Sam and Dean always seen to have their hands full on Supernatural. This time is different because they don’t have any angelic connections and everyone is looking for them.  Why you ask?  Well, it might have something to do with Lucifer’s son, Jack.


Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) suffered a huge blow with not one but two deaths: Crowley and Castiel (Misha Collins).  And then, in an attempt to trap Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), the lost Mary (Samantha Smith) in the process. Mary is trapped with Lucifer in the Alt-World.  Dean is pretty sure she is dead too.  Dean is not taking all of the loss well.  He blames all the death on Jack (Alexander Calvert), the newborn nephilim son of Lucifer and a human woman.  

Sam on the other hand believe that he can teach Jack to be good.  He may be right.  Jack’s mother instilled a lot of her values while Jack was in the womb. She even told Jack that Castiel would protect him.  Jack chose to recognize Castiel as his father.

Jack is very powerful and might be harder to kill than Dean thinks. He’s very naive and needs someone to teach him how to be human. For now, he is stuck with the Winchesters.  

Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam and Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural,


The Rising Son

So Crowley’s gone.  Lucifer’s gone. So who’s watching Hell?  No one. When the cat’s away, the mice will play…and drinking, except for one.  He is a firm believer that Lucifer will return soon.  

The lights flicker and a door opens.  A man in a white suit appears and walks straight to the throne. Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), the fourth prince of Hell and he’s going to rule until Lucifer returns.  He hand pics a few demons and kills the rest.

The demons report to Asmodeus that they cannot find Lucifer or his son.  Asmodeus wants to find Jack because of his powers.  He is also aware of Lucifer’s wrath, pointing out a large scar on his face courtesy of Lucifer. That incident created a bond with Lucifer that Asmodeus wants to foster with Jack.

Dean, Sam and Jack are on a road trip back to the bunker. Dean still wants to kill Jack. Sam still thinks Jack is savable.  They stop a a hotel for the night.  Jack goes straight to the TV and Scooby Doo is on!  Dean says Jack can’t watch tv, no matter how much Dean likes Scooby Doo. He hands Jack a bible and tells him to sleep on the couch.

In the AltWorld, Lucifer and Mary search for a way out, but Mary doesn’t see the point.  She thinks Lucifer will kill her once he gets out so she doesn’t want to find the exit. Lucifer says she is wrong.  His plan is to exchanged Mary for his son.  A large dirt devil rolls through, taking Mary with it.

Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jensen Ackles as Dean in Supernatural,

The next morning, Sam spray paints protection sigils around the room while Jack mimics Dean’s every move.  Jack read the bible and says Lucifer is in it.  The Winchesters describe God, Lucifer, and their roles in the universe.  Sam asks Jack if he knows how power his, but Jack says no.  Jack annoys Dean, especially how gullible he is.  Dean asks if Lucifer has reached out to Jack. Jack thinks about it.  He remembers some scary visions and says no.

The guys hear someone walking down the hallway outside their door.  They prepare for a fight, grab the person in the hall and wrestle him to the floor.  It’s Donatello Redfield (Keith Szarabajka)! He says he was drawn to something powerful in that town.  He thought maybe the powerful thing was God, but it’s Jack. The brothers realize that if Donatello can feel Jack’s power, so can others.  Sam says Jack needs protection.

So they take him to get a tattoo.  Sam and Dean wait for Jack to get his tattoo and talk again about whether or not Jack is evil.  Dean is sure that Jack will turn evil because he is Lucifer’s son.  Sam believes they can teach Jack the difference between good and evil.  

Jack throws the tattoo artist across the room because the needle hurts.  Sam says it’s supposed to hurt.  Jack stays still long enough to get a couple of sigils tattooed on his chest.  When he sits up, the ink disappears.  Dean says it’s a sign that Jack is evil.  They leave and a homeless man watches as Sam puts Jack back into the car.  Who’s he watching for?

Jack and the Winchesters go back to the hotel and inform Donatello of what happened. The brothers argue again about whether or not Jack is evil.  Jack can hear them and isn’t happy about what they are saying.  Dean gets angry and yells about how they need to kill Jack.  He turns around and Jack is gone.  The Winchesters and Donatello go looking for him.

Alexander Calvert as Jack on Supernatural,

Jack didn’t go far, just outside of the hotel. He starts thinking about his mother and then things she said to him.  She told him how much she loves him and that he will be amazing some day.

Sam finds Jack and feels bad for what Dean was saying. Sam says Jack has special powers, but he needs to learn how to control them so he doesn’t hurt anyone.  Jack asks if that’s why Dean hates him…because he thinks Jack will hurt someone?

Sam explains how Dean acts when he is afraid of something or someone.  Jack asks why Dean is afraid.  Sam says he feels he needs to protect everyone and that makes him afraid.  Sam says it’s what they do. They can protect him while protecting others.

Jack says he’s not worth protecting. Sam reminds him that his mother and Castiel believed Jack is worth it.  And Sam does too.

