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Marvel sure does love their teasers taking place in gyms! We saw Captain America in a gym when he found out about the Avengers, and now the first peek of Luke Cage we see is in a gym.

The teaser is on Netflix for you to watch when you finish Daredevil, Season Two, and shows us Luke Cage (Mike Colter) stepping into a gym to stare down some bad guys who all have guns pointing at him, which causes him to very calmly say, “You must not have heard about me?”


It must be true because the men then open fire on Cage, whom we know has bulletproof skin because of his introduction in Jessica Jones.

The bullets all deflect off of Luke, tearing the gym apart, as he simply stands in the middle of their gunfire, not even flinching, then simply says, “I’m about sick of always having to buy new clothes.”

And then we get the Luke Cage title falling into frame.

Currently, the sneak peek is only available on Netflix for subscribers, but EW.com was kind enough to give us these three gifs!




Sweet sweet Christmas.


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