Cue Sandra’s ukulele version of Radiohead‘s “Creep.” Today’s a sad day, Cloud 9 shoppers. NBC is pulling the plug on resident sitcom SuperstoreEntertainment Weekly reports. The series will end with the conclusion of Season Six, which is the show’s current batch of episodes. 

Superstore premiered in 2015. It follows the employees of a big box store as they navigate their day-to-day duties and their personal lives. It’s received its fair share of adulation from critics and casual viewers alike. In fact, actor Nico Santos, who portrays Mateo, was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 2019 and 2020. Superstore underwent critical changes in the form of star America Ferrera exiting the series at the beginning of the current season. Not to mention, the show is tackling the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Executive producers Justin SpitzerGabe Miller and Jonathan Green made a joint statement regarding Superstore‘s last hurrah: 

We’re grateful to Universal Television and NBC for letting us make 113 episodes of a show we’re so proud of, and for giving us the chance to work with such an incredibly talented group of actors, writers and crew. We’re thankful most of all to the viewers who’ve stuck with us for the past six years (or discovered us somewhere along the way). We’ll do our best to go out strong and give you the satisfying ending you deserve.

My two cents? I wonder if Ferrera leaving played a factor in Superstore getting the ax. Initially, she was the draw when the show started five years ago. Perhaps viewership took a nosedive after her exit. I could be wrong, though. Additionally, COVID-19 has significantly altered the entertainment industry this year, especially by way of revenue. While I don’t think Superstore is expensive to make, it’s probably not a ratings draw. It’s unfortunate because I love the show. We may never know the true reason, Cloud 9 shoppers. 

Today’s not a heavenly day, but at least we got six seasons. 

Superstore will return Thursday, January 14, after its winter hiatus. The series finale will air sometime in the spring. 

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