One of my favorite things to do is figure out which horror movie character I would be. Would I be the one who gets killed first? Perhaps I would be the wise one that no one listens to. Maybe I would secure the coveted spot of final girl! There are certain types of characters that are found in almost every horror film. You won’t find every type in every movie, but you can be sure to find some combination of them. While some of the more modern films have begun to branch out with character archetypes, there are some that I believe will always be a part of this genre.

These tropes cover every subgenre back to the classics and are found in movies produced all over the world. If you are interested in finding out which type of horror movie character you are most like, here are 15 questions to help you figure it out! Answer each question and keep track of how many As, Bs, Cs, etc. you get. Then, use your answers to determine which type of character you are. Good luck!


Human shadow on an alley wall

Question One: You are walking down a dark alley by yourself when you hear someone walking behind you. You turn around quickly and see a large figure standing in the middle of the alleyway. There’s something in the person’s hand that looks like a butcher knife and some liquid is dripping off it. How do you react? Do you …

A. Challenge them. Yell that you know they are following you and you’re not afraid of them.

B. Call out the name of someone you know and ask if that’s them.

C. Run.

D. Get out your mace, dial 911 on your phone, then run and find a place to hide.

E. Yell “Yo, you looking for a fight?!”

F. Tell them to identify themselves and reach for your weapon.


girl holding a cellphone to her ear

Question Two: You keep getting calls from someone that says they are going to kill you. The police tell you it’s probably just a prank. One night you get another call but this time, the voice says that they are in the house with you. What do you do?

A. Hang up and run to the door to see if it’s locked.

B. Drop the phone and run to check on the other person in the house.

C. Hang up and immediately call 911.

D. Hang up and search for a weapon.

E. Pull out the knife you keep in your pocket and sit on the couch.

F. Reach for your weapon and try to call for backup.


people running down an empty street

Question Three: Your friends are in trouble and someone is chasing them. Do you … 

A. Go after them alone.

B. Try to rescue a specific person and if you can help them all in the process, you will.

C. Try to get help.

D. Gather weapons and make a plan.

E. Wait for them to come back toward you.

F. Take out your weapon and track them.


Faceless person holding a knife

Question Four: You and your friends all start having the same nightmare. In your dreams, a scary-looking man is trying to kill you. One of your friends is telling you about their latest dream and shows you a cut on their arm. They tell you they got cut in the dream and when they woke up, it was there. How do you react?

A. Totally shocked.

B. Freak out and try to make sure they are alright.

C. Reason with them that it’s not possible to get an injury from a dream.

D. Use the information to formulate a plan.

E. Shrug it off.

F. Suggest a psych evaluation.


woman falling midair.

Question Five: Are you clumsy?

A. No.

B. Only around certain people.

C. Sometimes.

D. Never.

E. Totally.

F. Only at the worst possible time.


Barbie with glasses and a book

Question Six: Are you …?

A. A jock

B. Popular

C. Nerd/Geek

D. Outcast

E. Slacker

F. Tough girl/guy


girl leaning against a wall

Question Seven: What is your everyday style of dress?

A. Sports uniform

B. Preppy

C. Comfortable

D. Casual

E. Lots of leather

F. Work uniform


four zombie women

Question Eight: Someone in your friend group has been turned into a monster. They now have to constantly fight the urge to hurt people. They come to you for help. What do you do?

A. Try to kill them.

B. Hug them.

C. Try to find a cure.

D. Hide them until you can figure something out.

E. Stare at them.

F. Freak out.


open notebook and pen

Question Nine: You find a threatening note on your door. Do you …?

A. Throw it away.

B. Hide it.

C. Report it to the police.

D. Try to find out who left it.

E. Leave it there and laugh.

F. Search the area to see if the person who left it is still around.


a sword surrounded by weeds

Question 10: You have to fight for your life. What’s your weapon of choice?

A. Baseball bat

B. Kitchen knife

C. Ax

D. Whatever is available

E. Tire iron

F. Gun


black kitten sitting

Question 11: Do you have a pet?

A. No

B. Cat

C. Hamster

D. Wolf-dog

E. Snake

F. Dog


A cup of coffee

Question 12: What is your favorite drink?

A. Red Bull

B. Wine

C. Water

D. Tequila

E. Beer

F. Coffee


black headphones

Question 13: What type of music do you listen to?

A. Pop

B. Rap

C. Classical

D. Rock

E. Metal

F. Country


hand holding pencil over test paper

Question 14: You just found out that you have to take a surprise test that’s worth 25 percent of your grade. How do you react?

A. No big deal. You’ll just copy off the smart kid.

B. Minor freak out.

C. You’ll be fine. You’re ahead of everyone else anyway.

D. Do your best and try not to worry about it.

E. Who cares?

F. You’re not in school and therefore this is irrelevant.


Question 15: Where are you going on vacation?

A. Myrtle Beach.

B. A lake cottage.

C. Nowhere — you’re staying home.

D. Your best friend’s house.

E. Las Vegas.

F. A cabin in the woods.


So, which of these horror movie characters are you?


Congratulations! Did you survive your horror movie? Find out below!


If you got mostly As you are the Jock or the Blonde!

If you got this result, you’re super sporty! You play at least one sport or are a cheerleader and you love wearing your uniform. Unfortunately, you will not survive your horror movie. Sorry! Some famous characters to keep you company in this category include Zeke Tyler from The Faculty and Curt Vaughn from Cabin in The Woods.


If you got mostly Bs you are the BFF, Sibling or Love Interest!

If you got this result, you’re an important part of the story! You may even survive! Even if you do not survive, you will make it through the majority of the story! This character type often acts as a protector and is the biggest weakness of the main character. Famous characters in this type include Trish Jenner from Jeepers Creepers and Markie Cameron from Truth or Dare.


If you got mostly Cs you are the Wise One or the Smart One!

If you got this result you are one smart cookie! You’re the one that makes the good decisions. The one who always knows more than they let on. You may survive, but even if you don’t, you’ll play a key role in making sure others do. Notable characters of this type include Mother Abigail from The Stand and Jud Crandell from Pet Sematary.


If you got mostly Ds you are the Final Girl/Guy!

If you got this result, congratulations! You survived and defeated the bad guy! Also, if anyone else survives, it’s because of you! You are tough and always do what needs to be done, even if it scares you! Famous Final Girls include Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street 1, 3, 4 and A New Nightmare as well as Laurie Strode From Halloween 1, 2, Resurrection, H2O, Halloween 2018 and the yet to be released, Halloween Kills.


If you got mostly Es you are the Bad Girl/Boy or the Slacker!

If you got this result, you are easy-going but have a tough-looking exterior. People tend to be scared of you. In reality, you just don’t care what other people think. You are in good company with Billy Nolan from Carrie and Joel from Pumpkinhead.


If you got mostly Fs you are the Cop!

If you get this result, you always strive to help other people. Unfortunately, this means that you are willing to sacrifice yourself for others and will not survive your horror movie. You are joined in this character type by Mike Norris and Jack Santos from Child’s Play and Sheriff Eban Oleson from 30 Days of Night.