Say it ain’t so! We learned from Deadline today that Vagrant Queen has been cancelled by Syfy. The freshman series struggled with staying afloat as far as ratings were concerned. Vagrant Queen averaged 417,000 viewers, with only 131,000 falling into the targeted 18-49 year-old demographic. 

In addition, the show initially aired at 10pm on Fridays but was promptly moved to Thursdays at 11pm. Unfortunately, anyone in show business can vouch that later time slots are essentially a “death sentence.” Now, despite the dismal turnout for the series premiere, Vagrant Queen appeared to be improving their numbers. The season finale, which aired on June 4th, scored an audience rating of 8.9 on IMDb. In addition, fans of the show, known as “Vagrants,” were quite vocal on social media regarding their love for the series. 

Now, Vagrant Queen was adapted for television by showrunner Jem Garrard. It was based off the Vault Comics comic book series of the same name from Magdalene Visaggio and Jason SmithAdriyan Rae starred as Elida, a young queen deposed by a small faction hellbent on seeing her fall. As a result, Elida spent most of her formative years on the run from said small faction. Along the way, she met Isaac (Tim Rozon), who she inevitably befriended. Later, bubbly mechanic Amae (Alex McGregor) joined their ragtag group as they embarked on a journey to find Elida’s mother. Commander Lazaro (Paul du Toit) served as the show’s formidable antagonist who attempted to thwart Elida at every turn. 

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Below, you can read Garrard’s official statement to Vagrants that was posted on Twitter. In addition, Rae posted a series of tweets thanking fans, cast, and crew alike for supporting Vagrant Queen.







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