DISCLAIMER: This recap of Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 8, “This Is a Story” contains spoilers. Read at your risk.

On Sweet Tooth’s Last Episode, “The Road Ends Here”

In Sweet Tooth’s penultimate episode, “The Road Ends Here” The outposters along with Becky and Wendy, try to take the outpost back. While they do get the facility back, the power has been drained plus Jordan was able to get the Beast on its way to Zhang with Rosie, Ginger, Tex and the Wolf Boys following. 

Gus, Jepperd and Birdie find the cave and also the Blood of the Earth. It’s the sap of an ancient tree deep in the cave. Birdie wants to blow the entrance of the cave so humans can’t find it. She believes hybrids should inherit the Earth because humans have done too much damage. Unfortunately, Zhang, her henchmen and Singh arrive. Singh goes to kill Gus as the sacrifice, but Birdie jumps in the way and is killed instead. 

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Sweet Tooth’s Finale “This Is a Story”

Our narrator (James Brolin) says, “All stories end. We may not be ready for it when it comes. In fact, we may never be. We say it’s too soon. We ask ourselves if the journey was too difficult. If the cost was too high. All stories end. The question that remains, who will be left alive to tell this one, humans or hybrids?

Gus cries as Birdie’s body is taken away and Singh holds the knife in shock. Jepperd attacks him but is restrained. Zhang is informed that the Beast and Ginger are on the way. And, that the baby’s getting close.


Gus tries to get the knife but Zhang stops him. He tells her she doesn’t deserve to survive and that his mom was right. Human’s time is over and they don’t deserve to live. He lists everything that’s wrong with humans and it’s quite a long list.

Zhang responds that the biggest mistake humans ever made was him. If spilling his blood means human birth then humans will be humans again but she won’t stop there because the hybrids that survive will breed so they need to be eradicated. So, she’s going to make a new virus. One that targets every remaining hybrid. No more mistakes.

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Singh realizes that Zhang will use the tree sap to make the virus but how does she intend to extract it – it’s a dangerous substance. With the Beast (oil driller) of course. Singh tells Zhang that killing Birdie wasn’t part of the plan.

Jepperd goes into defensive end mode again and tackles his guards. He grabs the dynamite from Birdie’s satchel and holds a flare next to it. She says go ahead. She knows he won’t risk Gus’s life. He hesitates and the flare burns out then Zhang stabs Jepperd. Zhang tells Singh to kill Gus. He tells Gus he’s sorry and that it will be over soon. 

The Chase

Meanwhile, Jordan drives the Beast through the canyon with Rosie, Ginger, Tex and the Wolf Boys in the truck behind it. Then Ginger’s water breaks. Rosie sees headlights behind them. It’s the outposters.

The chase is on. Siana has her late husband’s harpoon gun in her vehicle. Odell shoots the fuel tank with the harpoon but the fuel barely drains.

Becky makes Wendy drive their vehicle while she climbs outside and jumps onto the Beast. However, a Wolf Boy appears but she’s able to chain him. She opens the cab door and tells Jordan that he has no idea what Zhang is trying to do.  He’s not okay with his species going down the drain and doesn’t stop so she causes the Beast to roll over and crash in front of the cave. It catches fire with Becky and Jordan inside.

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Shouldn’t Have Done That

In the cave, Singh approaches Gus. Jepperd says this isn’t his purpose. He holds up the knife. Jepp says if he does this then Gus is right. Humans don’t deserve to survive.

He then yells that Singh was right on the elevator. They all lost people that day and says “Don’t lose yourself.” Zhang tells him not to listen and to think of his redemption, his destiny. She follows that up with “Think of Rani,” and that gets him but not in the way Zhang intended. Singh says in a true Will Smith moment, “Never mention my wife’s name again.” He then cuts one of the men holding Gus and tells him to run.

A man in glasses and wearing a cold weather jacket, Dr. Singh, look ahead on Sweet Tooth's "This Is a Story"

Sweet Tooth. Adeel Akhtar as Singh in episode 308 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Zhang pulls the axe out of the tree and the sap begins to spill. She raises the axe to chop Singh when the doctor notices her pinky is trembling. Suddenly, everyone’s pinkies begin shaking, Zhang just gave all humanity the sick. They start dying.

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Gus doesn’t want Jepperd to die and says he’ll make him better. He goes to the tree and slices his hand open then he puts his bloody hand on the tree. 

My Two Dads

Suddenly, he is in a burned forest and Pubba is there. He tells his dad the tree is trying to take his friend. He’s lost everyone and he’s not ready to lose Jepperd too.

