DISCLAIMER: This recap of Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 7, “The Road Ends Here” contains spoilers. Read at your risk.

On Sweet Tooth’s Last Episode, “Here, There Be Monsters”

In Sweet Tooth’s “Here, There Be Monsters”, we found out that Caribou Man was actually the first hybrid. She shares his tale as he dies from his Wolf Boy attack wounds. He also tells Gus and Birdie that the location of the cave will die with him. After he dies though, Gus and Birdie figure out the location. 

Dr. Singh tells Zhang that if he sacrifices Gus at the cave, human birth will be restarted and the Sick will end. She’s down for that. They’re going to take an oil drilling vehicle called the Beast to the cave. 

Jepperd and Siana reunite with the outposters, and also with Becky and Wendy. They’re going to take back the outpost. 

Finally, the polar night begins. 

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Sweet Tooth’s “The Road Ends Here”

In the past. Jepperd sits in the locker room before his last professional game. Announcers on the radio say they don’t know how much he has left in the tank. An overdub of Jepperd say, “My mama used to tell me, the hardest mile’s always the last one home. When you’re almost at the finish line, you start slowing down. Because you know it’s coming. But that’s when you gotta find something extra. Something inside of you, you didn’t know you had. It means finding the one thing that gave you something to live for in the first place. Good thing my mama told me something else. That in life, you got nothing to live for until you got something to die for.”

He crushes the radio and looks at a pic of him and his pregnant wife and also a sonogram image. He says “One last game,” and gears up. 

One Last Game

Birdie (Amy Seimetz) and Gus (Christian Convery) stare at the church door as someone pounds on. It opens, it’s Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). He and Birdie finally meet and she thanks him for looking after Gus. Jepp shares that Singh sold them out to Zhang and they know where the cave is. Birdie grabs her satchel with the dynamite in it. They light a torch and head out. 

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At Birdie’s, Siana (Cara Gee) tells the outposters this isn’t about just taking back their home, it’s about stopping the Beast (the oil driller vehicle). If Zhang’s group finishes draining the outpost’s power supply they won’t last the winter. 

She shares a plan. Nuka (Ayazhan Dalabayeva) will sneak inside using the vents and unlock the door for Siana, Wendy and Becky. Then they’ll let the rest of them in through the mess hall and take Zhang’s group by surprise. Odell has a stash of weapons. Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen), former Animal Army leader gives some tips. Wendy (Naledi Murray) and Becky’s job will be to get the clicker and trap the Wolf Boys. 

They head out. 

Bad Trade

At the outpost, Tex feels Ginger baby kicking. Rosie threatens him and makes him get back to work. Ginger tells Rosie (Kelly Marie Tran) not to talk to him like Mom would, she also says Rosie wasn’t like this when their dad was alive. 

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Rosie shares that last time she saw their dad, she was pregnant. He wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but she wouldn’t. She’d never seen him so mad and also never saw him again. When Ginger asks why Rosie came back when she could have been free from their mother, Rosie answers she traded her freedom for security. Ginger says she may have traded wrong. 

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Gus Jepp and Birdie are close to the cave according to the map. Jepperd asks Birdie what they will find in the cave. She doesn’t know. But whatever Thacker did in there started the Sick. Jepperd says if they fix what he did that means they could stop it but then Birdie reveals that this could stop hybrids. They’ll never be born again. 

They didn’t know what they were playing with back at Fort Smith. Billions died because of her. She’s spent all this time trying to make it right but never stopped to ask if she should. She asks Jepperd what if they are trying to fix a world that’s not broken. 

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Gus walks through the canyon panicked that they won’t find the cave. He concentrates and hears a heartbeat. He turns and sees a giant Caribou and takes off after it. Jepp and Birdie chase after him. They find the cave and go in. There are caribou bones near the entrance – the one that Thacker killed. Did the spirit of that dead caribou lead Gus there?

Payback Time 

At the outpost, the plan works. Nuka lets Becky, Siana and Wendy in. Nuka’s already swiped the clicker. Siana tells the sisters to take the catwalk to the security door system. She can use that to catch Rosie’s boys. 

