syfy friday

It’s Syfy Friday!!! An evening dedicated to the awesomeness that is Science Fiction Television. Tonight on Syfy we have Defiance, Killjoys and Dark Matter respectively. Get ready for this evening’s nerdgasm with sneak peeks for each show! Hooray for Syfy Fridays and space shows!


Tonight on Syfy’s Defiance Episode 5, ‘History Rhymes’Nolan and Irisa reveal truths to each other that could destroy their bond and Datak’s jealousy could cost Defiance everything. If you missed last week’s episode ‘Dead Air’ or your brain is a bit too foggy from a crazy week – than find out what happened with GGA’s Defiance “Dead Air” Wee-Cap right here.

I  didn’t do a Killjoys Wee-Cap. Busy week, what can I say. In this trailer for episode 3, ‘The Harvest’ – it looks like we’ll find out a bit more about Dutch’s mysterious past. Plus D’avin gets a not so good psych evaluation. This trailer also contains one of the best lines ever: “I have a headache, a badge and a gun. Behave.” Yes, Dutch. We certainly will.

I also didn’t get a chance to do a Wee-Cap on last week’s Dark Matter episode (I will this week, I swear!). I will say that the show is getting stronger with each outing. Much promise, this show has. Here’s sneak peak at tonight’s episode where Jace/ ‘One’ confronts his dopplegangar, Orphan Black type fellow clone or maybe a twin brother? We’ll find out!

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