• A Hobbit-themed cozy game, Tales of the Shire, now has an announcement trailer courtesy of Wētā Workshop. 
  • You can watch the announcement trailer below. 
  • The game will debut on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Steam and PlayStation 5. 

Wētā Workshop just dropped an announcement trailer for their upcoming Hobbit-themed cozy game, Tales of the ShireSome Hobbits are known for grand adventures and brave deeds, but that is not your tale. Your journey is a little more expected as you create a new beginning for yourself in the comfort of the Shire.

Forage Friendships

The trailer shows all types of Hobbits fishing, foraging for plants, trading at a shop, cooking and having dinner parties. 

Decorate Your Home

Tales of the Shire lets you design and decorate your very own Hobbit hole. The trailer gives us a peak at several rooms, including a living room, bedroom and dining area. Each room is decorated in a couple of styles.  

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Every Hobbit needs a garden; where else would they smoke their pipe? We are given a brief glimpse at what looks like a customizable garden that you design and tend to like any good little halfling would.

Explore by Water

A third-person view follows a happy little Hobbit as they frolic through the scenic Shire. It seems the time of day, weather, and seasons will change in Tales of the Shire. 

Our new Hobbit friend also skips up to what looks like a festival and speaks to an unknown wizard. Perhaps there will be events and even cameos from some of our favorite The Lord of the Rings characters. I suppose we will just have to wait because, as Gandalf says, “A wizard is never late, nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to.”

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A couple of shots pan out to show a couple of homes surrounded by water features, such as a bridge over a creek. 

Welcome Home Hobbit

The trailer concludes with a rustic banner that displays, “Welcome Home, Hobbit.” The narrator then says what we all know to be true, “Hobbits really are amazing creatures.”

Lastly, a book styled like An Unexpected Journey closes to reveal a beautiful cover with the title Tales of the Shire.

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As a cozy gamer and massive LOTR fan, Tales of the Shire is something I have long been waiting for. It’s a brief trailer, but from what I can tell, it looks to have all of the mechanics from our favorite cozy games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. So far, it looks like a gorgeous game and shows a lot of promise. Many people, myself included, will watch this one like the Eye of Sauron watches The Ring.

Tales of the Shire will release in the second half of 2024 on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S.

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