The Star-Lord vs. Captain America epic Super Bowl bet is nearly at its end. It’s been a joy watching these two goofballs go at it in the twittersphere and beyond.

Today Chris Pratt came through on the terms of losing the bet to Chris Evans: if the Seattle Seahawks lose than Pratt has to dress as Star-Lord and visit Christopher’s Haven in Boston. Christopher’s Haven is a home for kids and their families while they battle cancer.

Pratt posted pictures on Facebook and so did Christopher’s Haven. I couldn’t pick just one or two to post so I posted them all. Lots of joy.

And if you feel bad that Pratt lost the bet, don’t. Just look at the happy families. Heck, even Pratt is super happy. The only time to feel sorry for Pratt are in the pics where Chris Evans makes him put on or pose with a Patriot’s jersey.


Now, Chris Evans is a cool cat too. Even though he won the bet, he says he will visit Seattle Children’s Hospital as well.

Yay for real life superheroes!

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Audrey Kearns