DISCLAIMER: This recap of the SurrealEstate episode “Roman’s Six” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, stigmatized property hunters! SurrealEstate has officially crossed the threshold into the second-half-of-the-season territory. “Roman’s Six” is, easily, one of the show’s strongest outings thus far. While this show took a minute to pick up steam, it’s finally taking off. This episode boasts one of the most unique “monster” angles I’ve seen in a while in a genre series. It’s genuinely original. Color me impressed. 

Side-but-not-so-side-note: Melanie Scrofano directed this outing, Earpers! We got a Mel twofer! 

Ready to delve into “Roman’s Six”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open on a series of grizzly, fatal accidents (Maybe murders?). A man who works for Rita Weiss, Luke’s competitor, removes an Open House sign in the yard of a property. He’s promptly stabbed in the eye with a tree branch. Dead! A woman is stabbed in the eye with one of her knitting needles. Dead! One guy shoots an arrow that goes a little too far … into the eyeball of a random woman. Dead! Oodles and oodles of death. 

Later, Rita (Alison Brooks) summons Luke (Tim Rozon) to the residence where her associate perished. She’s giving the property to the Roman Agency. Bloody deaths are more their speed. Plus, something supernatural could be at play. 

Then, Luke meets with his team and fills them in on the situation. First, Rita’s associate dies via eye-stabbing. Next, the knitting needle woman dies three days later, followed by the arrow lady three days after that. Phil (Adam Korson) discloses some info regarding the previous homeowner. Katherine Owens was arrested a year prior for murdering her tenant. She pled not guilty, but she’s currently serving time behind bars. 

Still of Savannah Basley in the SurrealEstate episode "A House Is Not a Home."

Luke urges August (Maurice Dean Wint) to conduct his PKT test outside of the house. It exudes “stay away” vibes. After the meeting adjourns, Susan (Sarah Levy) tells Luke about Edwin Calabasas, who owns a residence on University Row and is looking to list it. Luke encourages her to seize the opportunity. 

Next, Luke and Megan (Tennille Read) have lunch together. He’s still dedicated to finding her a demon-dog-free home. There’s lots of bonding and a smooch. 

Meanwhile, Phil and Zooey (Savannah Basley) are plagued by a visit from Rita. She’s dropping off the guestlist for the Open House she just hosted for the Owens property. They learn that arrow lady was on the guestlist. 

Then, August is in the middle of conducting his PKT test. He’s standing on the porch of the spooky house when, suddenly, the door flies open, almost beckoning him to enter. Thankfully, Augie “nopes” it out of there. We see the door slam shut while he leaves. 

Back at the Roman Agency, the gang is looking over the Open House list. Unfortunately, the three consecutive murder victims are the first three names on the list. So, something or someone is picking them off one by one—our crew endeavors to warn the fourth potential victim. 

Meanwhile, Susan heads to Edwin Calabasas’ property. She encounters a frat boy, Reese (Luke Bilyk), who didn’t know his landlord was selling the house. Susan asks for photos of the home. Unfortunately, the place is an unkempt pigsty. Too many party fouls, you know? 

Susan gives Reese until the following day to give her pictures. However, Reese doesn’t seem like he wants to comply. He’ll have to consult with his buddy, Chops, who’s pre-law. Chops is on the case!

Next, Phil is chatting it up with the fourth name on the Open House list. Homeboy’s naturally incredulous. An unseen someone or something is going to stab him in the eye? 

Later, Luke visits Katherine Owens (Elizabeth Saunders) in prison. Luke believes she may be innocent and is willing to collect viable evidence to support his belief. Katherine also asserts her innocence, but something seems … off about her. She incessantly taps her middle finger on the table. That alone is enough to make her suspect. Well, in my (puncture-free) eyes. 

Then, the fourth name meets his Maker in a restaurant. He didn’t wear the goggles Phil tried to give him. Now, the fifth name on the Open House list is illegible. This killer likes to go in order, and it’ll be difficult to determine who the next potential victim is. 

Still of Sarah Levy in the SurrealEstate episode "Ft. Ghost Child."

Meanwhile, back at the agency, the team brainstorms possible supernatural culprits—loads of monster types. Mumfords (but no sons)? Rippers? Homers? However, Phil suggests a Watchmaker, and that term appears to stick. I’m gonna need a SurrealEstate monster mythology book STAT. 