Pubba asks Gus several questions.  What does Gus see when he looks at the forest? Gus answers, death. Pubba says that death isn’t just an ending, it’s a part of life. He touches new growth on the ground and says all things come to an end sometimes so the next one can begin. He then asks Gus if he really thinks humans don’t deserve to survive. Gus says sometimes. Pubba asks if he’s ready to turn the page. Gus says yes but how will he know if Jepperd will survive? Pubba replies that he won’t.

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Back in the cave, humans groan on the ground.  Jepperd crawls toward Gus’s unconscious body. Suddenly Jepperd is in the forest too. He asks Sweet Tooth to come back. Jepperd turns around and sees Pubba, they nod to each other.

Gus wakes up in the cave and he’s in Jepperd’s arms. Jepp is unconscious. Now, Gus knows what to do. He lights a flare and sets fire to the tree. Zhang screams no. 

We Are Free

As the tree burns, the pinkies stop shaking and people wake up. Gus and Jepperd embrace. Both humans and hybrids are still alive and Jepp wonders how. He asks Sweet Tooth what he did and Gus answers that he let nature decide. Then the cavern starts caving in. Singh pushes Gus out of the way of a falling rock and gets crushed. He says that now they are both free. The part of Gus’s antler that was reattached with duct tape has fallen next to Singh. The doctor holds it and then dies.

Becky wakes up in the cab of the Beast but Jordan is dead. She finds Wendy. They come across the Wolf Boy that Becky chained and Wendy frees him. Just then Rosie shows up and aims a rifle at Becky.

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Rosie asks what’s next for hybrids after tonight but Becky doesn’t know. We hear Ginger scream because she’s in labor. Rosie rushes to her and Ginger asks what if it’s a hybrid. Rosie answers it won’t matter, she’ll love the baby either way. What their mother thinks doesn’t matter either. 

Nature’s Decision

The cave continues to collapse but Jepperd and Gus make it out and reunite with their friends. Zhang then comes out and yells to kill Gus but her men just look at her and walk away. She then calls to Rosie who has just delivered Ginger’s baby but Rosie looks away. The newborn cries and Rosie brings the baby to Zhang. It’s a hybrid and Zhang’s face sours. Gus holds the baby’s hand. Zhang stands there as everyone leaves. Gus turns and looks at her then walks away.

The narrator says, “It was clear to our remaining humans that after all they had been through, nature decided to show them mercy. But it became clear in the days that followed that those humans would be the last. Hybrids would indeed inherit the Earth. The Sick was buried for good in that cave and the clock stopped ticking for humankind. Now they could spend whatever remaining time they had together in peace”

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The outposters and Zhang’s people walk in the direction of the outpost. Jepperd winces and tells Gus he needs to rest a second. He doesn’t look like he’ll make it. Gus tells Wendy and Becky to go on ahead and they’ll catch up.

Here’s How the Story Ends

As the sun peaks through the polar night, Gus tells Jepp he can’t believe how far they come. Neither can Jepp who then asks Gus to tell him a story.

Gus begins, “This is a story. A story about a boy named Gus. And a doctor named Singh. But this is really a story about a big man. It’s a story about the ones who made mistakes. And the ones who learned to accept them. And the ones who never will.”

The outposters make it back and allow the cowboys in. They start rebuilding the place together. Rosie takes the muzzles off her boys and smiles. We see Zhang struggling through the snow. Her plane flies overhead. They left without her.

“And the ones who found redemption. And the ones who found the true meaning of sacrifice.”

We see Singh dead in the cave. He holds Gus’s antler and there is a leaf growing out of the tip.

“And the ones who found their way back home.”

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Time has passed and Gus, Wendy and Becky arrive at Yellowstone to see all of their brothers and sisters. It’s a beautiful reunion. The giant family builds The Sanctuary – their new home in the forest. Wendy leans her head on Gus’s shoulder.

“This is a story about friendship. And about love. It’s about teaching the next generation. It’s a story about passage. But it’s about new beginnings. It’s a story about home and… a future. Together”

Then we go back to when Gus was telling the story to Jepperd. He says, “But in the end, the boy learned something. That the worst of humanity may have died off…”

Then we go to the future, to an old Gus (James Brolin). He’s been the narrator all along.  He finishes the story. 

“Tha the worst of humanity may have died off but the best of humanity lives on. In us.”

He’s telling the story to grandchildren with Wendy by his side.

“All stories end. But ours… has just begun.”

He tells his grandkids that Big Man lives on in their stories. Then we go back again to when Gus is telling the story to a dying Jepperd who asks Gus if the big man makes it back. Then we go to young Gus after they built the Sanctuary. Jepperd appears. He did make it back. They each open a bottle of maple syrup, clink their bottle together and drink. 

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