Well. Chuck (Rob Benedict) is back at it on Supernatural.  In “Golden Time,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) gets a visit from an old, dead friend and Castiel (Misha Collins) is on a case away from the Winchesters.

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Rowena (Ruth Connell) was one of the most powerful witches in the world of all time.  So it’s only natural that other witches would want her power and knowledge. One such witch, Jacinda (Alex Sturman) breaks into Rowena’s apartment and can’t find anything of any value.  The apartment is hexed and it kills Jacinda before she can leave the place. 

At the bunker, Sam feels something supernatural around him.  But Dean (Jensen Ackles) doesn’t feel it because he’s too busy eating and watching Scooby Doo.  Dean thinks it might be Sam’s visions, but Sam hasn’t hand one since they left Colorado.  He thinks the visions are gone, but Dean says the visions won’t stop until Chuck gets his Winchester Bowl.

We finally catch up with Cas in Idaho. He’s been fishing this whole time, but doesn’t see what the big deal is.  The bait and tackle clerk tells him about a body they found in the lake. All of the blood had been drained. 


Supernatural — “Golden Time” — Jodelle Ferland as Emily and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam is out on a run (I didn’t know he ran for leisure) when Eileen  (Shoshannah Stern) appears out of nowhere.  Eileen has been dead for some time. She was killed by a HellHound and the hound was able to keep her in Hell.  When the gates opened up, she ran as far as she could to avoid going back. She knows that if she stays on Earth too long, she will go crazy and start hurting people.  Eileen asks the Winchesters to help her get to Heaven. Dean says they just found out that souls that go to Hell can’t get into Heaven. But Sam won’t accept that and wants to help her. 

Sam takes Eileen to Rowena’s apartment and just strolls right in.  Sam examines Jacinda’s body and finds a tattoo on her neck that indicates she’s in a coven.  They need to get what they came for and get out. They can’t find the real magic until Eileen starts walking through walls.  She finds a secret room where Rowena kept everything. Unfortunately, two witches are watch Sam.  

Sam gets sad, thinking about Rowena.  Eileen picks up on his sadness and he explains what Rowena did for them. He says Rowena got it. She knew the game was rigged but magic was how she kept control.  A piece of paper falls from one of the books and Sam picks it up. It’s a spell to bring back a dead person without a body, like Mary. She never finished the spell because Mary was in heaven and happy. Sam thinks he can finish it and bring Eileen back to life. 


Sam takes what they need for the spell and prepare to leave.  Sam starts getting sick and disoriented. He looks around for whatever is causing his illness and finds a hex bag under his tire.  Two witches approach, so Sam tells Eileen to get Dean. The witches use a spell to get rid of Eileen and take Sam to their moving truck and tie him up. 

Jacinda’s friends are her mother (Keegan Connor Tracy)and sister Emily (Jodelle Ferland). They heard about Rowena and went to her place to get all of her knowledge. Jacinda tried first but the apartment killed her.  They almost gave up until Sam arrived and got in to the apartment with no trouble. Rowena left all of her worldly possessions to Sam.  

They want Rowena’s spells and ingredients, but first Mommy dearest wants to use Mary’s spell to resurrect Jacinda.  Emily takes Sam to retrieve what they need and what they want. She has a voodoo doll with Sam hair weaved into it. If Sam misbehaves, she twists the doll, hurting Sam.  

Emily sees Jacinda’s dead body and starts talking about how mean her sister was. Sam tries to relate to her. He says Jacinda doesn’t have to come back.  All Emily has to do is let Sam go and she could run away. He’ll give her all the journals and books, but just let him go. But she’s loyal to her mother and starts twisting the doll, making Sam fall over in pain. 


Supernatural — “Golden Time” — Jennifer Spence as Melly Krakowski and Misha Collins as Castiel — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cas assumes the dead body is a result of something supernatural. He goes to the police station to talk the sheriff about the missing and murdered kids. He’s using his FBI cover to get through. While he waits for the sheriff to return from lunch, one of the locals, Melly (Jennifer Spence) starts talking to him. She’s there to report her son missing.  Melly heard an FBI agent was staying at the lake and she asks for his help to find her son.  

