Good news, Clone Club! Our favorite sestra Tatiana Maslany is purportedly in talks to snag the lead role in She-HulkDeadline reports. While Marvel did not immediately return Deadline‘s call for comment, sources close to the production say that Maslany is the top choice to portray the title character. 

Now, director Kat Coiro has already been tapped to helm the series. Coiro will direct multiple episodes including the pilot. Rick and Morty scribe Jessica Gao will be leading the charge in the writers room. 

Of course, She-Hulk isn’t the only forthcoming series Marvel has in the works with Disney +. WandaVision is now reported to premiere later this year. Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will also make their respective debuts on the streaming service in the next year. 

She-Hulk was the last major Marvel character to be co-created by the late Stan Lee. Her real name is Jennifer Walters. She’s an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner. Walters is imbued with her “Hulk” abilities when Banner administers an emergency blood transfusion. However, she’s able to retain her intelligence while in Hulk form, unlike Banner. 

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Maslany is best known for her Emmy Award-winning role in BBC America’s Orphan Black. Recently, she was in the first season of HBO’s Perry Mason. She was highly lauded by critics for her brilliant performance. Maslany also had a stint on Broadway, starring alongside Bryan Cranston in the play Network

My humble opinion? Maslany is, without question, the most talented actress in my generation. Her work in Orphan Black utterly floored me. I’ve no doubt she’ll bring her A-Game to the Marvel Universe. 

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