Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! This is a weekly column where we chat with a member of the TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) community to learn more about how they found themselves at the table, what they love about tabletop gaming, and other fun things. Think of it as a little sneak peeks into the minds of our fellow players and DMs.

We are back with another fireside chat. This week we chatted with Ben from Homie and The Dude. He is a workhorse by nature, and his grind level is over 9000. Chances are, if you have seen a graphic or catchy caption on the group’s social media accounts, Ben is behind it. Though sometimes, he even thinks he might push his creativity too far. Check out everything he loves about the TTRPG community and playing Dungeons and Dragons with some of his best friends.

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Ben of Homie and The Dude

Julia Roth: Let’s chat your TTRPG backstory! How did you find yourself at the table?

Ben: When I came to work for HaTD, I had never been fortunate enough to play get a table together. I’ve appreciated D&D from a distance for a long time, watching Dimension 20 and hearing hilarious stories of people’s exploits on the internet. My first time actually playing D&D was with the HaTD team. As a treat Bodhi and Tom got the whole team together, we created our characters and began the campaign that very same day!

JR: Favorite world to adventure in?

B: As far as TTRPGs, the one I’ve spent the most time exploring so far, The Land Realm. A magical cloud barrier separates the sister world from Bodhi’s The Sky Realm.

JR: Favorite one-shot adventure?

B: I’ve only played one; it was more of a 4-shot; we knew the story would be short. We were playing the Avatar Legends TTRPG. Our story was a prequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, beginning shortly before the Fire Nation attack on the Air temples. It was a dark, tragic and unforgettable story. Forevermore part of my headcanon for the Avatar universe.

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JR: Backstory or class first?

B: I would say backstory, but I usually struggle to come up with a good backstory from thin air. It’s easier if you can pick something for your character to base your backstory on.

JR: Favorite spell and why?

B: In a world full of magic, governed by strict rules that seemingly everybody knows about…

My favorite ones are made up. Pretend to begin casting a spell, tell them what it does (anything you want), and threaten to cast it if they don’t back down. Roll deception/intimidation (because it’s not a real spell).

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JR: Who has been your favorite character to play?

B: Gore-Den, a Were-Boar who goes into a blood rage at the sight of food (unless recently satiated), also is a passionate rookie chef. Always collecting ingredients and preparing meals for later. The shenanigans were incredible.

JR: Do you have a particular race/class you enjoy?

B: Fighter. I love sword fighting in video games and IRL, too, so why not at the table?

JR: Is there something that you build into every character? A run trait or a special item?

B: Not yet.

JR: What is your favorite system to play within?

B: So far, 5E, but I have very little experience outside of that.

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JR: Tell us about the wildest adventure you have been on?

B: Our party (in Orbital Blues) encountered a giant destroyed spaceship in an asteroid field—no living souls in sight, no bodies either. After exploring and finding no signs of life, we found a “project room” through an airlock. On the other side of the airlock doors were grass and sun and a civilization with a religion referencing a god resembling the captain of the spaceship…

They thought we were the second coming of their god. Our party may have overstayed our welcome.

JR: What has been your most impactful moment at a table?

B: My character’s final moments in the Avatar Legends Stream.

JR: Favorite dice to use?

B: D20.

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JR: Would you rather face off against an entire dungeon of undead or charm your way through a royal court?

B: Undead dungeon, hands down.

JR: Favorite TTRPG monster?

B: Mimic! It could be anywhere, man!

JR: Good luck charms or rituals before a game?

B: Bring snacks for the DM 😉

JR: Who is sitting at your dream table?

B: Lou Wilson, Gavin Free, Harry Hill, Eddie Murphy and Cherbourg.

JR: What are you most looking forward to within the TTRPG world?

B: The day we finally blow up!

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