According to Deadline, the Superman prequel series Krypton has a spin-off series starring Lobo. The fan favorite space bounty hunter is getting his very own series on the SyFy network. Gird your loins cause the Scourge o’ the Cosmos is coming!

The character Zhariff Lobo was introduced in Omega Men #3 in June of 1983 by artist Keith Giffen and writer Roger Slifer. He wasn’t very popular with writers until his revival in the early 1990s which saw him as the anti-hero mercenary we’ve all come to know. He became somewhat of a parody of the harden heroes that were popular at the time. Lobo soon became a fan favorite because of his ridiculousness (and probably his motorcycle that shot him around space). The character made his live-screen debut in the second season of Krypton portrayed by Emmett J. Scanlan.

The live action spin-off series plans on keeping Scanlan in the role. Describing the character as a “foul-mouthed, dangerous, irascible, intergalactic bounty hunter”, we’re sure to get into some crazy situations. It’s currently unknown when we’ll be seeing the indestructible alien racing across the galaxy but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

What do you think of a solo Lobo series? Are you ready for The Lord of Death or do you want to see how he’s portrayed in Krypton first? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DC TV news.

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Erin Lynch