Well, well, well…Jack is back on Supernatural.  Jack left when he realized that as much as he wanted to use his power for good, he would always do something bad.  He’s so cute.  Castiel left to search for Jack, but found Lucifer instead.  And then, both were taken by Asmodeus to use as leverage.  What about Mary? She’s still in the AltWorld.  Will Sam and Dean ever be reunited with her?  

Recap the Latest Episode of Supernatural “The Scorpion and the Frog”

In “The Bad Place,” Jack (Alexander Calvert) finds a way to get to Mary…sort of.  He found a way to see where she was.  Dreamwalkers.  Not Skywalkers, dreamwalkers.  A Native American supernatural power where individuals have the ability to walk into a dream…and in this case, other dimensions. Jack goes to meet a dreamwalker, Derek Swan (Nathaniel Arcand).  He offers a substantial amount of money for his services. While Derek is dream walking, Jack taps into the dream and sees Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith).   Derek’s girlfriend returns home and finds Derek dead…his eyes have been burnt out.

At the bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) calls Patience Turner (Clark Backo) asking for her help to find Jack. Sam (Jared Padalecki) says he heard from Cas. He’s chasing a lead on Jack in Tucson. They get a call from Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes). She tells them about the dreamwalker’s death and the description of the killer matches Jack.  

James Turner (Adrian Holmes) checks in on Patience. She’s been having some trouble in school, but Patience says its no big deal.  She tells her dad that Dean has been calling her, asking for her psychic help.  He asks if she has been having visions. She lies and say no.  

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) investigate a murder on Supernatural, The Bad Place, cwtv.com

The Winchesters investigate Derek’s death in North Dakota.  Derek’s girlfriend tells them about meeting Jack. She tells them that Derek was a dreamwalker.  Dean finds a painting that looks exactly like the AltWorld.   Dean says it’s possible that Jack went looking for Lucifer. That’s why he went to Derek.  Sam says they need more information.  He says they need to figure out how dream walking even works.  Sam hacked into Derek’s email and found another dreamwalker that he was talking to.  Kaia Nieves (Yadira Guevara-Prip).

Kaia is in a rehabilitation center.  She says she’s not an addict. The counselor treats her like she’s in denial.  She says she takes the drugs to keep herself out of the bad place.  After the group meeting, Jack approaches Kaia. He tells her that he knows she’s a dreamwalker.  Jack says he can help her escape.  At the same time, Dean and Sam show up at the center.  Jack and Kaia walk out of the center and Kaia decides to bolt.  Jack tries to stop her. Sam and Dean find them and Kaia kicks Jack. She punches him and runs away.

Dean stops Jack from going after her.  Jack says he needs Kaia, like he needs Derek. He says he’s doing it for the Winchesters.  They ask if he killed Derek for them. Jack didn’t even know that Derek is dead.  Sam asks what happened.  Jack says he wanted to do one good thing. He looked for other ways to open doors.  He found a dreamwalker and it worked.  When he left the dreamwalker, Derek was still alive.  He was able to see the Apocalypse World and he saw Mary Winchester. He tells them that she’s alive but she’s in danger.  

Jack puts his hands on their heads and shows them what he saw. They see an worn down building where Mary is locked up.  She is calling for help.  Jack lets go and tells Sam that Kaia is the key to getting into the Apocalypse World. Meanwhile Kaia is hitchhiking. Two angels stop to pick her up. They knock her out and put Kaia in the back seat.

Patience Turner (Clark Backo) leaves for South Dakota on Supernatural, The Bad Place, cwtv.com

Patience has a vision of a scary forest and a knife killing Jody.  Kaia packs her bags. She tells her dad that her friends are in danger. She admits her visions never stop. Patience says she tried ignoring them, but this is who she is.  James reminds her about what happened to her grandmother. She says if she doesn’t go, people will die. He says if she goes, she can’t come back.   Patience leaves.


Kaia is tied to a chair.  The lead angel tells her that they want Jack because he’s the son of Lucifer.  She admits that they tracked Jack to Derek, which led them to her.  The angels are the ones who killed Derek. They are holding Kaia to get lure Jack to them.  