Siana lets the rest her her crew in. We hear over the intercom that the facility power is at 20%. Odell hands her a mallet but she picks up a nail gun instead and says “payback time” We hear  that facility power is at 15%

An outposter is about to be found out but just then Nuka starts playing music over the intercom. All of a sudden a Wolf Boy smells something and moves. Rosie follows her son. 

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Ground Zero

In the cave, Birdie stops Gus from walking on freezing water so he won’t fall through. Birdie sees rocks that they can use to use to cross the water. It’s treacherous but they make it across. Unbeknownst to them, Singh (Adeel Akhtar), Zhang (Rosalind Chao) and her people arrive outside the cave. 

Jepperd lights a flare and purple flowers are revealed. Birdie covers her mouth and says it’s ground zero. Gus notices that the flowers twinkle. Birdie notices they are frozen so they can proceed as long as they don’t break. Jepperd’s anxiety goes into high gear.  Birdie says this is the home stretch, the last mile then tells him to just breathe. The proceed. 

Jepperd starts to lose it near the flowers. Just then water from a flower drips on Gus’s face. The flare is melting the ice on the flowers. They run into a cavern with a giant tree whose branches look like antlers.  This is where hybrids and the Sick started. 

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The Blood of the Earth

Birdie says that Thacker described it as the Blood of the Earth in his journals. Gus touches the tree and hears the heartbeat. He says the Blood of the Earth is inside the tree. 

They see Thacker’s axe stuck in the tree – he used it to get to the sap. Birdie posits that over the years the sap leaked into the ice and they took it back to Fort Smith. The tree’s been dying ever since.

Gus grabs the axe, he thinks if they pull it out maybe it will heal. Birdie says they don’t know that. Gus snaps if they heal the tree they stop the sick. Birdie reveals that it may stop hybrids too. She thinks they need to destroy the entrance to the cave so no one finds this. Jepperd says let nature run its course. 

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Gus doesn’t want humans to die. Birdie says they don’t deserve to be saved. “Our time is over… It’s your time now” Gus freaks out. He wants to save everyone. Birdie apologizes for not being with him all those years but now she’s going to make sure he has a chance to grow up. All of a sudden we hear “Too late.” It’s Zhang. She, Singh and her people enter the cavern. 


At the outpost, we hear that the facility will shut down in three minutes. Becky and Wendy get to the security system where they want to trap the wolf boys. Becky clicks the clicker but the Wolf boys don’t come. Suddenly they do appear, with Rosie. She says they don’t obey just anyone. 

She says her boys are eager to meet the one who killed their brother. Becky tells her that her mom is using her. Where does it leave her boys if she restarts human birth? The Wolf Boys give chase but Wendy and Beck escape to the catwalk… right in time for Jordan to see them. He aims his gun but Siana shoots him in the arm with the nail gun. The outposters attack and all hell breaks loose.

Zhang’s people barricade the garage with oil barrels. Siana’s group gets pinned down. The Wolf Boys start attacking them. 

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Siana says she can make it to the greenhouse, she can shut the power down at the junction. Becky throws a Molotov cocktail at the oil barrels, and they blow. It’s enough to get Siana, Becky and Wendy to the greenhouse. Siana shuts the power down. But it doesn’t matter, Zhang’s people got the Beast started. 

Jordan is in the driver’s seat of the Beast and yells, “Hey Bear, I win.” Then he takes off into the night followed by Rosie, Ginger and Tex in a truck. 

No Regrets

In the cave, Jepperd tells Singh he is going to kill him. One of Zhang’s men radios the outpost to bring the Beast. Singh takes out his knife and turns to Gus and apologizes. He says fate brought them together and it can’t be outrun. Once Gus’s blood is spilled in the cave, they’ll finally be rid of this terrible disease. 

Jepperd thinks back to looking at the sonogram picture in his locker. “Like my mama used to tell me. You got nothing to live for, until you have something to die for.” He throws the men off of him like the defensive end he was and charges. But it’s too late. Singh stabs – but he stabs Birdie who has jumped in front of Gus. 

Gus cries as his mom dies. She says seeing him meant the world to her. She says “No regrets,” and dies.

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