DISCLAIMER: This recap of the SurrealEstate episode “White Wedding” is riddled with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, stigmatized property hunters! We’ve reached penultimate episode territory with this week’s SurrealEstate! “White Wedding” dives deeper into the personal lives of Susan and August. This is exciting because both characters are two of the biggest enigmas on the show — especially August. I’ll take all the crumbs I can get!

In addition to the character dive, we get another layer of SurrealEstate lore. Of course, the gang has handled plenty of poltergeists, but the hint at Dev’s benevolent ghostly presence also shows us that nice spirits can exist. Exhibit A: Priya and Kamala smelling marigolds after the Batiste curse is successfully evaded. 

Ready to delve into “White Wedding”? Let’s get to it.

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We open with Priya (Supinder Wraich), Susan’s best friend, opening gifts for her bridal shower. Susan (Sarah Levy) chats it up with Priya’s mother, Kamala (Sonia Dhillon Tully), while the gift-opening continues. Priya will get married at their house, then Kamala plans on selling it. That’s where the Roman Agency enters the fray. 

Suddenly, the cake into which Priya is cutting oozes blood. It looks like something supernatural is at play. 

Later, Susan has a video call with Luke (Tim Rozon) as he’s helping Megan (Tennille Read) move into her new place. Susan shows him the bloody cake.

She insists she can get Kamala to sell the house and perform her bridal party duties for Priya’s wedding. 

Next, Priya is consoled by her fiancé, Leon (Romaine Waite). He reassures her of his desire to marry her. It’ll be smooth sailing once they get through the wedding.

Then, Susan learns from Kamala that Priya has had her fair share of accidents recently. From a shower fall to a close encounter with a hutch, Priya’s string of calamities is cause for concern. But Susan wonders aloud whether it’s Priya’s innate clumsiness that’s to blame or something else. 

Maybe it’s the house. 

Still of Tim Rozon in the SurrealEstate episode "White Wedding."

SURREALESTATE — “White Wedding” Episode 109 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Luke Roman — (Photo by: Duncan De Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Meanwhile, Kamala and Susan find Ruby (Darlene Cooke), Leon’s grandmother, sitting alone in her wheelchair. She suffers from memory loss but exhibits the occasional glimmer of clarity. Ruby tells them, “There is more blood to come.” 

Not spooky at all!

Later, Luke meets with Rita Weiss (Alison Brooks). His archnemesis has a proposition for him. She wants to bring on the Roman Agency as a consultant. Rita has six houses that won’t sell due to their paranormal states. So, Luke and his peeps will whip them into shape for the market. 

Then, Priya shows Susan her wedding garb for the big day. While Susan tends to a disconcerted Ruby, we see Priya’s corset begins to tighten. An invisible force tightens it so Priya can’t breathe. Thankfully, Susan utilizes her telekinesis to loosen the corset’s strings. 

Next, Luke arrives at Priya’s house to inspect it. He senses the presence of Priya’s dearly departed father, Dev. Luke muses if Dev’s lingering presence is a red flag. Perhaps he’s “preventing” the wedding from happening. 

Luke encounters Ruby, who Leon accompanies. She spouts nonsense — well, nonsense to the untrained ear. Luke feels a connection with Ruby. 

Meanwhile, Megan is packing up the last of her belongings at the Donovan house. She gives Luke’s ghost mother a piece of her mind. We hear spirits faintly laughing as Megan departs. 

Back at the agency, we see Phil (Adam Korson), August (Maurice Dean Wint) and Zooey (Savannah Basley) are hard at work.

Montage time! The Roman Agency crew proceeds to eradicate the supernatural threats in the aforementioned six properties. Now, those residences are either under contract, or there’s a pending offer on the horizon. Success!

Next, Luke believes Priya needs to know about the possibility of her father’s ghost interfering with the wedding. Susan vows to break the theory to Priya herself. 

Still of Sarah Levy, Tim Rozon, Romaine Waite and Darlene Cooke in the SurrealEstate episode "White Wedding."

SURREALESTATE — “White Wedding” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Levy as Susan Ireland, Tim Rozon as Luke Roman, Romaine Waite as Leon Batiste, Darlene Cooke as Aunt Ruby — (Photo by: Duncan De Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Luke learns something alarming — apparently, Rita’s houses were on the outskirts of the Donovan property. The house that might be the epicenter of all the paranormal happenings. August wishes to return to it for another round of tests. 

But first: rehearsal dinner time! 

August tries to wriggle out of going because he’s already dealt with his four daughters’ respective weddings. I like getting more insight into these characters’ lives. 

However, August poses as the photographer, snapping photos of everyone with his aura-detecting camera. Phil stays at home to do research.

