In case you forgot, like I did, Supernatural moves to a new night.  The Winchesters move to Monday nights for the final  episodes on the CW.   The last time we saw the Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), they were trying to find a way to stop Chuck/God (Rob Benedict) from ruining their lives.  


When Chuck killed Jack (Alexander Calvert), he was shot with an energy that went through Sam as well. The two were connected ever since and Chuck lost some of his powers.  Chuck found a way to heal Sam’s wound so he could cut his ties with the boys. He also took their luck. They got their mojo back purely out of luck, Lady Luck that is. She gave them their luck and well wishes to defeat God. And even better news, Jack returned to Earth with a mission from Death, aka Billie (Lisa Berry).  Her plan is to kill God.  

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Chuck is on Earth 2! Yep, Supernatural has a multiverse. After some rambling about creating multiple Earths to play out his Sam and Dean fantasies, he comes to the conclusion that he’s not satisfied.  He got what he wanted from hundreds of Sams and Deans, but not from the original Winchesters. They spark joy in Chuck. They challenge him, disappoint him, and surprise him. The original Winchesters are the ones. There’s only one thing for Chuck to do right now. Wipe the slate clean and destroy the other Earths. 

Back in our world, Jody (Kim Rhodes) investigates a crime against a cow. She searches a nearby barn and is captured.  At the same time, the Wichesters are discussing Jack’s return and Billie’s plan to kill Chuck. As usual, Sam is disturbed by this latest development and needs more answers.  Dean needs answers too, but he seems to like the plan. And Cas is just happy to have Jack back. 

Jack is back on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Galaxy Brain” — Alexander Calvert as Jack — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jack is wandering around the bunker, thinking.  A reaper, Merle (Sandra Ferens) appears but Jack says he called Billie.  Merle reminds Jack that he can’t use his powers or Chuck will find him. She was too busy to appear. Jack is talking to Merle when Sam appears at his door.  Sam just wants Jack to know they are happy he’s home, but he should have asked them for help. 

Cas and Dean talk about Jack.  Cas says Jack’s mom Kelly thought Jack was good for the world.  He feels the same way and he was right. Dean is amused by the whole situation. Cas says Jack is fulfilling his destiny.  Dean says Jack is getting revenge. Chuck kills Jack and now Jack is back to kill Chuck.

Jody calls and gives Dean her location. She says if he doesn’t show up, she will die. Sam and Dean head to Sioux Falls and find Jody tied up in a barn.  Sam gets most of her ropes untied before someone jumps out at him. It’s Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), but not Kaia. She’s from another world where the real Kaia died.  

Kaia grabs Dean and says he owes her something.  She wants to return to her homeworld and Dean promised he’d help her.  Sam asks why she wants to go back and the Kaia doppelganger says her world is dying. Oh and Kaia is alive.   

This Being and Kaia have been connected since birth. They were born on the same day at the same time.  The Being can see everything that Kaia sees.  When the Being left her world, she set up Kaia in a cave with everything she needed to survive.  It was only after she left the world that the Being knew that Kaia was alive, but she’s scared.  And now the world is dying.  She wants Jack to open a portal so she can return.

Jody helps the Winchesters with their latest case on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Galaxy Brain” — Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jack is off limits. If he uses his powers, Chuck can find him and kill him again. Billie needs Jack to kill Chuck. They have other resources and spells that they can use and there’s a possibility that Cas’s shaman friend may have more Archangel grace that they can use.  Did you know Cas and Jody have never met in person? Anyway, Sam thinks they might be able to make a substitute for Archangel grace, but really…the only substitute is Nephilim grace.  Back to square one. 

Cas tries calling his shaman friend but the dude isn’t answering.  He asks Jody about Claire (Kathryn Newton).  Claire in looking for vengeance for Kaia. Jody thought about calling Claire in on this case, but she’s afraid what will happen if they fail. 

Jack overhears their conversation and goes to talk to the Being who looks like Kaia.  He can’t get over her appearance.  The Being blames Jack for what happened to Kaia because he made her use her powers. She begs him to open a portal and save Kaia. They are running out of time and Kaia could die soon.  

Jack asks why the Being came to this world. She says she envied Kaia. But this world is cold and she doesn’t understand it.  She doesn’t belong there.  The Being grabs Jack’s hands and begs him to help her.  He pulls away but then places his hands on the Beings head. He can see Kaia, singing to herself in the other world.   That’s when he decides to help Kaia. 

Merle, the reapers speaks out against the idea saying one life isn’t worth the risk.  She has to tell Billie what he’s doing.  Jack says go ahead because then Merle would have to admit failure.  Or!  Merle can help them save Kaia. 

Sam puts up wards around the bunker on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Galaxy Brain” — Jensen Ackles as Dean, Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Merle says she can help by reinforcing the cosmic wards on the bunker.  She says Amara stripped some of the wards away. Sam and Dean tried to fix them with anti-demonic wards. That’s not the same thing.  She can fix them temporarily but she needs Cas’ help.  It should be enough to keep them off of Chuck’s radar. 

Cas gives Sam a jar of ingredients. He casts a spell and the wards come back up.  Merle brings in a large rock with sigils inscribed on it. Jody and the boys get ready to leave, but Cas asks Jody to stay behind.  He’s thinking of Claire.  They lost Kaia and if things go wrong, Claire could lose Jody too. And that could kill her. Jody agrees to wait with Cas. 

Merle and Cas uses their powers to activate the ward.  Jack opens a portal and the Being steps through. The Winchesters follow her.  It’s not long before they encounter several beings with glowing red eyes.  The beings appear to be hungry, but they are just scared.  The world is in turmoil as the winds howl and lightning strikes everywhere. 

The Being leads the Winchesters to the cave where Kaia is supposed to be. Sam calls out for her and Kaia emerges with a knife.  She sees Dean and runs to him.  They have to leave quickly, but the Being decides not to go. She says she doesn’t belong in their world.  Even though the world is dying, she is staying.  Sam, Dean and Kaia run to the portal as the world begins to crumble.

Kaia is greeted by Jody on the other side. Jack gives Kaia some clean clothes and asks how she made it in that other world. Kaia says she sung a nursery rhyme to herself.  Jody invites Kaia to return to Sioux Falls with her, where Claire is.  Of course Kaia says okay and they leave after Kaia thanks them for saving her life. 

Team Winchester gets an unexpected guest on Supernatural

Supernatural — “Galaxy Brain” — Lisa Berry as Billie, Jared Padalecki as Sam, Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Misha Collins as Castiel — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam asks if the warding work and Merle says it had to or they’d all be dead now.  A scathe stabs Merle and she disappears into dust.  Billie is standing there and she’s not happy.  She doesn’t like that Jack risked everything for one life.  She sees the big picture.  Other worlds are dying. Chuck is extinguishing the galaxies. 

Sam questions Billie’s plan to kill Chuck. She explains that the ending is already written.  And even Chuck can’t read his book without her permission. She says the books write themselves.  God can die.  When he created the world, he wanted more and couldn’t stop creating.  To balance things out, he had to write himself into the framework.  He doesn’t know what his book says.  Jack is in God’s book and so are the Winchesters.  They are the messengers of God’s destruction. 

Chuck is still on Earth two, watching the other worlds disappear and eating junk food. The store clerk is still with him and asks if their Earth will be okay. Chuck reassures him saying everything will be alright. Chuck leaves the store an a meteor hits the store. 

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