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In the final episodes of #DecaDence, Kaburagi must face down the Bug Gadoll with the help of Natsume and the rest of the Tankers. https://www.geekgirlauthority.com/deca-dence-recap-s1e11-12-engine-decadence/

You can build a 'Farty Army' with this upcoming game 🤣🤣🤣 -- FARTING FRENCHIES: Blowing Your Way Soon https://www.geekgirlauthority.com/farting-frenchies-blowing-your-way-soon/

John Berchtold has upped the engagement game! Congratulations to both John and his fiance! We hope you get yourself a Michael Myers to help you tie the knot! https://www.geekgirlauthority.com/l-a-couple-kicks-off-spooky-season-by-getting-engaged-at-iconic-halloween-location/

Ever wanted to spend hours solving puzzles left behind by your eccentric uncle? Well Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage has everything you are looking for! https://www.geekgirlauthority.com/gordian-rooms-a-curious-heritage-is-brimming-with-mysteries-to-solve/

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