104687One of my favorite musicals of all time, Little Shop Of Horrors, is at New York City Center tonight, and so far the only performances of this production will be July 1st and 2nd.

I love that Ellen Greene is back playing her iconic role once again, Audrey, but I had my doubts about the casting of Jake Gyllenhaal but according to Playbill.com, the man can sing:

The question on everyone’s mind when it was first announced that Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal would star as down-on-his-luck plant-shop worker Seymour in the City Center run was quickly answered as he began singing “Skid Row.” The actor, seen on Broadway this past season in Constellations, possesses a versatile tenor, strong yet tenderly sweet when it needs to be. He also displayed a wonderful knack for comedy, earning laugh after laugh throughout the memorable evening while also scoring just as fully in the dramatic moments.

Also starring in this production as The Urchins; Tracy Nicole Chapman, Marva Hicks, Ramona Keller, Orin The Dentist; Taran Killam, Mushnik; Joe Grifasi, and Seymour II; Eddie Cooper. 

Here are some production stills of Little Shop Of Horrors. Hopefully this show will get back to Broadway sooner than later!

Ellen Greene as Audrey

104688Taran Killam And Jake Gyllenhaal as Orin The Dentist And Seymour

104689Jake Gyllenhaal And Joe Grifasi As Mushnik


Tracy Nicole Chapman,  Hicks, Ramona Keller, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Anwar Kareem


Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour, Ellen Greene as Audrey, and Eddie Cooper as Audrey II

104691Jake Gyllenhaal And Ellen Greene


via theatermania.com

photos by Joan Marcus

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