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This week’s #WCW goes to #CriticalRole’s top haggler, the pragmatic half of the half-elven duo and our favorite charming ranger - Vex’ahlia! Check out all the reasons we are crushing on her!



"I don't know if I'm the leader you deserve, or a good leader, but I'm willing to dedicate the rest of my life doing whatever I can for all of us. As long as Vox Machina stands by my side." Keyleth (Critical Role)

#CriticalRole #WednesdayWisdom

It's almost here! Everything you need to know about #LegendOfVoxMachina!
#LoVM https://www.geekgirlauthority.com/the-legend-of-vox-machina-critical-role/

A Percy Jackson series is heading to Disney Plus!


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