Oh god, it’s starting. The momentum and the emotions are building and Targetyou taunt me. With your Share The Force ads, promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Force Fridayyou think you can manipulate me and sucker me into feeling too much….you’re right. It’s working!

Ahhhh, seriously try and get through this without one tear, one I say!

You can’t.

It brings back all the memories of sticking my kittens into a tire and raising that tire, kittens on board, with the power of the force. Or screaming at my brother because he stole my Han Solo In Carbonite action figure, my most prized possession that I still have not forgiven him for. And also, there may be a strong possibility that he did not steal it and that I might have just lost it, unlikely though!

Remember Force Friday is September 4th at midnight, brand new Star Wars merchandise will be released. You can also go to Target’s website here and experience the rest of the Share The Force ad campaign. It’s pretty cool.

Episode VII is coming….are you ready?

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