Next, Susan returns to frat boy central, only to find her entrance barred by Reese. He never called her, nor did he assemble a collection of photos as she asked. Susan meets with Edwin Calabasas, whose connection is very staticky. He doesn’t care how she goes about it; he wants to sell his residence. Zooey offers her talents in getting those coveted pictures. 

Later, Zooey performs her best Gen Z impression and wanders into Reese’s abode. She finds him playing video games with his bros. She and her friends are participating in a TikTok challenge, wherein they dance in every room in every house on the block. Perhaps Reese and his buds would like to give it a whirl? 

She sets up her phone on a stand and records the bros dancing for TikTok. Admittedly, I’m not super hip regarding the TikToks, so this bit is lost on me. However, Zooey gets clean shots of each room in the house. Success!

Now, Phil calls Luke with a new bit of info regarding Katherine. Apparently, when she was a child, her best friend Margaret made first chair in band as a cellist. Katherine, on the other hand, made second chair. Margaret died three days later. It definitely sounds like Katherine is a murderous Watchmaker. 

After an eventful afternoon of TikTok-ing, Reese tries to ask Zooey out. She turns him down and gets into Susan’s car. You just got bamboozled, bro!

Later, Susan calls Edwin to report the good news — they have photos of the house! Edwin urges her to direct all future correspondence to his attorney. Then, the call cuts off. August is doing research when he discovers something massive. He phones Luke, but the latter is having dinner with Megan. 

August texts Luke, informing him that Megan’s email was on the Open House list. She was the fifth, illegible name! Luke is flabbergasted. He embraces her. 

Thus, he brings Megan to the agency for protection. Phil and Zooey dispose of all sharp objects in the offices and restrooms. Since they’ve monitored Katherine’s kills, they know they have a few hours before she’ll attempt to murder Megan. 

Katherine, being a Watchmaker, is immensely precise. Everything is neatly executed, timed to the second and in order. But what if they disrupt her order? What if, instead, they can circumvent Megan’s murder, and Katherine has to go to the sixth name on the list? 

Still of Tim Rozon in the SurrealEstate pilot.

Meanwhile, Megan tells Luke she’s going to the restroom, but she actually heads outside for a lab thing. She dons sunglasses for protection. She’s walking near a construction site. Suddenly, she slips on a pile of nails, and her eye is punctured by a large bar. We see a pool of blood under her head. 

I didn’t think they’d actually go there. Admittedly, I’m not attached to Megan. SurrealEstate hasn’t really fleshed her out. To me, she feels more like a plot device to bolster Luke’s character development. 

Anyway, Luke storms into his meeting with Katherine. He’s livid. She murdered his love! But when Katherine thinks she’s won, we see Megan emerge. The sight of Megan, alive and well, causes Katherine to “short circuit.” Does … not … compute. Bye, Felicia!

Back at the office, Susan receives her cut of the Edwin Calabasas sale. Luke instructed Susan to give Zooey a bonus for her assistance with the frat bros. Susan calls up Edwin’s lawyer and learns that her client died eight years ago. She was talking to the ghost of Edwin! So, to recap, a ghost enlisted the aid of the Roman Agency to rid his house of the humans haunting it. This is a neat detail. 

Now, we see how the Megan faux death played out. Everyone was in on it from the start. They made it look real since they knew Katherine would be watching with her special eye. This inexplicably gives me “heist movie” feels. I dig it. 

So, they didn’t go there with Megan, which gives me hope we’ll see more development for her. Hopefully

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“Roman’s Six” is a fun, fresh episode supported by an innovative concept and sleek direction (Hat’s off to you, Scrofano.). I love the continued bonding between Susan and Zooey. I still want to see more from August, but there are four episodes left in the season. Perhaps I’ll get my wish soon. 

SurrealEstate doesn’t appear to have much of an overarching, season-long arc save the Donovan house and the spirit of Luke’s mother. I hope we get to revisit her soon. Since it looks like Luke’s dad can travel anywhere as a ghost, maybe we can get a family reunion up in here. 

Side-but-not-so-side-note: Luke Bilyk was on Degrassiand I was tumbling down the nostalgia rabbit hole every time he was on screen. 

SurrealEstate airs Fridays at 10 pm on your Syfy affiliate. 

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