It’s hard to believe that this is a teaser for season 5 – SEASON 5 – of  Falling Skies. The fact that this sci-fi, alien apocalypse television series survived its freshman season shocked most critics.

The show is based on more than one popular science fiction trope: global alien invasion, aliens take over human brains and use them like puppets, aliens carry out human extermination, humans fight aliens to save Earth. Then TNT added even more tropes into the Falling Skies mix for us: aliens fight other aliens and these other aliens are now involved in fight for Earth siding with the humans, bad aliens want Earth’s resources, Nazi-like alien human conditioning schools and before you knew it, you were gleefully along for the ride. Falling Skies said yes to everything and created a fun, complex show to look forward to every summer.

If I was a kid, this would be the bomb! Falling Skies is to kids now what V was to my generation. Plus, there’s plenty of fun for adults. Noah Wyle is perfect as the historian-father-come-leader of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia. Wyle’s Tom Mason is our reluctant hero whose character arc over the last four seasons has been strong and fun to watch. Captain Dan Weaver, played by Will Patton, and his ridiculously wonderful one liners helped drive each episode of show. The incomparable Doug Jones is superb in his portrayal of  good alien, Cochise.

This upcoming seas0n, teased as Falling Skies: The Final Battle will be a delight on hot summer nights. I’ll be sad to see this show go.

The final season of Falling Skies premieres Sunday, June 28 at 10/9c only on TNT.

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Audrey Kearns