purchase this AFC Richmond travel mug. Perhaps they’re a stickler about drink stains, and they’d like this set of four coasters featuring quotes from Ted, Keeley, Dani and Roy.

Then, there’s this simple yet effective poster showcasing Ted’s famous Goldfish speech to Sam and an intricately-detailed ink drawing of Ted, Coach Beard, Nate and Roy flipping off Jamie. I’d be remiss if I left out this cute “Biscuits With the Boss” tin.


Ted Lasso mug on Etsy

If there’s one thing the characters of Ted Lasso often do, it’s drink tea. Well, except Ted. So, if your Greyhound abhors tea, they might enjoy this “Hot Brown Water” mug. Here’s another cup featuring an animated Ted with the “Believe” sign above his head. 

While Roy’s a grunter, he also says “Oi!” more than anyone on the show. This Roy Kent “Oi!” mug perfectly encapsulates your curmudgeonly Greyhound. You can give your “Keeley Jones, the Independent Woman” fan a cup showcasing our favorite boss lady with this scrawled on the front: “Oi! You’re a badass b***h!” 


Ted Lasso sticker on Etsy

Ted Lasso is an endlessly quotable show ripe for sticker opportunities. Take the above Roy Kent sticker, for example. We’ve learned not to “settle for fine,” thanks to our favorite former footballer. Maybe your Greyhound needs a loving reminder to “be a goldfish,” hence this inspiring sticker from Etsy. What about this one with Roy Kent’s expletive-laden and catchy chant? 

There’s also this one bearing a vital quote to which everyone should hold fast: “Be curious, not judgemental.” 

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Regardless of what you buy for your Greyhound, they’ll love it because it comes from the heart. That’s what Ted would say, and I stick by that!

What’s on your holiday shopping list for this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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