DISCLAIMER: This recap of SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, “Art & Science,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Sometimes, a house can be demanding as hell — just ask Aurora, our resident artist from “Art & Science.”

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the halfway point in SurrealEstate Season 2. So far, this season has been a blast and a half. It’s unadulterated campy fun. This episode is no exception. It progresses the Susan narrative (creepily, too) while presenting two entertaining episodic arcs that delve into, you guessed it, art and science.

Auggie gets one of those arcs all to himself. Maurice Dean Wint is an underrated performer who infuses August with more delightful layers and nuance in “Art & Science.” I’d watch a prequel series featuring Auggie and his adventures at ASDRA. 

Ready to delve into “Art & Science”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Aurora (Rhiannon Morgan) painting in her home at night. She talks on the phone to someone about canceling the movers because she didn’t trust them with her canvases. Suddenly, her painting moves from the easel to the floor, seemingly of its own volition. Then, Aurora looks behind her and spots her other paintings atop the kitchen counter, stacked like a house of cards. This looks like some ghostly sh*t. 

Later, we see Luke (Tim Rozon) barreling into The Roman Agency while on the phone. He’s been a busy bee since Susan’s been gone (and currently living inside her walls). As it turns out, Luke’s trying to coordinate a meeting with Zooey (Savannah Basley), who enters the office with Phil (Adam Korson) in tow. Luke informs the pair that Susan is taking a leave of absence. She told him this the night before. Dude, you weren’t talking to Susan…

Aurora looks shocked while standing in her house with a white door and white walls behind her in SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, "Art & Science."

SURREALESTATE — “Art & Science” Season 2 Episode 5 — Pictured: Rhiannon Morgan as Aurora — (Photo by: Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Phil tells Luke that August is at Aurora’s house with his gadgets, checking for anything suspicious on the supernatural front. Luke heads over to Aurora’s to introduce himself. At Aurora’s home, which is nestled in an envy-inducing location (Newfoundland is on my bucket list), Luke asks August (Wint) for an update. Auggie claims he senses there’s something amiss, but nothing official yet. It doesn’t help that they’re next to the water. He asks Luke if he can take the day off. He wouldn’t request it if it weren’t important. Luke grants Auggie’s request. 

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Next, Luke introduces himself to Aurora. She gives him the lowdown regarding her situation. Then, she shows him the painting she was working on — a mysterious someone wrote, “It’s Time” in red paint. Meanwhile, Auggie parks his motorcycle in front of ASDRA, a swanky-looking company. Side note: I love that Auggie’s a motorcycle guy. It inexplicably suits him. He meets Rochelle (Joy Tanner), the woman trying to contact him for weeks. We learn they used to work together. ASDRA is a defense and technology development agency, and it’s now the most prolific of its kind in North America. 

So, why is Auggie revisiting his past, especially when things didn’t end well between him and Rochelle? Rochelle informs him that Project Erebuster, a program Auggie created, is back. And it wants to talk to him. Erebuster is an algorithm designed to retrieve info that Auggie modified to gather data from “the other side.” Auggie and Rochelle chat about what would’ve happened had Auggie stayed and how far ASDRA could go without government interference. 

Zooey stands behind a desk in a real estate agency while talking on the phone and looking amused in SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, "Art & Science."

SURREALESTATE — “Art & Science” Season 2 Episode 5 — Pictured: Savannah Basley as Zooey L’Enfant — (Photo by: Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Then, Auggie inputs the password. Suddenly, an alarm blares. Rochelle notes that Erebuster is deleting its data and core program. It’s $6.8 billion dollars worth of data, to be precise, and it’s irreplaceable. Auggie realizes Erebuster wants the password he buried in its original code to ensure it’s him. Thankfully, once he logs that in, the server deletion ceases. 

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Meanwhile, Aurora tells Luke that the house started misbehaving after she put it up for sale. After she sells it, she’s returning to New York to take her art career to the next level. She urges Luke to call the movers so they can “blow this popsicle stand.” Yeah, just ignore the haunted house! Later, Phil gives Luke files on Aurora’s house. Well, only about 10 percent of said files. This house has a lengthy history. Luke urges Phil to retrieve the rest because Aurora’s life depends on it. 

Zooey deals with a trying client over the phone with her trademark sarcasm. I love her. After hanging up, she and Phil find their phones blowing up with an avalanche of texts from Susan. It’s her whole database — every listing. Well, we know it’s really her house doing the texting. At the same time, Aurora discovers a new kind of horror in her bathroom. When she closes the cabinet mirror, she notices her reflection has no facial features. She looks like a blank canvas. Freaky. 

