Supernatural is back!. In “Gimme Shelter,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) get a lead on Amara (Emily Swallow) while Cas (Misha Collins) takes Jack (Alexander Calvert) on his first case. This is going to be fun.

On the return episode of Supernatural, Jack admitted to feeling guilty about killing Mary. He really wants the Winchesters to forgive him. Cas was out and about looking for Amara. And the Winchesters have a plan not only to kill Chuck, but to kill Amara too. There’s only 6 more episodes left of Supernatural.

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The episode begins at the Patchwork community center where a young man is murdered by a teddy bear. Not really, but the young man, Connor (Mark Dozlaw) was lured into an alley by the teddy bear and someone grabbed him. Sam finds the story and thinks they should take a look. Dean found a story in Atlantic City. The power went out, but the power grid was still working. He thinks it’s Amara. And if it’s nothing, they can gamble and hit the buffet. Cas returns and Dean suggests Cas and Jack investigate Connor’s murder. Sam says it’s probably nothing, but it would be good for Jack to get out of the bunker. Jack is super excited and wants to wear matching ties. 

As soon as they get to the crime scene they flash their FBI badges. The sheriff thinks Jack may be a little too young to be an agent, but he just graduated from CSI. They ask if the sheriff found any witchy items on the body. All she found was the word “liar” written on his body. And his fingers were cut off and shoved down his throat. She shows the teddy bear and video footage of the body being dragged away. The assailant is wearing a mask. Jack and Cas think it could be a demon. 

They go to the crossroads to summon a demon, well … Cas summons the demon. Jack is making a social media profile. First he must get a parent’s permission. Cas gladly gives his permission. The demon Zack (Adam Beauchesne) shows up. He says there are no demons on Earth. Rowena (Ruth Connell) pretty much has Hell on lockdown. No one is even making any deals with demons anymore. Zack is bored and offers to help the Angel and Nephilim solve their case, but they refuse. Jack thinks they should go back to the bunker, but Cas wants to stick around. 


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That same night, a woman named Valerie (Sara J. Southey) locks up the community center and takes the money from the donation box. She hears the same voice in the alley. The killer takes Valerie.

Cas reports back to Sam and Dean. Dean tells Cas to have Jack drink the kool aid and get to know the church members. Cas will continue his FBI investigation. Sam is concerned … again, about killing Amara. He hates that they have to find her and lie to her to bring her back. They are setting her up for her own death. Dean says there’s always a catch. At least this time, it’s not Sam and Dean in trouble.

Jack goes to the community center and asks for the kool-aid. Seriously, he did.  One of the teen girls, Sylvia (Nicole Muñoz), gives him volunteer paperwork to fill out. The church members just had a prayer dedication for one of their members who died. Sylvia is not very talkative, so she doesn’t give Jack much detail.

Cas arrives and talks to the pastor, Joe (Steve Bacic). Joe didn’t know that Valerie is missing. She’s tied up in a chair with a contraption on her hand that has screws pointed at each finger. There is a TV set up in front of her. A video comes on with the word “Thief” scrolling across the screen. One of the screws is jammed into her finger and she screams. The TV then shows a countdown while a camera videos the whole thing. Every three hours, the contraption takes another finger and the time clock resets. 


Jack and Sylvia bond over losing their moms. She’s also Joe’s daughter, but he’s not that great of a dad. Jack says he has more dads that most and always feels like he’s letting them down. Sylvia tells him to put his trust in God, not people.

Cas interview Joe about the community. They are non-denominational and accept all faiths. Cas wants to know if anyone ever left the church. Joe only mentions one person. Brother Rudy, the audio/visual guy who wanted to worship somewhere else and never came back. Sylvia asks to talk to Joe, but he’s too busy talking to Cas. Joe tells Cas that his wife grew up in the church when it was very strict. Joe stayed involved, took over the church and opened the doors to everyone. People of all walks of life, faiths, and lifestyles, including Connor, who admitted to being gay.

Joe holds a prayer group and says it’s okay to pray to whichever god or gods that each of them believe in. He asks Jack to give testimony, since he’s new. Jack freezes. He doesn’t know what to say. Cas enters and volunteers to give his testimony. He says he knows all about blind faith. And what it means to follow orders without question. He did some terrible things, never looking beyond the plan. When his world came crashing down, he felt lost. One day he found a family and became a father. He rediscovered his faith and who he is. 

