Geeks are the hero’s in Silicon Valley, and everyone having to do with this show is my hero right now.  I. Love. This. Show.

HBO released a new teaser trailer for Silicon Valley Season 4 this weekend, and it delivers all of the absurdity you’ve been needing in your life.  I don’t code, and I know, there are barely any women in this show at all, ever.  But I don’t need to code to know what’s funny, and I can look past the lack of representation just this once.  It’s so funny, you guys.  If you’re not watching it, catch up now.

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The teaser doesn’t give us a ton of insight into exactly what will happen in the fourth season, just where we start.  But, if you’ve been missing a dose of straight up, laugh out loud ridiculousness, this is the stuff.   Zach Woods at the end of this trailer is everything. He’s the biggest reason to watch the show, and he does not disappoint.

Check it out.

Silicon Valley Season 4 will return to HBO on April 23rd.

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