Last week was the saddest episode of Supernatural ever! We are down to the last two of the series. It can’t get any worse than losing Castiel (Misha Collins) … can it? 

In “Inherit the Earth,” a familiar face, with an old soul returns as the battle between Winchesters and God (Rob Benedict) continues in the penultimate episode of Supernatural.



The Winchesters are looking for the best way to defeat Chuck so they can control their lives. The first plan, Death/Billie’s (Lisa Berry) plan was to make Jack (Alexander Calvert) into a bomb that would absorb any celestial being in the room. She wanted both Chuck and Amara (Emily Swallow) dead so she could take over the kingdom and send everyone back to where they belonged. Sam (Jared Padalecki) stopped that plan, Jack blew up, but lived and Chuck was one step closer to getting his perfect ending. 

Team Winchester’s friends start disappearing, make the boys think Billie was sending people back. Sam and Jack hid their friends from the Apocalypse world, while Dean (Jensen Ackles) decided to confront Death. But it wasn’t Death sending people back … it was Chuck. Dean delivered a fatal blow to Death and she decided to take him with her. In an attempt to save Dean, Cas discovered his greatest happiness. That’s when the Empty showed up to take Cas away and ended up taking Billie with him … forever. 


Sam and Jack wonder around an empty neighborhood when Dean drives up with news about Cas. Jack is distraught. Sam is in disbelief. He starts calling everyone in his phone and no one answers. They go to a diner and even the football game on tv is empty. Everyone is literally gone and Dean says it’s Chuck’s fault. Jack sits outside and tries to pray to Cas, but nothing happens. He goes inside the Diner to ask what’s next. 

Sam explodes. They could have given Chuck his perfect ending but they didn’t. And now everyone who ever lived on this Earth is gone. And it’s all their fault. There’s no one left to save. Jack says they can’t give up, but Sam says they don’t have a choice.  Dean and Sam summon Chuck and give up. They ask him to put everyone back on Earth, but Chuck doesn’t want to. He likes seeing the Winchesters suffer. He likes Sam, Dean and Jack as the only people on Earth, knowing that it’s their fault that everyone else is gone. 

They go back to the bunker and mope around. Dean drowns his sorrows in beer and passes out on the floor. Jack lays in bed and starts hearing something. He tells the brothers and everyone is confused. They all thought Jack lost his power, but he says there is a presence out there beside them. 

Sam questions the Winchester's next move on Supernatural

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The next day the boys drive around looking for signs of life. They stop for gas and Dean finds a dog. He’s so happy that he decides to adopt the dog and puts it in the car. Chuck is in a field nearby and sees Dean’s happiness. He makes the dog disappear and waves at Dean.

They continue their journey and Jack leads them to a church. Whatever he feel is in the church or nearby. That presence is Michael (Jake Abel). When the new rapture happened, Michael hid in the church from Chuck. He assumes that Chuck knows that he took the Winchesters side in their war. He’s been reading about how much humans love God. 

The Winchesters tried reaching out to Michael, but he ignored them. Michael says he’s ready to fight.  They take him back to the bunker and show him God’s death book. Death is supposed to be the only one who can read it, but they’re hoping Michael can read it too. He tries to open the book but nothing happens. 


Dean and Sam feel defeated. They can’t open the book and Chuck is probably make his next move as they speak. Dean’s phone starts ringing and Cas’ name appears on the screen. Cas says he’s at the bunker, but he’s hurt. The boys run to the door, but it’s not Cas. It’s Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).

The Empty woke up Lucifer and send him to the bunker for God’s Death book. The brothers, Jack nor Michael trust him, so as an act of good faith, Lucifer brought a friend, a reaper. The way this works is when Death is killed, the next reaper to die becomes the new Death. So now they have a new Death to read God’s Death book. 

The new Death goes into a room alone to read the book. Meanwhile, Lucifer taunts Michael about who’s really Daddy’s favorite. New Death emerges with the book and starts to read. Before she gets to the part about how to kill God, Lucifer kills her. He takes the book and laughs at everyone for falling for his latest trick.


Turns out that the Empty didn’t wake up Lucifer, Chuck did. He sent Lucifer for the book. The Winchesters and Michael all attack Lucifer to get the book back, but he’s too powerful. Lucifer turns to Jack and says the only way to stay alive is for Jack to join him and Grandpa. Jack is acting funny and doesn’t say anything. That gives Michael an opportunity to sneak up behind Lucifer and stab him with an ArchAngel blade. Lucifer drops the book and blows up. 

