Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! We are expanding! What started as a column dedicated to chatting with members of the TTRPG community is growing to talk about all things TTRPG. We aim to continue sharing all the things we love about the community and all the content within. So, consider this a little peek into our favorite worlds and creators as we explore everything we love.

Last week, we discussed TV shows for Dungeons and Dragons fans, and we are switching gears this week. The change in season has us ready to cuddle up in front of the tavern fire with a good book to dive into. And what better pick than something that gives us the feel of a TTRPG game? Whether it’s the overly fantasy adventure feel or the found family trope, we have options we think everyone will love. The real question is, which one will you start with?

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Must-Read Books

Cover photos for the first three novels in The Expanse series.

The Expanse

If you have ever watched an episode of The Expanse, you know precisely why this is on our list. James S.A. Corey‘s epic space opera has so many moving parts that flow together perfectly. It features an exciting setting and characters you can’t help but root for. Plus, unraveling the mystery and watching the world around them grow and shift feels like all the parts we love in our TTRPGs. The series kicks off with Leviathan Wakes and only gets better from there.

Chronicles of the Black Company

Our second must-read series for TTRPG fans has been around for quite a while, so chances are at least someone in your life has read Glen Cook‘s Chronicles of the Black Company series. It is a dark fantasy series that follows an elite mercenary unit. Cook builds an incredible fantasy world and characters that give us the grittier side of fantasy. Readers can start with The Black Company, continue their adventure through several novels, and then dive into The Black Company Campaign Setting.

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Covers for the first three books in Steve Erikson's series.

The Malazan Book of the Fallen

Are you looking for something high-fantasy this fall? Check out Steven Erikson’s series, The Malazan Book of the Fallen. It is no surprise to hear that Erikson, alongside fellow writer Ian Cameron Esslemont, the world started as a backdrop for role-playing games. It features high magic and incredible world-building, making us want to run our own game. And the best part is that when you are done reading through Erikson’s series, you can dive right into Esslemont’s.

Six of Crows

Our final offer this week is Leigh Bardugo‘s Six of Crows series. Looking for found family? Check! How about hesists? It’s got that! And what about an expansive fantasy world that will pull you in the moment you turn to page one? Look no further, folx; the Crows have you covered. Each character feels like one created in a TTRPG scenario, and all are doing their best to survive. And it’s so accurate to the idea that sometimes, the dice just aren’t on our side. If you love Six of Crows, we suggest checking out her first series, Shadow and Bone.

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