Dean didn’t look too hard for Jack. He went to a bar instead for a drink. The waitress starts talking to Dean and asks him a bunch of questions.  Dean doesn’t think much of it and gives her little information.  He pays his tab and leaves the bar.  The waitress transforms to Asmodeus, revealing the real waitress, dead behind the bar.  

Sam asks Donatello if Jack can stay in his room. Donatello agrees. He’s intrigued by Jack and wants to know about his power.  The lore says a nephilim will become more powerful than the celestial being that sired him.  Donatello is curious if Jack is bonded to Lucifer. Sam says that Jack was close with his mother and definitely more connected with her.

In the AltWorld, Mary finds an armed man.  He holds the gun on her and moves in closer.  He tests to see if Mary is an angel or demon. She’s neither. Mary tells him that she was attacked by something.  He says it was the angels. 

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural,

The man moves in closer and tells Mary that they need each other. He makes a move on her and Mary fights back. Lucifer appears and kills the man.  Lucifer points out to Mary that she left him. He continues to try and convince Mary that they need each other.  It could be a win-win for them both. Lucifer gets his son and Mary gets hers.  Mary says she doesn’t want Lucifer to win.  Lucifer reminds her that she has no choice.  He snaps his fingers and Mary falls to the ground in pain.

At the hotel, Sam tells Dean, they need to get on the same page if they are going to survive. Dean doesn’t want to hear it.  Sam says he’s just acting out because they lost Mary, Cas and others.  He tells Dean that Jack is scared, he’s scared of who he is and he’s scared of Dean. Donatello walks in asking to talk to Jack.  Sam says they just talked about him a few minutes ago.  Donatello disagrees. He went out to get food. Uh Oh!

The brothers rush to Donatello’s room and it’s empty. Dean runs to get their weapons and he is attacked. Dean fights him off, but the man is super strong. Sam comes in and stabs the guy with an angel blade.  It’s a demon.  Another demon is in the hallway roughing up Donatello.  Dean throws an angel blade at the guy and kills him. Angels last week, demons this week, who’s next.   There’s no telling who has Jack. Lucky for them Donatello can feel Jack’s power. They leave to find Jack.

The fake Donatello explains to Jack that he is very powerful and must fulfill his destiny.  He tells Jack to free the shedim (a creature that even Lucifer thinks is too evil for Hell) and become a hero.  

Donatello and the Winchesters quickly make their way to Jack and cross into Jasper, Wyoming.  Sam looks up Jasper and finds that there is a gate to hello in Jasper. Not just any gate…the gate to a part of hell reserved for things that are too evil for hell to contain.

Fake Donatello tells Jack to open the gate for God.  Jack uses his powers to open a breach in the earth.  A hand reaches out of the breach.  Sam, Dean and the real Donatello show up just in time to stop Jack.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Asmodeus and Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural,

The two Donatellos argue about who is the real Donatello. Dean shoots the fake one and reveals Asmodeus.  Asmodeus puts an invisible hold on the Winchesters and Donatello, choking them….like Darth Vader.  Jack closes the breach. Asmodeus tells Jack that the Winchesters don’t want to help him, they want to contain him.  He say he can give Jack the world. Jack looks at Sam.  He gets angry and yells as Asmodeus to stop hurting his friends.  Jack powers up, but Asmodeus disappears before Jack can attack.

Lucifer complains to Mary…Mary snaps back. Lucifer tells her not to talk anymore.  A group of angels appear. They want to know who Mary and Lucifer are.  The lead angel says that Archangel Michael killed Lucifer. They attack and Lucifer gets rid of them by snapping his fingers. Another angel appears. It’s Michael (Christian Keyes).

Michael knows he’s talking to Lucifer, but doesn’t understand how.  Lucifer tells him to that he was sent from another dimension and to blame Mary.  Michael say he tore his Lucifer apart and he will do the same to this Lucifer.  They start to fight and Michael gets the upper hand on Lucifer.  Lucifer asks if Michael is going to kill him.  Michael says maybe…but he might need him.  

At the hotel, Sam explains who Asmodeus is to Dean and Donatello.   Sam tells Dean that Jack saved them.  Dean says that wasn’t a real save and the next time could get them killed.  Dean goes to bed and hears Jack doing something.

Jack is stabbing himself in the chest and the wounds keep healing.  Dean takes the knife from him.  Jack says he doesn’t understand what he is. He can’t control whatever it is and he will hurt someone.  Dean tells Jack that Sam thinks he can be saved.  Jack asks what if he can’t. Dean says if it comes to it, he will be the one to kill jack.


This is just a dark time for Dean.  I’m almost frustrated by him.  Dean takes loss so hard.  He always has.  I guess someone has to be skeptical. There is a lot of danger surrounding Jack.  It’s cute how Jack really wants Dean to like him.  I think Dean needs to remember that Lucifer wasn’t always bad.  And Jack is still half human.  

And I feel sorry for Jack.  Like Sam, I think he can be saved.  But I also think he needs to get in touch with his dark side so he can make a well informed decision.  Jack has not mastered humanity.  He takes things so literal. It almost got him into trouble. His mother should have taught him to not to be so gullible.

Jack liked Scooby Doo! He can’t be all that bad.

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