Supernatural is anything but normal.  In “Heroes’ Journey,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) help out an old friend and get a taste of a normal life.  

This was a fun episode!


Chuck (Rob Benedict) cut the connection between him and Sam last week.  The Winchesters had a chance to trap Chuck…kind of the same way God trapped the Darkness for eternity.  They got the spell from Michael. Sam couldn’t go through with it though. Chuck showed him what the future looked like without God around.  It wasn’t a pretty picture.

Chuck -1, Winchesters -0

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We start the night at a monster fight club.  There are clearly monsters cheering on the fighters as one of them reveals himself as a werewolf.  The other is a wraith and she pretty much kills the wolf.  

Back at the bunker, strange things start happening to the Winchesters.  Sam burns dinner and then burns himself on a boiling pot of noodles. At the store, Dean experiences the pain of a toothache while biting into a candy bar and his credit card is declined. The card that was hacked so they would never have to pay for anything.  To top things off, Baby gets a ticket. How dare you ticket Baby! When Dean returns to the bunker, Sam trips to meet him and then starts sneezing. What is going on?  

DJ Qualls makes his final appearance as Garth on Supernatural

Supernatural — “The Heroes’ Journey” — DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald and Sarah Smyth as Bess Fitzgerald — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean gets a call from Garth (DJ Qualls), hunter turned werewolf asking for their help. On the way to Garth’s place, Sam’s sneezing turns into a cold. Dean says they are cursed but he’s not really sure where the curse came from. The day has just been really odd for them both. Castiel (Misha Collins) is in Heaven asking around about Chuck so he’s not affected. But Baby is.  Baby breaks down. Has that ever happened?  

The brothers walked to Garth’s home and meet his family.  Garth has a little girl and twin boys…Sam, of course, named after Sam Winchester, and Castiel. So cute! 

Garth called for their help with his wife’s cousin, the werewolf from the fight club. The wolf was left for dead in a nearby swamp. He climbed out and the police found him.  Garth’s wife has been caring for her cousin ever since, but he won’t wake up. And he has wounds that were obviously from a wraith. That’s just weird to Garth. They have to wait for the guy to wake up before the Winchesters can get started on the case.  


While they wait, Garth’s wife gives Sam a drink for his cold. It’s an old family recipe, filled with cayenne pepper.  Sam can’t handle the heat, making the little girl laugh and the babies cry. He’s literally rolling on the floor trying to cope so the babies will stop crying.  Big Sam is fine!

Garth noticed Dean wincing when he tried to eat a piece of candy.  Garth takes Dean to his basement and reveals that he’s a dentist. Can you believe that Dean had never been to the dentist?! After an examination, Garth reveals that Dean has seventeen cavities!  It must be an emergency because Garth knocks out Dean so he can clean him up.

While he sleeps, Dean has an interesting dream.  He and Garth are tap dancing in the bunker dressed in white tuxedos!  Garth disappears and Dean performs a solo dance. He’s a pretty good dancer! Dean wakes up with a mouth full of gauze.


Supernatural — “The Heroes’ Journey” — Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The cold remedy worked, despite Sam’s mouth still being on fire.   Garth and Dean join him and Garth points out that a lot of weird things…weird for the Winchesters…has been happening.  Who did they make mad? God. It was God.

Sam explains the unique situation with God.  He’s writing their story like it’s his favorite television show.  So does that make Garth a guest star? Well yeah, but Garth likes that.  Being the hero is obviously hard because they have to worry about the big picture and never have to worry about paying bills or going to the dentist.  Dean says they are cursed, but Garth disagrees. The Winchesters are normal. 

The wolf wakes up and tells everyone about the fight club and where to find it. Sam and Dean feel obligated to go the fight club and clean house. I mean…it’s what they do.  Garth doesn’t want them to go. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t worry, but the guys lost their mojo. Anything could happen. Garth offers to go with them, but they don’t want him to get hurt either.  Besides, they really aren’t having the best of luck right now. 


Garth buys some spark plugs for Baby and the boys are on their way to the fight club.  It’s daylight so it should be safe enough to look around, right?  And this is a great opportunity for Dean to use the grenade launcher that they never use.  Dean is eating…of course and Sam loads up on weapons. As soon as they get inside the fight club, Sam trips and Dean gets sick from all of the food he ate.  I always wondered if food ever caught up with Dean. Dean is throwing up when someone walks into the bathroom with the grenade launcher.

The Winchesters are put in the fighting ring…Sam was literally doing nothing when they caught him.  Their captor is a shapeshifter and he wants to see the Winchesters fight. He plans to put them in the fighting ring against a huge monster.  

The guys are put in cages while they wait for their fight.  Dean tries to pick a lock, but neither he nor Sam can do it.  Is that really a superpower? Is everything that is special about them because of Chuck?  Dean refuses to die in front of an audience. He says they have to win. Not everything they did was because of Chuck. The blood, sweat and tears is all Winchester.  Dean peps up Sam saying they are the best in the world.  

Sam and Dean enter the ring in Supernatural

Supernatural — “The Heroes’ Journey” — Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

It’s time. The monster goes into the ring and shapeshifter makes his way to the cages to retrieve Sam and Dean. When he gets there, the Winchesters are gone. All thanks to Garth!  

Garth entered the fight club and found the guys caged up.  He uses his werewolf strength to break the locks on the cage doors.  They run to the car, but Garth has one last trick up his sleeve. He put C-4 around the fight club and blows up the place.  

All of the monsters should be dead, but they’re not. The Winchesters’ opponent survived and he’s ready to fight.  Garth gets ready to fight for the Winchesters, but the monster tosses him aside and knocks him out. So it’s up to Sam and Dean.

They both try hitting the monster, but he’s super strong. Both Sam and Dean get hurt and thrown around until Garth finally wakes up and kills the monster with a machete.  He got Garthed!


They go back to Garth’s house to spend time with Baby Sam and Baby Cas. Baby Cas eyes turn yellow and he growls at Dean, so Dean gives him back to his momma.  The Winchesters thank Garth for saving them and being a hero. He says he learned from the best.

Garth tells them about a place in Alaska that you can go to if your luck’s gone bad. He warns them that there’s always a catch though.  And being normal isn’t so bad. Maybe they will get used to it. Yeah…right.

After their goodbyes, they watch Garth dance with his wife.  Sam and Dean contemplate staying normal or going to Alaska. Sam is concerned about the cost of changing their luck, but Dean says they might end up killing each other by accident. When Chuck comes back, they can’t be like this when they face him.  The Winchesters are going to Alaska. And Baby breaks down before they can get out of the driveway.

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Well that was funny.  We’ve seen the Winchesters at their best, at their worst and they’ve never looks so our of sorts as they did when they are normal.  It made me think if I ever saw the Winchesters sick…when they weren’t possessed or beaten up.  

I get the feeling that Ackles and Padalecki gave the writers a bucket list of things they’ve always wanted to do on Supernatural.  Ackles got to sing, now he shows off his tap dancing skills…what’s next?  It was an awesome sequence! Bravo Jensen Ackles and DJ Qualls!

Wouldn’t it be funny if at the end, the Winchesters win and reset their story to live a normal life?  That would be cool. 



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