Episode 4 of Syfy’s Dark Matter found itself on a space station this week. There was some decent story going on but the budget constraints on the production value have caught up with the freshman show a bit. The sets are a bit old school and would rival those on early seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation or even Lexx. But hey, I’m still watching!

dark matter 1

So, the crew needs to make some money! They’re gonna sell the weapons on this space station even though they have not regained their memories and their faces will probably flag security.

dark matter 2

When they arrive on the space station, there are a bunch of booths where you can barter, drink, buy, sell etc. One and Three are in charge of selling the weapons and get kidnapped right away and tied up by One’s doppleganger/twin/clone – Jace Corso. He’s been chasing One for months and wants to know why One has his face.  Jace Corso goes to the ship to steal the weapons. One and Three manage to escape and take off for the ship.

Six goes to a clinic to check out his wounded arm. He has to take a number and wait a very very very long time. There’s a commercial playing about going into stasis and having a fantasy play out in your head – kinda Total Recall-y and seems important. Six’s number is finally called by the doctor but his presence sets off an alarm, Six takes off for the ship.

Two and Five go on a gambling spree and get in trouble from the pit bosses etc. Two ends up killing a guy and they take off for the ship.

dark matter 3

Everyone except One and Three are back at the ship and they need to go before they’re all caught, they start to leave and One and Three get back in the nick of time. Three blames their tardiness on the fact (lie) that they got jumped. One finds that curious and Three said he did it so that One now has to give him support from here on out. Aaaaaaand, they go to FTL and escape.

dark matter 4

Now here’s the most interesting part of the episode. Four finds out who he is from showing a merchant his ring. He’s involved in some kind of futuristic Yakuza. He’s been implicated in the death of an emperor and the disfigurements of over 100 people. Now that is interesting!

Dark Matter is on Syfy as part of their Syfy Friday line up at 10 PM and also on the Space Channel.

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