There have been a lot of ups and downs for the Winchesters this season on Supernatural.  As soon as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester found out their mom was alive, it’s been all about Mary (Samantha Smith).  It may have taken some time, but Jack (Alexander Calvert) was considered a part of the Winchester family, just like Castiel (Misha Collins). They even got a couple of family members back when they found a new version of Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Charlie (Felicia Day).  The only thing that threatens the Winchester family are those darn Archangels, Michael (Christian Keyes) and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino). But they are in the Apocalypse World. So “Let the Good Times Roll.”

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Team Winchester got a win when they were able to save the humans from the Apocalypse world, but also lost when Michael killed Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.).  Sam left Lucifer behind, telling Jack that Michael killed him. Now they don’t have an Archangel to open the rift. Meaning, the Apocalypse World people are now citizens of Earth Prime.

Some time has passed. Everyone has settled into a normal life. Jack is hunting with Sam, Dean and Cas. Mary and Bobby talk about how things have changed and how it’s better now.  Bobby says he doesn’t want to go back even if he could. Maybe things were too good, because Bobby and Mary find one of their people dead in the forest.

Sam and Dean are feeling calm. They say Jack is learning quickly.  And with his power, they could potentially make the world safe enough to retire soon.  Dean checks in on Jack, who is having a nightmare. Jack feels bad for all of the people who he was supposed to protect, but died.  Dean tells him that will happen, but he needs to let it go. What’s important is that they do their best to protect those they can. And watch out for each other because, they are family.  Sam frantically calls for Dean. Mary called.

Sam, Dean, Cas and Jack join Mary and Bobby. The body they found is a girl named Maggie (Katherine Evans).  She wasn’t killed by any supernatural means. So the guys ask her roommate if there was anyone else that Maggie could have been hanging out with. The roommate tells them about a boy that Maggie had a crush on.  He works at a local convenience store. Jack immediately goes after the boy.


Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural, Let the Good Times Roll, Photo Credit: The CW Network

When Sam, Dean, and Cas get to the store, they have a hard time stopping Jack from killing the boy.  Dean has to shoot Jack to stop him. Jack is angry and believes the kid killed Maggie. But when the kid hears that Maggie is dead, he gets upset; indicating that he didn’t kill her.  Jack leaves the store even more upset.

Cas starts to go after Jack, but Dean says to let him be.  The ground starts shaking and the lights flicker. They tell the kid to leave.  They hear a high pitched noise and Michael appears before them. They leave the store, but Michael stops them.  Cas pulls out his angel blade, but Sam stops him from going after Michael. Dean throws a fire bomb at Michael and they all escape.

Meanwhile, Jack is walking in the forest, upset that someone always get hurt when he tries to help.  Lucifer shows up…alive. He tells Jack that Sam lied to him, because humans are flawed that way. They try to do the right thing, but sometimes it’s the wrong thing. The best thing they can do for humans is to leave.  He starts telling Jack everything he wants to hear. They can explore the world…the universe, as father and son. Jack says okay, but there’s one thing he needs to do first.

As Mary and Bobby talk about Maggie’s death, Jack shows up with Lucifer.  Mary tells Bobby to call Sam. Jack takes Lucifer to Maggie’s body and tells him to bring her back to life.  Mary asks why and Jack say this is his second chance. Lucifer warns him that Maggie will be different when she wakes up, but Jack make him resurrect her anyway.  Once Maggie opens her eyes, Sam, Dean and Cas show up, but Jack and Lucifer are gone.


Misha Collins as Castiel and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural, Let the Good Times Roll, Photo Credit: The CW Network

The team tries to figure out how Michael and Lucifer got back to Earth Prime.  Dean calls the police…aka Jody to be on the look out for Lucifer. Cas tunes into the angel radio, but it’s all static.  Sam asks Maggie what happened to her. Maggie says she didn’t see who attacked her, but she did see his eyes.

The lights start flickering in the bunker. Sam tells Bobby to get Mary and Maggie out of there. Michael busts through the door and Sam and Dean start shooting.  The bullets deflect off of Michael as he descends into the bunker. Cas lunges at Michael and is knocked out. Sam and Dean try to stab him with angel blades but he’s too strong for them too.  Michael gets a hold of Dean, telling him about his deal with Lucifer. Michael opens the rift for them both, Lucifer gets Jack and Michael gets the world. Michael says he is going to save the world by purging it and Dean will be the first life he will take.  Sam prays to Jack to come back and help them.

Jack and Lucifer are looking at the stars.  Lucifer tells Jack that they will explore the universe and one day make improvements.  Jack hears Sam’s prayer. Lucifer can see that Jack’s mind is elsewhere.