Michael voices his concern that God reached out to Lucifer instead of him. Chuck must know how dangerous the book is to him. Dean is happy that they still have the book and it’s open. He reveals that Sam recognized some of the symbols in the book. Once he’s able to translate it, they will go after Chuck. 

Later in the bunker, Sam tell Michael that his research is going slow. But once he’s able to translate the spell, they can set it up. It has to be cast a specific place. The spell will release a force that will find Chuck and finish him. 

Michael teams up with the Winchesters to stop Chuck on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Inherit the Earth” — Image Number: SN1519a_0284r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jake Abel as Michael, Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The boys drive to a spot in the woods, near a lake. Sam starts the spell and it ends abruptly. Chuck appears and thanks Michael for warning him about the spell. Michael says it’s his life mission to serve his father. But that’s not enough for Chuck. He kills Michael for originally taking the Winchester’s side. 

Chuck decides this is the end. He’s cancelling the show. Sam takes his shot and punches Chuck. Chuck returns the favor, making both brothers fall to the ground in pain. This is the end and Chuck prepares to snap his fingers to kill the Winchesters. He changes his mind and decides to continue hurting the boys, by his own hands.

No matter how bad Chuck beats the boys, they keep getting up to face him. He tells them over and over to stay down, but they keep getting back up. Chuck doesn’t get it. Finally the boys stand up and smile at Chuck. They smile because they won and he lost. 

Chuck turns around and sees Jack. He walks up to his grandson and snaps his fingers. Nothing happens. He tries again and he can’t kill Jack. Jack grabs Chuck’s face and absorbs his power, rendering Chuck helpless and on the ground. Jack snaps his fingers and the Winchesters are back to normal. 


Here’s how the Winchesters defeated God. Michael’s jealousy got the best of him. The Winchesters knew he was bothered when God asked for Lucifer’s help before Michael’s. So they made up the spell from God’s Death book, knowing he would tell Chuck to get back into his good graces. And he did, setting up the final battle. 

And they also realized that Jack was absorbing power. The first time they saw it was at the diner, but they didn’t know what was happening. Apparently when Billie made Jack into a bomb, he ended up being some kind of power vacuum. The next time the boys saw Jack absorb power was when Michael and Lucifer fought. They witnessed his power surge and decided to use that against God.

That’s why they let Chuck beat them up. With every punch, God emitted power that Jack absorbed. And when Jack grabbed Chuck face, he took everything. Jack has all of God’s power and he can’t get it back. 

What about Chuck? Chuck is mortal. He prepares to be destroyed by Dean, but Dean turns away from Chuck. That’s not who Dean is, that’s who Chuck wanted him to be. Now Chuck is just like them. He’s just like other humans. No one knows who he is and no one will remember him. And that’s how the story ends.


Jack and the Winchesters return to the town. Jack stand in the street and closes his eyes. He brings the world back to life. No one skips a beat. It’s like the rapture never happened.  

Jack reveals that Amara is within him and they are at harmony. Sam says they should go home, but Jack is already there. Jack is everywhere because he’s the new … well, you know. What if they need him? Jack will be there. Anyone who needs him will know that he’s apart of them.

Chuck put himself into his story and that was his mistake. Jack learned everything he needed to learn from Sam, Dean, Cas and his mother that people can be good. That’s what they need to believe in. He will be close by … in their hearts. Jack says goodbye and turns to walk away. The brothers watch him disappear. 

Sam and Dean return to the bunker, share a beer and toast to everyone they lost along the way. Sam says they get to write their own story now. They are finally free. 

The guys go on a road trip and remember everything. There is a montage of all of the good times, the bad times, and the weird times. Their friends, foes, family, and interesting acquaintances. We see everyone who had an impact in the Supernatural story.

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This was the best ending for Supernatural. Chuck is still alive, Jack inherits his grandfather’s kingdom, and the Winchesters get to make their own destinies.  I loved seeing Lucifer again. He’s actually one of the funnier parts of the show these last few seasons.  And that montage at the end! I loved seeing so many familiar faces throughout Supernatural history. I just wish some of them could have returned. Maybe they will … there’s one more Supernatural episode to go. 

The two hour Supernatural series finale is next Thursday, starting with a special look at series and a farewell from stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. 




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