Previously on Supernatural: Sam and Dean scraped with a Faith Healer utilizing a reaper to do his dirty work.

A car drives along a rural Missouri road. Martin Robinson looks down at his radio. He flips it off as there’s a sudden burst of static. The tranquility of the moment is broken when a gigantic pick-up truck emerges from the darkness, and almost slams Martin off the road. Almost as suddenly as it appeared, the truck disappears. There’s another moment of peace before Martin turns a corner, his car coming hood to hood with the truck. As the 4 wheeled confrontation continues, the smaller car flips as the truck disappears.

Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are parked at a gas station, trying to find the quickest route around some construction. Dean quickly moves to the driver’s seat, telling Sam about a call he just received from “an old friend” Cassie (Megalyn Echikunwoke). Her father died the night before, and Cassie had called the brothers, thinking the murder was just up their alley.

Cassie is a reporter at a small town paper. As Sam and Dean arrive, the team is mired in a tense conversation. At this point, the murders seem racially motivated. However, as Cassie locks eyes on Dean, everything seems to stop. These two have a connection.

Later, Sam and Dean have dinner with Cassie. She talks about her Father in the days before the accident. Martin had spoken repeatedly about a mysterious black truck following him. She reveals that after the accident, his car had a dent. However, he always drove a new car. It shouldn’t have a dent. And strangely, there were no tracks to show another car’s involvement in the accident. According to the police, her Father must have simply lost control of his car.

The next morning, there’s been another suspicious accident. Cassie argues with Mayor Harold Todd (Gary Hetherington) about closing the section of road; however, it is the only road in and out of town.

The next morning, Sam and Dean talk as they dress. Sam points out that Dean and Cassie never seem to look at each other at the same time. Rather, they seem to forlornly glance at each other while the other isn’t looking. This hits Dean hard, but he redirects Sam to the subject at hand. They have a murder to solve.

Later, the brothers head out to question some locals. Posing as investigators from an insurance company, they see what they can find out. Two of the men recount hearing about a big black truck. In fact, back in the 1960s, it was first mentioned after the suspicious deaths of two local black men. Furthermore, not only have all the victims been black, but they each seem to be involved with Cassie’s family. Dean resolves to go talk to Cassie. He finally reveals to Sam that they were much more involved than he initially said, and that she had dumped him. With Dean, usually it’s the other way around.

As Cassie and Dean talk, their passion boils over as they’re overwhelmed by years of repressed emotion. While she did dump him, Cassie tearfully admits that she thought Dean wanted the relationship to end. When Dean had opened up to her about the family business, she couldn’t take him seriously. As a result, she thought it was Dean’s way of pulling back from the relationship. With the truth out in the open, the couple fall into bed in heated, CW friendly passion.

Meanwhile, the Mayor is blindsided by the ghost truck as he works along the deserted road.

The next morning, Sam calls Dean to the crime scene. The authorities are stumped; however, the Mayor’s death doesn’t fit the pattern. As Dean and Cassie set to researching, they discuss a missing man from the 1960s named Cyrus Dorian. His death was never solved. Most noteworthy, Dean discovers that the Mayor recently purchased the old Dorian family estate before bulldozing it. Coincidentally, the killings started the very next day.

Later, Cassie is home alone when the ghost truck shows up outside of her door. As the vehicle threatens to break through, she calls Dean. Without warning, it suddenly disappears.

The brothers sit and have coffee with Cassie and her mother (Kathleen Noone). The older woman confirms that truck belonged to Cyrus Dorian, who was her beau. Though, at the same time, she was also dating Martin in secret. Eventually, when she broke off her relationship with Cyrus, his hatred exploded. Suddenly, local men started disappearing into a mysterious truck. She also suspected that it was Cyrus who burned down the local church on the day of her wedding to Martin. Tragically a children’s choir died while they rehearsed inside.

When Cyrus came after Martin, the confrontation blew up. During the brawl, Martin accidentally killed Cyrus. Together with his friends, Martin pushed Cyrus’ body into a swamp, keeping the secret to their deaths.

Later, the Winchester’s decide they must drag the swamp for Cyrus’ body. While the spirit had laid dormant the past forty years, it was the destruction of the Dorian property which woke him up.

Using a tractor, they are able to dig up the truck from the swamp. However, as they salt and burn Cyrus’ remains, the ghost truck appears. Dean takes off in the car, trying to give Sam an opportunity to finish the burning. Stumped for an answer, Sam searches John’s notebook.

With no other options, Sam directs Dean to a specific location. Parked just inside of a demolished archway, Dean faces off against the ghost truck. As the truck charges him, it suddenly explodes into a puff of bright colors. It turns out, this is the old grounds of the church Cyrus had burned down. As soon as the spirit crossed onto the hallowed grounds, it was destroyed.

As the Winchester’s prepare to leave town, Dean and Cassie share one final goodbye. Dean vows to see her again, but she is skeptical. Cassie smiles, “I don’t see much hope for us, Dean”. The brother’s drive off into the sunset, onto their next adventure.

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