The holidays came early for Swifties this morning with a gift from Taylor Swift herself. The singer announced via social media that she would be releasing her ninth studio album Evermore tonight at midnight (EST).

Swift was “elated” about the announcement as she and her team simply “could not stop writing songs.”


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Evermore, the sister album to the less than five-month-old Folklore, will feature fifteen tracks on the standard album and two bonus songs on the deluxe album. The tracklist includes appearances from artists such as HAIM, Bon Iver and The National.

As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, Swift also announced that one of her new songs, ‘Willow,’ would also be getting a music video tonight at midnight (EST).

With Taylor being the queen of Easter eggs, some fans have already concluded that Swift may have been hinting at the Evermore project for some time now. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

First off is that album art. It features Swift standing at the edge of a wooded area sporting a cozy flannel coat and a French braid. While the photo is gorgeous, it’s hardly anything remarkable to the naked eye. But to some veteran Swifties and Refinery 29? It’s a nest of clues.

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that there are thirty-one turns in her braid. Not only is thirty one the mirror image of her favorite number thirteen, but her thirty-first birthday is also this upcoming Sunday. This may also be a callback to her Folklore song ‘Seven‘ which has a lyric in the second verse: “Your braids make a pattern / Love you to the Moon and to Saturn,”

A much bigger hint came in the form of a tweet. On Thursday, Swift took to Twitter to thank the LA Times for their praise of Folklore. A series of tree emojis followed the Tweet. Nine tree emojis, to be exact. Nine trees for her ninth studio album, perhaps?

The next clue gave fans some serious deja vu. In April, Swift posted a selfie with the caption “not a lot going on at the moment.” Folklore was released less than three months later. And just a few weeks ago, she posted another picture with that same caption. This time around, fans assumed Swift might be hinting that she was re-recording her masters. However, if you look closely to the photo’s right, there are two framed pictures of a willow tree and ivy leaves.

Willow‘ is the first track on Evermore, and ‘Ivy‘ is the tenth. Well played, Miss Swift.

And my personal favorite came in the form of yet another tweet. Swift referenced willows again last week when she expressed her excitement and gratitude for being featured in Rolling Stone by throwing herself at “the base of a willow tree by a reflection pool at midnight.” Methinks this is an upcoming lyric.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be getting myself emotionally prepared for this album with my coziest cardigan and some tea. See you on the other side, Swifties! Evermore will be available everywhere tonight and both the standard and deluxe versions are available for pre-order!



Fallon Marie Gannon