The battle has begun on Supernatural. In “Despair,” the fate of everyone the Winchesters care about is at stake. 


Chuck/God (Rob Benedict) absorbed Amara/Darkness (Emily Swallow) and her power. Jack (Alexander Calvert) consumed Adam’s rib that made him into a bomb. It was all part of Billie/Death’s (Lisa Berry) plan to take over the kingdom. Except that Billie wants to return all supernatural beings back where they belong. Jack is ready to explode and there’s nothing that Castiel (Misha Collins) and the Winchesters can do about it. And apparently, this was Chuck’s ending all along.

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Billie’s plan did not work and she’s not happy about it. She’s not happy that Sam (Jared Padalecki) took Chuck’s death book either. When she arrives, Billie immediately sends Jack to the Empty (Rachel Milner) where he explodes. The Winchesters ask Billie to help Jack, but she want’s Chuck’s death book back first. After she reads the new ending, she brings Jack back, as promised. Only to turn around and try to take him with her. Dean (Jensen Ackles) grabs Billie’s scythe and stabs her in the shoulder. She drops the book and disappears, leaving the scythe and Jack behind. So now Billie wants them dead, Chuck is more powerful than ever, and Jack has no powers at all. They tried reaching out to Michael but he’s not answering. At least Dean apologizes for pulling a gun on Sam though. 

Charlie calls the Winchesters for help on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Despair” — Image Number: SN1518C_0035r.jpg — Pictured: Felicia Day as Charlie — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Charlie (Felicia Day) kind of walked away from being a hunter to find a real life. She found one with another hunter from the Apocalypse World. But on this day, the same day that Billie and Chuck declared war on the Winchesters, her girlfriend disappears. Charlie calls the boys for help. They find out from Bobby (Jim Beaver) that other people from the Apocalypse World began disappearing. That was Billie’s plan. 

While Sam and Dean talk to Charlie, Cas checks on Jack. Jack says he feels weird. He wanted to make everything right with the Winchester brothers. He says he was ready to die because it was his destiny. And that was taken away from him. Cas assures Jack that they care about him because of who he is and not because he’s useful. Both of them are scared for Jack now that his powers are gone. 

The boys rush to Eileen’s (Shoshannah Stern) home and Sam texts her along the way. She’s scared but he won’t say what’s going on. As they get closer, Eileen stops texting. When they arrive at her house, Sam finds her phone outside. They go inside and there is no sign of her. Cas tries to console Sam, but he knows if he grieves for Eileen, he will be no good to the team. He suggests they gather all of their friends and protect them with magic. Dean feels guilty about making Billie mad and wants to finish her. Cas agrees to go with Dean.


Sam gets some help from Donna (Briana Buckmaster) finding a place for the Apocalypse World people to go. Jack seems a little out of it so Sam asks him to drive while he does research. Bobby is already there with a group of folks and Charlie shows up shortly after. 

Jack and Donna put sigils on the door when Jack finds a hole in the door. Donna suggests they patch it up and Jack is able to do so with powers that he thought he lost. At the same time Sam prepares a spell from Rowena’s book that will intensify the wards around the building. 

Bille faces off with Dean on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Despair” — Image Number: SN1518B_0230r.jpg — Pictured: Lisa Berry as Billie — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean grabs Billie’s scythe and heads to her library. Cas comes around the corner with a knife. Billie is ready for them and throws them both around the room. She hits Dean first and then grabs Cas by the neck. Dean gets up and stabs her in the shoulder. He holds the scythe at her neck and tells her to stop hurting his friends. Billie laughs, saying she’s not the one hurting his friend. Billie says Chuck is making everyone disappear

At the same time, Sam completes Rowena’s spell. The sigils light up and everyone seems calm. A little girl disappears and her family freaks out. They disappear shortly after. And then one by one, everyone from Apocalypse World disappears. Then the unthinkable happens. Donna disappears. Jack and Sam are left all alone.

Billie says the wound Dean inflicted on her earlier is fatal. She doesn’t care about his friends or his family. There’s only one thing Billie wants. She wants to see Dean dead. She pushes Dean off and grabs the scythe. Cas grabs Dean and they run back to the bunker. 


Billie follows them and uses her celestial powers to grab Dean’s heart. Cas carries Dean to the basement. He puts a ward on the door to alleviate Dean’s pain. When Billie catches up, she starts pounding on the door. Cas and Dean both know Billie will get through and she will kill them both. 

Dean apologizes for putting Cas in danger. Cas doesn’t blame him though. In fact, he thinks of another way to save Dean. He says there is one thing Death is afraid of that is strong enough to stop her. He tells Dean about the deal he made with the Empty for Jack’s life. The price was that the Empty would take him at his happiest moment. Cas never knew what that was. The one thing he wants, he can’t have. But it’s more about being than having. Happiness is in saying it. 

Dean and Cas fight for their family on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Despair” — Image Number: SN1518A_0461r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Alexander Calvert as Jack and Misha Collins as Castiel — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cas says Dean always saw himself the way his enemies saw him. Dean thinks hate and anger drive him, but it’s not. It’s love. Dean does things for love. He’s the most caring man on Earth and the most selfless, loving human being Cas has ever known. Dean changed Cas for the better. Cas cares about the world because of Dean. And for that Cas says he loves Dean. 

The Empty opens up the wall. Cas looks at Dean and says goodbye. He pushes Dean to the side of the room as Billie breaks through. The Empty reaches out and takes both Billie and Cas.


Sam and Jack walk outside. Sam tries to call Dean but he’s not answering. Jack looks around and wonders if only the people in the room disappeared. We see an empty gas station and an empty park … everyone is gone.  Dean sits on the floor of the basement. Sam calls again and Dean just looks at the phone. He puts the phone down and starts crying. 

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RIP Donna

RIP Castiel

There are two episodes left of Supernatural





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