Jack and the Winchesters are looking for Kaia.  Dean says that Sam was right about Mary.  He says they should have been looking for her this entire time. Sam says now that they do know, they can find her.  They ask Jack if he’s okay.  He’s a little upset that they thought he would kill Derek.  Sam says they thought it might have been an accident. Dean admits he thought he was looking for Lucifer.  Jack says he was scared and upset, but he wouldn’t ever look for Lucifer.  Lucifer is nothing to him.  Castiel and the Winchester are his family.  Dean agrees. Jack hears the angel radio. He tells the boys, the angels have Kaia.

Kaia tells the angels that they have the wrong bait. She doesn’t matter.  The lead angel tells her that they think she does.  When the Winchesters show up, the angels will kill them and take Jack.  The Winchesters show up.  Dean says their plan sucks.  The angel tells Jack that he should be around his own kind. He questions if they are his kind because they kidnap and kill people.  She tells him to come home. He says he his home. The angels attack Dean and Sam. Jack uses his power to throw one angel out the window and kill the other.  

Kaia Nieves (Yadira Guevara-Prip) learns who Jack (Alexander Calvert) really is on Supernatural, The Bad Place, cwtv.com

Jack unties Kaia.  Dean goes after the lead angel, but she got away. They explain to Kaia what is going on.  Jack says they will protect her. Kaia doesn’t want to go with them.  Sam tells her they need her to save their mother.   Jack wants to take her to the wind caves, but Kaia says she won’t go.  Kaia says her gift is a curse. She only goes to one place where she gets hurt.  She shows them her scars from her dreams.  Kaia tells the Winchesters that she can’t help them.  Dean pulls a gun on her and forces her to go with them to South Dakota.

On the way there, Jack show Kaia what he saw in Derek’s head.  She likes what she sees. Jack says they can use their powers for good.  They encounter the lead angel again.  Dean has to detour to get away from her. They go to an abandoned shipyard.  Sam takes Kaia and Jack into a ship. Dean waits for the angel to arrive.  She has back up and it’s too much for Dean, so he runs into the ship.

Sam spray paints sigils on the ship to ward off the angels.  The angels work to melt the wards off of the ship.  While they make the earth shake, Kaia and Jack decide to try and get to Apocalypse World before the angels get in.  While in Kaia’s head, Jack shows her how to get out of the bad place and explore other places.  They find the Apocalypse World, but something keeps pulling her back to the bad place.  She flickers between worlds and tears a veil in the dimension. The power is so strong it kills the angels. Everyone disappears.

Patience shows up on Jody’s door. She tells her that something bad is coming.

Kaia ends up unconscious on the side of a road.

Jack wakes up next to Mary’s jail cell thingy.

Sam and Dean wake up in the bad place.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) end up in a bad place on Supernatural, The Bad Place, cwtv.com

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Hello spinoff!  If you haven’t heard, Supernatural is trying the spinoff thing again with Wayward Sisters…get it…Wayward sons and now Sisters.  Okay…anyway.  The show is about Jody Mills and the orphaned, runaway girls that she has taken in as her wards.  There are currently two in her care, Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) from season 9, Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) from season 10, Patience Turner was introduced earlier this season, and now we’ve met Kaia Nieves.  I’m really excited for this show.  It’s so much like the original that it should do well.  

But back to Supernatural… FINALLY, the Winchesters know that Mary is alive.  Dean can stop brooding…at least until he finds out that Asmodeus has Cas.  The thing is, Jack is so powerful, the Winchesters should win every time right?  maybe…

I really like that Supernatural covers so many different supernatural things from many different cultures.  This whole Native American Dreamwalker thing is interesting to me.  Being Native American, it’s always interesting to hear about the superstitions of other nations.  I’m not Lakota (it’s always Lakota!), but I’ve heard of the concept.  It’s pretty neat that Kaia is going to Wayward Sisters and will take this concept with her to be a part of the show.  

Supernatural returns Thursday January 18 on the CW!

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