Previously on Supernatural: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battled the spirit of a possessed truck haunting a rural road in Missouri.

As “Nightmare” opens, a car pulls into a garage. The driver looks over his shoulder, watching as the garage door closes on its’ own. Suddenly, the car doors lock and the engine starts. His terror escalates as he tries unsuccesfully to get out of the car. However, as the carbon monoxide fills the garage, he is overcome by the fumes.

Across the country, Sam wakes up in a cold sweat. He had another nightmare. With panic growing in his system, he shakes Dean awake. Before long, they’re speeding down the road while Sam struggles to discover the name of the man in his nightmare. His brother however, is understandably skeptical. Despite Dean’s insistence that it was just a dream, the name checks out. They’re on their way to Michigan.

Unfortunately, as Sam and Dean pull up at the house, they’re too late. Police hurry across the grounds while the coroner removes the body. Sam and Dean talk to locals, and everyone seems to believe it was a suicide.

Later, the Winchester’s huddle by the car. Despite Dean’s suspicions that this might be a legitimate suicide, Sam disagrees. They decide to look into it in the morning.

However, the devastated family won’t talk to just anyone. Sam looks at Dean, “This is a new low, even for us”. They stand nervously at the door, dressed as priests. As they talk to the family, they discover the victim had no history of depression. Dean looks horrified as the Winchester’s learn that it was the Miller’s teenage son Max (Brendan Fletcher) who found the body. While Sam moves off to speak with the boy, Dean continues talking to the victim’s wife Alice (Beth Broderick). There’s no hint as to what could have been wrong. No ghosts. No poltergeists, nothing. Could Sam’s dream have been a freakish coincidence?

Later that afternoon, Sam and Dean talk in their hotel room. As Sam suddenly has another vision, he is suddenly overcome by a paralyzing headache. He watches as Roger (Avery Raskin), the victim’s brother, gets home from work. As he puts his groceries away, the window opens by itself. Mildly startled, he closes and locks it. However, as he turns his back, the window opens again. The man leans outside, looking for what may be causing it. Suddenly, the window slams shut, decpaitating him.

Luckily, Sam and Dean arrive at the same time as Roger. However, the man doesn’t like the two pushy priests. He storms away from Sam and Dean, slamming the door in their face. With few other options, the brother’s hurdle the fire escape, but they aren’t in time. There’s a slice and they find Roger’s head in the flower box. Could there be a curse on the Smith family?

Meanwhile, the Brothers return to the Smith house. Sitting down, they talk quietly with Max. It turns out, the boy is nervous. There’s something he isn’t saying.

Clutching at straws, Sam and Dean visit the Miller’s old house in hopes of figuring out what’s up. While Sam and Dean talk to the family’s former next-door neighbor, the man tells them everything. It turns out, Max was routinely abused by his father and uncle. Sadly, his step-mother never lifted a finger to help him either. The conversation comes to a stop as Sam has another vision.

Max sits in the kitchen, talking with Alice while she cuts vegetables. The boy is emotional, and suddenly, the knife on the counter starts to vibrate. Alice cries out, “Max, please!” as the knife moves with an unseen power, coming to a stop millimeters from her face. “I’m sorry,” she says, tears spilling from her eyes. Max’s voice is cold as he responds. “No you’re not. You just don’t want to die”. The knife pulls back, before slamming into her head.

Suddenly, Sam understands everything. Max has been behind each of the murders. Somehow, Sam and Max are mentally linked. However, the Winchester’s find themselves divided on how to procede. While Sam understands Max and everything the boy is going through; Dean sees the situation like a hunter. Max is no different than any other monster.

Luckily, they arrive in time to stop the bloody scene. While, Dean and Sam try to lure Max outside in order to diffuse the tension, the boy catches sight of Dean’s gun. Max panics, pulling the weapon from Dean. Speaking quickly, Sam forces a calm expression over his face as he tells Max everything he knows. Max finally relents, and agrees to sit and talk with Sam. Suddenly, everything seems to make sense. It turns out, the boys are linked in more ways than one. Max mentions that his mother died in his nursery. There was a fire, and his father found her pinned to the ceiling. “It’s real,” Sam tells him. “The same thing killed our mothers”. It turns out, even their abilities started at the very same time as well. It seems Sam and Max were chosen for something.

Sam looks at Max, “You don’t have to go through this all by yourself”. Max’s response is calm, “I’m sorry”. Sam barely has time to react before he’s slammed into a closet. Max easily moves a large dresser, blocking Sam inside. He storms into the kitchen, knocking Dean back like a toy and grabbing his gun. With few other options, Dean steps between Alice and Max’s drawn gun, “If you wanna kill her, you’re going to have to go through me first”. Max smirks, “Okay”. The gun fires, and Dean slumps to the ground, a bullet in his head.

Suddenly, Sam wakes up. It turns out, it was only a vision. He cries out, and the dresser flies out from in front of the door. He bursts into the kitchen as Max’s gun is about to fire. Sam stares at Max, his eyes pleading, “We can help you!” However, Sam can only watch helplessly as Max spins the gun around, killing himself.

As everything comes to a conclusion, Sam and Dean sit quietly as the police interview Mrs. Smith. The woman is overwhelmed with emotion, but still lies to protect the brother’s. As the questioning comes to a close, she sobs, “I’ve lost everybody!”.

As the boys walk to the car, Sam is emotional. They could have done something else. However, as he looks up at Dean, he has an epiphany. “We’re lucky we had Dad”. Dean smiles, “I never thought I’d hear you say that”.

Supernatural airs new episodes Thursdays on your local CW afilliate. Previous seasons are available on Netflix and on DVD.

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