Have you ever wondered exactly what your favorite character consumes when they are offscreen, off the page, or out of audio range? So have I! As a kid, I always wanted to try Lembas bread, and whatever Luke’s Uncle Owen served on his moisture farm. I got a little insight with Avatar: The Last Airbender (Jasmine Tea for Uncle Iroh), and a little more with Ouran High School Host Club (Instant Coffee and *fancy tuna), but what people drink and eat, and why has always fascinated me. 

Why Tea? 

Recently, I’ve developed quite a serious obsession with tea. Blame my anglophilia, blame my inability to drink coffee like a human (Would you like some coffee with that milk and sugar?), blame whatever you’d like. The fact of the matter is, I’ve created quite a collection for myself in a decent sized cupboard in my house. I enjoy all kinds of tea, from all kinds of places- Celestial Seasonings, Adagio, Tazo, Cusa,- if you name a tea brand, I probably have it in my cupboard. I don’t understand brand loyalty when it comes to tea.green tea

As such, I believe it is my calling, nay, duty, to bring to you, Humble Reader of Geek Girl Authority, a small sampling of my tea knowledge. Brew along with me if you will. 

What Kind of Tea?

In this series, I plan to cover every kind of tea I can think of and learn a little more. I’ll even be talking about tisanes (the proper term for “herbal teas”). Breaking it down, I’ll take characters from your favorite books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and any other thing you can think of, and, based on their personality, personal tastes, and traits, what kind of tea they might enjoy. You have Jean-Luc Picard and Uncle Iroh to thank for this series.

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So, put the kettle on, get some biscuits, pull up a seat next to a fire (or fireplace video on Youtube), and let’s chat!


If you’d like to see your favorite characters discussed, shoot me a request at @CarolynDWrites on Twitter! Hope to hear from you all soon! Peace, Love, Live Long and Prosper!  




Carolyn Ducker