The battle between the Wichesters and God isn’t even close to over on Supernatural. In “Unity,” Siblings have their ups and downs. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are at odds about Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) plan to kill Chuck (Rob Benedict) and Amara (Emily Swallow), while the Divine siblings reconnect on another level. 

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Amara agreed to think about helping Dean capture Chuck when he returns. Well the time has come for her to choose a side. Chuck lets her know that he’s back with a meteor shower and the Northern Lights flashing in Iceland.

Meanwhile the Cas (Misha Collins) checks in with Sam, but hasn’t had any luck finding an alternative plan to stop Chuck. Dean tries to convince Sam that Billie’s plan is the only way, causing more arguments between the brothers. 

Amara appears in the bunker, digging into Dean’s beer stash. She informs them that Chuck is back and wants to know what their plan is. It took four archangels to help Chuck cage her, but they don’t have archangels. They have Jack. Amara realizes that Jack is her … grand-nephew?  She suggests they get to know each other after everything is over. Jack smiles and agrees. He has one last ritual to complete and he’s ready to face God.

Emily Swallow returns as Amara on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Unity” — Image Number: SN1517A_0024r.jpg — Pictured: Emily Swallow as Amara — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean thanks Amara for helping them, but she really hasn’t done anything. He asks if she will be there when the time comes. When they met, she told Dean that they would always help each other. Let’s hope so.

Jack senses Sam’s frustration and is worried that he’s mad at him. Sam explains that he’s not mad, but he wishes Jack was honest about his plan. He says it takes a lot of courage to sacrifice yourself for a cause. But Sam thinks it’s wrong. 

The Supernatural boys are heading to Santa Fe for Jack’s final ritual, but Sam informs Dean that he’s not going. He wants to stay behind and find another way to stop Chuck. Dean is frustrated with his brother. He says they have to do this together because that’s what the book says. Chuck’s book, that is. Sam insists on staying and fighting for his family. That includes Jack, but Dean says it doesn’t. Jack isn’t family. He cares about Jack, but he’s not Sam and he’s not Cas. And Jack heard all of that. Cas returns to the bunker and joins Sam in his search for another way.


Chuck finds Amara and is ready to move on with his plan to destroy the world. He wants to create something new. He needs her help and she declines. Amara tries to get him to see the beauty in his creation, but Chuck is over it. He realizes that she’s been talking to the Winchesters. He calls her relationship with Dean weird and gross. Chuck didn’t write that into any of his books. Amara says she’s not on Dean’s side, but she’s not on Chuck’s side either. She wants to defend the world, but she realizes that Chuck doesn’t care about the world or the humans that inhabit it. He doesn’t even care about the angels in Heaven. 

Amara just wants balance and unity. Creation and Destruction. Dark and Light. Brother and Sister united. The way it was meant to be, but they’ve actually never tried that. Chuck only cares about what he wants. He has no interest in what Amara’s wants. Amara decides that Chuck is officially the villain. She snaps her fingers and they are in the bunker. Chuck thinks it’s a trap and tries to snap his way out, but nothing happens. Amara says she gave him an out but he wouldn’t take it. The Winchesters found a way to bind him. Chuck gets upset. Amara can’t hold him there forever, but she can hold him long enough. 

Jack is put to the test by Serafina in Supernatural

Supernatural — “Unity” — Image Number: SN1517B_0151r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Carmen Moore as Serafina — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jack and Dean are very quiet on the car ride. Dean decides to apologize for what Jack heard, but Jack says he doesn’t need to be sorry. He understands. They arrive in Santa Fe and meet Adam (Alessandro Juliani), “the first dude off the assembly line.” He’s with a woman named Serafina (Carmen Moore), not Eve, but she’s an angel. They have a hippy vibe going on and are excited to meet Jack. 

Adam reveals that he’s been waiting to take down Chuck for 300,000 years. Killing God is Adam’s plan and Billie/Death (Lisa Berry) helped him carry it out. They were just waiting for Jack, the half human, half archangel. If he passes the test, he will become very powerful. Serafina says she saw Jack in a dream and says he will pass the test. 

Adam shows Jack a case of rocks. The test is for Jack to pick the one touched by God. Jack choses one, disappointing Adam. But then says he really chooses all of them. These are just rocks, but their existence makes them divine because God is in everything. That’s the correct answer. Serafina removes one of Adam’s ribs, freaking out Dean and Jack. She heals Adam with her divine power. The rib will start an elemental chain reaction that basically turns Jack into a living black hole for divine energy. Once it starts, nothing can stop it.

They return to Kansas, but Dean has something to say. He pulls over to tell Jack that he didn’t need to hear what he said to Sam, not with all of the weight on his shoulders. When Dean found out about Chuck, he felt like he wasn’t alive and his whole life, he has never been free. Now he and Sam have a shot at living their own lives. And that’s because of Jack.  Dean thanks Jack for that. Dean gets a text and looks at Jack. It’s time. Jack takes out the rib and it melts in his hands. His eyes glow with extreme power. 

