This last year, the Syfy Channel did a hard turn in their development process. They picked up shows that are more psychologically thrilling, more philosophical, have a stronger emphasis on art direction and, to put it quite simply, more hard science fiction! Which also means SPACE!

These upcoming shows, of course, are not all in space but they do tread deeper into the science fiction realm and the ones that tread lightly, look plain fun. They run the gamut of space opera, dystopia, zombies, time travel, alien invasion and angels. Yes, Angels.

Here are the returning shows for the year:

Defiance (This one is Audrey Certified)
Z Nation
– Ascension

And these are the new ones:
12 Monkeys – (Audrey Certified. It already premiered and is fantastic. Truly a must watch)
The Expanse – (looks amazing. Watch the trailer, here)
Childhood’s End – (Excited about this one, too. Based on an Arthur C. Clarke story)
Dark Matter – (SPACE!!! Based on a graphic novel by by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Millie of the Stargate franchise)
Killjoys – (interplanetary bounty hunters!)

This slate is impressive to say the least. If even 50% of these shows succeed, we just may have gotten Syfy back on the sci-fi side.

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