Meanwhile, at the rehearsal shindig, Susan tries to broach the subject of Dev with Priya. Unfortunately, the conversation grounds to a halt when Ruby relays a startling piece of info to Priya. According to Ruby, Priya won’t survive the wedding. 

Back at the agency, August uploads the pictures he took at the dinner. Everyone’s aura looks normal — even Ruby’s. But Leon’s aura is alarmingly … abnormal. As if he’s carrying some metaphysical baggage. 

Then, Priya arrives at the office to give Susan her bridal dress. After reminiscing about the start of their decades-long friendship, Susan divulges Luke’s theory regarding Dev. While Dev was an exemplary father and husband when he was alive, spirits are fearful of change. They’ll do everything in their paranormal power to ensure things stay the same. 

In other words, Dev’s ghost might be vastly different than what Priya remembers. 

Priya is offended Susan would even think such a thing. She storms out. Well, she tries to, at least. We see the elevator shaft is bereft of, well, an elevator. 

After the elevator is inspected (and still there), Priya appears to be more receptive to the ghost-dad-is-haunting-me idea. But Luke’s interests now include Leon’s grandmother. 

Meanwhile, August arrives at the Donovan house. He helps Megan load the rest of her boxes. She confesses she used to be scared of him, but now — not so much. August commends her for supporting Luke, even though it’s not easy. Protect August at all costs, please. 

Still of Sarah Levy and Supinder Wraich in the SurrealEstate episode "White Wedding."

SURREALESTATE — “White Wedding” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Levy as Susan Ireland, Supinder Wraich as Priya Patel — (Photo by: Duncan De Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Later, Luke visits Ruby. They communicate telepathically. Phil arrives on the scene with news from his extensive research. He dug through the Batiste (Leon’s surname) family records. Apparently, the Batiste first wives’ death certificates followed on the heels of their marriage certificates. 

Ruby tearfully unravels the Batiste family history. Leon’s great-grandfather was betrothed to a woman named Johanna. But he loved another woman. So, Johanna cursed the men in Leon’s family for her fiancé’s infidelity. The first fiancée of every Batiste man will die before they’re properly married. 

Hence why Priya keeps having these dangerous close encounters. 

Meanwhile, Kamala gives Priya “something new” for the ceremony: a beautiful necklace Dev picked out before he passed away. 

At the Donovan house, August is busy conducting his tests. Suddenly, the door to the basement swings open. An invisible force pulls him down the stairs. The door slams shut. 

That’s ominous. 

Next, Luke and Phil break the hereditary curse news to Priya and Leon. Once the curse is mentioned, Priya’s bedroom is whipped into a frenzy. Objects flying, the wind howling — that type of thing. 

So, Luke suggests they get married at that moment. It’s the only way to avoid Priya’s inevitable death that night. Thankfully, they’ve got an ex-priest, a.k.a. Phil, to perform the nuptials. 

Phil quickly races through Leon and Priya’s wedding vows with Susan, Zooey and Kamala present. We see random objects try to attack Priya throughout, including a rogue shawl. Susan telekinetically stops a flying knife. 

Fortunately, Priya and Leon say, “I do” just in time. That’s when the paranormal frenzy dissipates. Priya notes her father Dev is present. She smells marigolds, like the ones he used to plant in front of their house. 

I’m not crying; you are. 

Still of Supinder Wraich, Romaine Waite, Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy in the SurrealEstate episode "White Wedding."

SURREALESTATE — “White Wedding” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Supinder Wraich as Priya Patel, Romaine Waite as Leon Batiste, Tim Rozon as Luke Roman, Sarah Levy as Susan Ireland — (Photo by: Duncan De Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Meanwhile, Luke receives a series of frantic texts from August. “We got it wrong,” “A way in, not a way out,” “The house knows me.” But the most alarming is his final text: “I’m afraid.” 

Thus, our crew races to the Donovan house to check on August. 

Luke arrives before Phil, Zooey and Susan. He tries to approach the property, but an invisible force ferociously knocks him back. He hits his head … hard. 

The camera fades to black as Luke struggles to maintain consciousness. 

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While I wouldn’t rank “White Wedding” on the same level as “Quarantine” and “Baba O’Reilly,” it’s still a consistently solid episode of genre TV. The supporting cast holds their own, notably Supinder Wraich and Darlene Cooke. 

On another note, I love getting a glimpse into Luke’s abilities, including his telepathy. It’s refreshing. 

“White Wedding” neatly sets up next week’s season finale. August is trapped in the Donovan house, and Luke is suffering from a severe head injury. Phil made some discoveries regarding Luke’s family history. 

It makes sense to return to the place where it all started: the Donovan residence. Here’s hoping everything’s tied in a pretty, ghostly bow for the SurrealEstate season finale. 

SurrealEstate airs Fridays at 10 pm on your Syfy affiliate. 

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