Sam looks for a Plan B in Supernatural

Supernatural — “Unity” — Image Number: SN1517A_0036r.jpg — Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam is super frustrated that they can’t find anything. Cas understands, he’s just as frustrated. Sam is considering that Dean is right but it feels wrong. He wishes he could talk to Billie, but Cas won’t let him die to summon her. Sam wasn’t going to, but that makes him think of their friends Sergei. When Sergei came to the bunker, he was looking for the Key to Death. The key is supposed to open a door to Death’s library. If they can find it, Sam can talk to her.

They search the basement and find a box with a red skull. There is a key inside and an inscription on the box in Latin. Sam reads it and a door appears in the wall. Cas wants to go with him, but Sam asks him to stay behind to hold off Dean until he gets back. 

Sam goes into the library and finds a bunch of bodies lying around. He hears a woman scream and then abruptly stop, like someone killed her. Then he hears a man crying. Sam tiptoes to see what’s going on. He finds Meg (Rachel Milner) forcing a man to pray. The man is scared because whoever he’s praying to isn’t answering. He is killed for not summoning whoever Meg is trying to contact. Meg senses Sam and brings him to her. It’s not really Meg though, just her face. This being is the Empty.


The Empty wants to talk to Death, but Billie is ignoring her. She says the Empty is supposed to be hers, a place were God had no sway, but he lied to her about that. Billie promised to make things better when she takes over the whole show, but The Empty has trust issues. Two things Sam gets out of that conversation: 1. Billie wants to be the new God. and 2: if she succeeds, everyone goes back to where they’re supposed to be. Meaning if they are from another dimension, like Bobby and Charlie, then they go back to that dimension. There will be no angels on Earth, demons return to Hell and the Empty goes back to sleep. 

The Empty has Chuck’s death book on the desk, but can’t read it. Only Death can read it. Billie says Sam should be dead, but she needs him for her plan. That gives the Empty an idea. If she hurts Sam, maybe Billie will show up. She crushes her hand into a ball, making Sam fall down in pain. 

Sam tells the Empty to stop. He says Billie sent him to get God’s death book. She’s on Earth and can’t leave because of their plan. But the Empty can’t go to Earth unless she is summoned. Sam says Billie will honor her promise. God and Amara will die and the Empty can go back to sleep. He tells her to give him the book and they win or kill him they lose. Then the Empty will never go back to sleep. 

Sam and Dean are at odds with the plan to get rid of God on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Unity” — Image Number: SN1517A_0389r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam goes back to the bunker with God’s death book in hand. Cas says Amara is there with Chuck. It’s time, but Sam wants to stop their plan. Dean and Jack show up, rushing to get to Chuck before Jack explodes. Sam tells everyone about Billie’s plan to become the next God. Dean is okay with that as long as Chuck is dead. Sam steps in front of Jack and Dean trying to make them listen to him. Dean says Jack already lit the fuse. They don’t have any time left. He pulls a gun on Sam and tells him to move. Sam won’t move so the brothers start fighting.

Cas asks why Sam is trying to stop them. Sam finally gets to tell them that if Billie takes over, then everyone goes back to where they belong. Charlie and Bobby will go back to their world. Eileen will go back to the grave and Cas goes back to heaven. And that’s just the beginning. Dean doesn’t care. He wants Chuck dead. He says he would trade everyone they’ve saved and love for Chuck. Sam asks if that includes him. 


Meanwhile, in the basement, Amara gives Chuck another chance to be free, but he’s kind of mad. He knows Sam and Dean are nearby. He can feel Dean’s rage. And then he reveals that this is the Supernatural ending he wrote for the end of the Winchesters. He can’t read his death book, but he can manipulate the ending. Amara says the brothers weren’t going to kill him, they were going to cage him. Chuck knows better. He says their plan has always been to use Jack to kill both God and Amara.

Amara is hurt. She didn’t think Dean would hurt her, but Chuck knew Dean was capable of lying to her. He plays on her hurt feelings to turn her against Dean. He says he also tried to find happiness in the Winchesters. But the only person who can make him happy is his sister. Chuck says he’s ready to have balance with Amara. They need unity. They can create something new and peaceful and forget about the pain of this world.  He reaches for her hand and she takes it. Chuck consumes Amara and all of her power. 

Dean says Chuck has to die. He doesn’t want to live the Supernatural life anymore. Sam asks Dean to trust him. He says Dean protected him all of his life. That’s the only thing in this whole world that Sam can count on. He asks Dean to put the gun down and they will find another way. Dean lowers the gun.

Chuck breaks out of his prison and confronts the Winchesters. He’s as sick of them as they are of him. Chuck reveals that Amara is within him and says it’s over. Sam and Dean are happy about that, but Chuck gets the last laugh. He says he doesn’t care about the Winchesters anymore. They can have fun watching Jack die. Chuck leaves and Jack is about to explode. 

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