Swamp Thing just gained another actor to join them in the Louisiana swamps. According to Deadline, Jeryl Prescott will be joining the DC Universe show as Madame Xanadu, a blind mystic with a mysterious past. What secrets will Madame Xanadu unlock in the bayou? 

40 years ago, the mystic was introduced Doorway to Nightmare #1 by writer David Michelinie and artists Val Mayerik and Michael William Kaluta. While the character hasn’t been tied to Swamp Thing specifically, she’s been associated with many characters in DC, including the magic-focused group Justice League Dark. In the comics (and the show), she’s a “centuries-old immortal who advises and aligns with crusaders against evil but is reluctant to join the fray directly”. How will she help Alec and Abby Arcane?

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Prescott is no stranger to horror or mysticism in her career. She’s known for small role as Jacqui from the first season of The Walking Dead. She was also a spectral hoodoo woman named Mama Cecile in 2005’s The Skeleton Key. For non-horror fans, she’s had roles in Ray Donovan, Birth of a NationNCIS Los AngelesScandalCastle, Battle Creek, Parks and Recreation and Modern Family.

I’m pretty excited about this casting. With Prescott in the role, it will mark the first time the character will be portrayed as a woman of color. I’m am 1000% behind diversifying roles, especially if it makes sense for the story. And since there’s a giant hoodoo community in Louisiana, it’s like the casting was meant to be. It will also be really fun to see how they work the character into the story. I’m hoping she becomes a main player, bringing some magic into it.

What do you think of the casting? Are you looking forward to the DC Universe show? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DC news! Swamp Thing crawls to DC Universe sometime in 2019. 



Erin Lynch