The community center opens for dinner. Joe apologizes for putting Jack on the spot. Jack starts to talk to Joe about the church when a TV is turned on. They see a video of Valerie being tortured. Jack runs to turn off the TV and has to pull a couple of plugs. Cas thinks he knows who did this.  


Supernatural — “Gimme Shelter” — Image Number: SN1515B_0084r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Emily Swallow as Amara, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean stop for gas and Amara shows up. She knew where they were because she could smell them. Dean has a distinctive musk. And she heard that Castiel was looking for her. Dean says they need to talk, so Amara suggests they get lunch and talk. 

Dean asks Amara to help them take down Chuck (Rob Benedict). They know that Chuck asked for help and she turned him down. That doesn’t mean she’s going to betray him. Chuck is almost finished destroying the other worlds and there’s nothing Sam and Dean can do to stop him. Dean thinks otherwise. He tells her about Jack. They have a way to trap Chuck and they need Amara’s help. She refuses. 

Amara points out that they only see her and Chuck as mere humans. They can’t imagine what the twins really are. They are creation and destruction. Light and dark. They are the balance. When they split apart, that’s when the big bang happened. Dean reminds Amara that Chuck betrayed her, but she believes caging her also hurt Chuck. And if she did it to him, it would be agony for her. 

Cas and Jack go to Brother Rudy’s apartment. Cas figured since Rudy was the audio/visual guy, he would have been able to broadcast that video. They find Rudy, but he’s dead. They find him tied to his bed with the word “lust” written on the wall.


Sam and Dean watch Amara from the car. Sam says it’s for the best, but Dean’s not done. He goes back into the restaurant and asks Amara, Why? Why did he bring Mary back to life?  Amara did it for two reasons. One, she wanted to show Dean that Mary was just a person and not a myth. She hoped that with Mary around, Dean would accept his life. And second, she wanted him to start living that life and release his anger. That obviously didn’t work because Dean is livid!

Dean says Amara is just like Chuck, a cosmic being there to play a game. In Chuck’s mind, Dean is just a hamster in a wheel. It’s Chuck’s fault that they don’t live their own lives and Amara isn’t doing anything to stop him. He doesn’t think Chuck cares about Amara. Amara contemplates what Dean said and says she will think about helping him.

Sylvia is sitting outside when her friend joins her. Her friend posted a description of the video on social media. Sylvia gets annoyed with her and stabs her. The girl is still alive. She tells Joe that Sylvia stabbed her and ran away. 

Cas takes Jack on his first Winchester Case on Supernatural, Gimme Shelter

Supernatural — “Gimme Shelter” — Image Number: SN1515A_0012r.jpg — Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sylvia is upset by all of the changes that Joe made to the church. Now people don’t worship god and no one is punishing them for their sins. Jack tries to talk her down, but she has Joe at knifepoint, threatening to kill her own father. She stabs Jack in the shoulder, but he immediately heals. Cas enters and puts Sylvia to sleep before she can hurt anyone. Valerie is in the same room, passed out from the pain. Cas tells Jack to get the police. He heals Valerie’s hand while Joe watches. Cas told Joe that he’s an angel as the police arrest Sylvia. Zach, the demon is the arresting officer. Joe promises to get Sylvia help. He wasn’t there much for her after her mother died. He knows he messed up. 

On the way home, Cas asks Jack why he froze during the prayer meeting. Jack admits to lying to Cas. He says he’s going to die when he kills Chuck and Amara. Billy’ spell is turning Jack into a bomb. When the bomb goes off, Chuck and Amara will cease to exist and he won’t survive. Jack asks him not to tell Sam and Dean. They won’t understand and this is the only way they will forgive him. Cas says ‘no!’ He can’t watch Jack die again, but it’s not his choice. 

Dean gets up in the middle of the night and catches Cas leaving again. Cas says he’s going to find another way, even after Dean told him that Amara is on board. And in case something goes wrong and Cas doesn’t return, he needs to tell Dean something.

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The Supernatural countdown continues. Five episodes left until the end.




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