The sheriff knows Melly well. He says she often comes in with a new complaint.  He’s not took concerned about her missing kid. The sheriff says most kids go out with their friends and get drunk. He thinks the kid is somewhere passed out. 

Cas wants to know about the body found at the lake, but the sheriff says the kid overdosed on drugs…cased closed.  Cas asks to look at the body but it’s already been sent to Cheyenne. So Cas asks for any case on any body found at the lake. The sheriff starts questioning Cas’ FBI credentials and asks to speak to his supervisor. 

At the bunker, Dean hears a phone ringing and goes through the many phones they have plugged upon a desk.  The ringing phone is labeled FBI, so Dean knows to answer appropriately. The sheriff says he checking up on an agent in the area and Dean asks to speak to the agent. When Cas gets on the phone, Dean tells him that Sam has been calling and asks if he checked his messages. Cas has not.  Dean tells him that Chuck is back and he should be careful. And check his voicemail. Dean hangs up, but Cas has to continue playing the charade until he can hang up the phone. It was enough to convince the sheriff. 


Cas goes through several files of several bodies found in the lake.  He marks up a map so he knows where to search for more clues. When he gets to the lake, Melly is right behind him. She followed him and begs him to help her look for her son.  Cas is reluctant, but she tells him there is a mine nearby. Cas asks where it is. Melly won’t tell him but she will show him. 

They walk around the lake looking for clues. Cas is concerned about what he’s dealing with and warns Melly about monsters in the area. They find Melly’s son and he confirms that a monster killed a boy and put his body in the water. The monster started chasing him. He fell, hurt his ankle and broke his phone. He was hiding from the monster when they showed up. 

The sheriff shows up and reveals that he‘s a jinn.  And he will eat whoever he wants. The sheriff shoots Cas in the chest two times, but the Angel powers keep the bullets from hurting him. Cas brutally kills the jinn and throws his body in the lake.  Afterward he heals the boy’s leg with his angel powers. Cas hasn’t been able to heal anyone for a while. Melly asks how he did that, but Cas says she’s better off not knowing. He has to leave and get back in the game. 


Supernatural — “Golden Time” — Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam finishes packing Rowena’s things for Emily when Dean shows up with a gun pointed at her mom.  Emily starts twisting the voodoo doll to hurt Sam and demand Dean let her mother go. Jacinda’s ghost shows up and attacks Dean.  Eileen shows up and defends him. Mommy Witch is torturing Sam with a spell while Emily twists the voodoo doll. Dean picks up his gun and shoots Emily, killing her. Mommy Witch turns her wrath on Dean.  Sam tackles her to the ground. He puts a hex bag in the mom’s mouth and casts a spell on her, killing her.

Dean checks on Eileen and Jacinda’s ghost is killing her.  Dean finds a bottle of absinthe and pours it on Jacinda’s body. He lights the body on fire, killing Jacinda’s ghost. 


Back at the bunker, Sam prepares the resurrection spell in the bathtub.  He puts the ingredients in a bath and Eileen gets in. The spell only works one time so they have to get it right.  Sam turns his back to the tub and recites the spell that Rowena wrote. The spell works and Eileen is alive again. If only they could have done that for Mary.

The boys unwind with a beer.  Sam says they don’t make the rules ,but that doesn’t mean they have to give up.  Sam doesn’t think Chuck wanted Sam to shoot him. Dean suggests that it may have been part of Chuck’s plan.  They don’t know what’s God and what’s not. And it drives Dean crazy. Sam says they will find a way to win. They are the guys who break the rules.  But he can’t do it alone. Sam needs his brother. 

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So Dean shuts down in the best way possible. Scooby Doo and cereal!  He was literally lounging around in his pj’s and a robe.  I bet he had bunny slippers on.  That’s the only time I’ve seen a slouchy Dean. I liked it.  Way to fight back against God’s Supernatural stories Dean!  

Sam is right, the only way they are going to win is to break the rules.  But what does that mean?  And if Sam can see Chuck’s visions, can Chuck see Sam’s? 

Things won’t get better until the whole team is together. That means that Dean and Cas are going to have to make up.  Dean can be such a big baby sometimes…




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