Michael is about to kill Dean when Jack shows up and blasts Michael with his nephilim powers.  Lucifer shows up behind Jack, ready to leave again. Jack focuses on Michael. He promised Michael that he would kill so that’s what he’s trying to do.  Michael yells to Lucifer, saying they had a deal and Lucifer acts like he knows nothing. Sam tells Jack about the deal Lucifer made with Michael to destroy the world.  That’s why Lucifer wants to leave so badly.

Sam also tells Jack that Lucifer killed Maggie.  The last thing she saw was a pair of red glowing eyes.  Jack gets angry. He uses his power to extract the truth. Lucifer admits to killing Maggie when he was scoping out the bunker. And he liked it.  Jack calls Lucifer a monster.


Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural, Let the Good Times Roll, Photo Credit: The CW Network

Lucifer has had enough.  He says he tried to be what Jack wanted and told him everything he wanted to hear. What does one human matter?  Jack says he’s human and Lucifer says that’s Jack’s problem. He’s too much like his mother. Lucifer say they could have remade the universe and been better gods that his dad.  But he doesn’t need Jack, he just needs his power. Lucifer cuts Jack’s neck and inhales Jacks’ grace. Sam runs to pull Jack away from Lucifer at the same time Lucifer grabs Jack to disappear.

Dean is shocked.  Michael tells him that the devil won. Jack’s grace will make Lucifer stronger than ever.  Dean says Michael beat Lucifer before, but that was when Lucifer was weak. And Jack beat up Michael’s body, make him the weak one now.  Michael says this is the end of everything, but Dean says NO. He asks Michael if he could defeat Lucifer if he had his sword.

Cas tries to stop Dean, but it’s too late.  Dean tells Michael that he is the sword. We see a flashback of Gabriel telling Sam that he was born for Lucifer and Dean was born for Michael.  Cas begs Dean not do this, but they don’t have a choice. Dean says it’s a one time deal and he remains in charge. Michael agrees to his terms.

Sam and an unconscious Jack land in a church with Lucifer.  Lucifer starts beating up Sam and Jack tries to stop him. Lucifer is more power than Jack now, so he beats on Jack too.  He asks Sam why he wants anything to do with Jack when he’s a killer. Sam doesn’t care because Jack is his family. Lucifer decides to play with them.  He says one of them has to die or they both die. The catch is, Sam or Jack have to be the one to kill the other.


Alexander Calvert as Jack and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural, Let the Good Times Roll, Photo Credit: The CW Network

Lucifer throws down an Archangel sword.  He tells them that he plans to remake a world where everyone worships him.  Maybe one of them can stop him, but they must kill the other first. Sam picks up the sword, gives it to Jack and tells Jack to kill him.  Jack tells Sam that only he can defeat Lucifer, so Jack has to die. He points the sword towards his stomach, tells Sam that he loves him, and starts to kill himself.  

Dean appears in a bright light…and he has wings!  He let Michael in. Dean tells Lucifer that he and Michael have something in common.  They both want to kill the devil. Dean and Lucifer start fighting, throwing each other around.  They both start flying in the air, hitting each other until Lucifer bests Angel Dean. He puts his hand on Dean’s head and Sam throws the Archangel blade up to Dean.  Lucifer tries to smite Dean at the same time Dean stabs Lucifer with the blade. Dean falls and Lucifer flies backwards screaming. Dean killed Lucifer.

Sam and Jack run to Dean’s side praising him for killing Lucifer.  Dean says it was all of them. He bends over in pain. It’s Michael. Dean fights back saying they had a deal.  Dean stands up straight and stares at Sam and Jack. Sam knows what happened. Michael takes over Dean’s body and leaves.  


Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural, Let the Good Times Roll, Photo Credit: The CW Network

Mary and Bobby return to the bunker to find Cas alone.  He looks at them sadly.

Later, Dean/Michael walks down a sidewalk, looking around.  He flashes his angel eyes and that’s the end of season 13.

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WOW!  I knew they would have to pay a big price to defeat Lucifer and Michael.  But I didn’t expect to lose Dean! I mean, I guess you really can’t trust any Archangel can you.  I knew Jensen Ackles would get a chance to play another character, but I thought it would be a Dean doppelganger.  That would’ve been funny.

I am glad that Jack is still with us.  I like Jack. He has a lot of learning to do, but now he sees that Sam and Dean were right about Lucifer.  And Sam! Oh Sammie! He melts my heart the way he cares about Jack.

Bobby is back! I hope he stays forever!  I’ve missed him. They will definitely need all the help they can get to help Dean take control of his body.  I’m not too worried about Dean. The biggest problem they have is finding Michael and restraining him long enough to get Dean back.  I know they will do it! I have faith in the Winchesters.

Well. Season 13 was a lot of fun and had a lot of feels.  The highpoint of the season was definitely Scoobynatural and the return of some old faces.   I’m already excited about season 14!

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