Luke holds a flashlight while standing in the top floor of a dimly lit house while looking alert in SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, "Art & Science."

SURREALESTATE — “Art & Science” Season 2 Episode 5 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Luke Roman — (Photo by: Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Then, Luke helps the movers pack Aurora’s belongings, including a fancy painting that came with the house. Aurora reveals a troubled time in her life before moving into her home. She had an abusive ex-boyfriend who made her feel worthless. When she arrived here, she felt her creativity ignite. Aurora was painting out the wazoo and saw her talent flourish. Luke offers words of encouragement. 

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Later, Auggie and Rochelle encounter another stumbling block while trying to gain access to Erebuster. We see the text “Interface Not Detected” on its screen. Auggie believes Erebuster wants to communicate with him directly. After some calculations, the pair decides their only option for a lossless transfer is a “direct download.” Meaning that Erebuster will download its files into Auggie himself. Meanwhile, Luke tries to leave Aurora’s house, but the door shuts before he crosses the threshold. He inadvertently pulls the doorknob off, too.

A mysterious force throws Aurora into another room and against the wall. It lifts her into the air. Luke attempts to pull her toward the ground as said force throws Aurora’s paint supplies at them. An eerie voice orders, “Finish her.” Once the ghostly storm passes, Aurora and Luke discover the word “Now” written in red paint on a blank canvas. Damn, this ghost is demanding. Luke notices the horse painting he packed earlier is back on the counter. 

Rochelle wears a dark blue suit with a satin teal blouse while standing outside and looking at something off-screen in SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, "Art & Science."

SURREALESTATE — “Art & Science” Season 2 Episode 5 — Pictured: Joy Tanner as Rochelle — (Photo by: Duncan de Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Next, Luke calls Phil, who reveals that an artist named Thomas Warner lived there with his wife. He couldn’t get his art career off the ground, but he died rich and happy. Aurora washes the paint off her hands and finds more text on the mirror: “Finish her.” Someone’s an impatient spirit! Luke searches for Aurora to relay what he learned from Phil. However, she’s nowhere to be found. That is until he heads to the top floor. And, of course, the electricity goes out, making it extra spooky. Anyway, he spots Aurora standing in a dark room. She whirls toward him, clearly possessed by the ghost. Blood tears start spilling from her eyes before she returns to herself. 

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Meanwhile, Rochelle puts special glasses on Auggie’s face before the download from Erebuster begins. Once the download completes, Auggie returns to the real world, looking flabbergasted. Rochelle asks Auggie what he saw. He claims he saw nothing and everything — what comes after life. How it all looks through a thing that lives forever without truly living. He learned they must keep their eyes forward and not focus so much on death. This is all very profound. 

Luke tells Aurora he knows someone in this house is hurting. The only way he can communicate with them is through Aurora. Of course, it’ll be challenging without his gifts. Rochelle offers Auggie a position at ASDRA. He declines said offer. However, he’d love to take her to the diner down the street. Aw. Methinks we might see a smattering of romance in Auggie’s future. He deserves all the love. 

August wears a light green button-down shirt while standing next to an elevator in SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 5, "Art & Science."

SURREALESTATE — “Art & Science” Season 2 Episode 5 — Pictured: Maurice Dean Wint as August Ripley — (Photo by: Duncan de Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY)

Later, Luke urges Aurora to draw freestyle as a gateway through which the spirit enters her. Once it does, the voice returns, essentially rattling off the same lines as before. When the ghost leaves Aurora, she and Luke notice the drawings on the floor combine to make a massive sketch of a woman. She’s the same woman Aurora’s been drawing since she first moved into this house. 

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Then, Luke and Aurora find another painting concealed inside the horse artwork. It’s a woman without a face. They learn that Thomas Warner’s wife was the true artist, and she died without anyone knowing it. She was very talented. So, she’s the one asking Aurora to “finish her,” meaning complete her art so she can display it in a fancy New York art gallery. After Luke departs, Aurora does as she’s bid — she finishes the painting. 

Meanwhile, Luke receives a letter of resignation from Susan, which we hear read in her voice (Sarah Levy). The house types it for her and ensures it’s mailed to The Roman Agency. Luke doesn’t accept her resignation, though. He texts her, “You’re not quitting,” to which the house responds on her behalf that she is, ending the conversation with “Toodles.” Ew. The camera pans to Susan’s phone beside her bed … and she’s still nowhere to be found. Dun, dun, dun

Will the gang ever realize that Susan’s trapped in her house? Will Luke find someone to replace Susan? Is Auggie on the precipice of finding love? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 

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