The Winchesters have a chance to start a new life on Supernatural.  But the only thing they are good at is hunting. In “Atomic Monsters” Sam (Jared Padalecki) is feeling a bit trapped, even after the boys stopped Chuck’s ghost apocalypse. They lost a few friends in doing so…including Castiel (Misha Collins). He didn’t die, but he’s dead to Dean (Jensen Ackles).  And that’s sad. 

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Dean jumps right back into fighting demons.  He loses a lot of hunters, including Benny (Ty Olsson), but they are on a mission to find ‘him.’  Dean seems to be the only person alive when he finds Sam.  Sam really was closer than Dean thought. Sam is on demon blood. Dean says Sam did something terrible to Bobby and Jody, but its only because they got tried to stop Sam. And Sam will not be stopped. 

A hunter tries to sneak up behind Sam, but he knows the hunter is there. He snaps the hunter’s neck with a twist of his head. Sam looks at Dean and Dean begs him not to do it. Sam’s eyes turn black and he tilts his head, killing Dean.  and Sam wakes up.


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When Sam wakes up he finds Dean eating Veggie Bacon!  And he likes it!! He’s trying to cheer up Sam, hence the that hippie, Sarah McLachlan,  grass eater” veggie bacon. Dean also found a case for them to work on because Sam needs to get out of the bunker. Sam takes a bite of the bacon and discovers it’s really bacon.  Dean lied. He calls himself the ‘meat man.’ Let’s not go there.

The boys travel to Iowa where a high school girl was found dead.  He is interviewing the high school principal when the Whitmans show up. They ask the principal not to cancel the lacrosse game because a scout from Yale is coming to observe their son Billy (Burkely Duffield).  The girls memorial is scheduled at that time, so of course the principal says no. 

Dean was at the morgue and found a pair of fangs. They have a vampire on their hands. The body was torn to pieces so the boys go to where the body was found to look for more clues.  To their surprise, there’s no blood at the crime scene, meaning someone placed the body there. The local police are freaked out by this case. Sam comments that it’s their job to deal with the truth, carry the weight. Dean asks if Sam wants a small town life. Sam reminds him that they don’t get a normal life. 


While this is all going on, Chuck (Rob Benedict) goes to see an old friend, Becky (Emily Perkins). She’s the one who put the love spell on Sam and then later dated Chuck.  Now she’s married with two kids and she finally has the house to herself and Chuck interrupts her creative time.  Becky makes miniature dolls of Sam and Dean and sells them on the internet. She also writes fan fiction. It helped her realize that she’s in love with the character Sam, from Chuck’s books.  Not the real Sam Winchester. She thinks her fan fiction is better than Chuck’s book because she gives the fans what they really want to read about. Sam and Dean doing normal stuff…like laundry.

Chuck says he had a falling out with Sam and Dean.  So he needs her to boost his ego, but Becky is not falling for it. She has found her self esteem and no longer needs Chuck to feel complete. Chuck realizes that no one needs him anymore.  Even he kind of hates himself right now and doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Becky tells him to write. She says he’s a prophet and he was good at writing the books. He just has to keep writing. 

Chuck agrees and gets on Becky’s computer and starts writing.  When he finishes, he asks Becky to read it and tell him what she thinks. At first she says she loves it, but Chuck knows that’s not true.  Becky says there’s no originality, the stakes are too low, the villain doesn’t feel dangerous and there’s no classic rock. And there’s no mention of Castiel. Chuck gets a little angry and sits down to write something darker. 


Supernatural — “Atomic Monsters” — Image Number: SN1501b_0030r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Mellany Barros as Veronica and Burkely Duffield as Billy Whitman — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Another girl goes missing. Toby, the high school mascot…a beaver… tells Dean that both girls were cheerleaders. Their first suspect is the cheer captain, obviously. But she has braces. A sure sign that she’s not a vampire. Next, the boys see a camera on a streetlamp.  The security camera should reveal who the vampire is. 

The principal looks over the footage with the Winchesters only to find out that the assailant is wearing a ski mask. But, you can clearly see the license plate of the car he’s driving. That leads them directly to the Whitmans. The missing girl is in their basement and they are draining her blood.  

Sam and Dean get to the Whitmans after they’ve had a big fight with Billy.  Billy doesn’t think his parents truly understand him. Typical teenager right?  Well…maybe. At first Dean thinks Mr. Whitman is the vampire. He keeps Whitman in the kitchen so Sam can find the girl.  Mrs. Whitman finds Sam and points a gun at him. Whitman tells his wife to take Billy and go. Billy won’t let that happen because he is The vampire. 


Billy is a recently turned vampire.  His girlfriend was his first victim. They were making out one night and he got carried away and bit her.  He couldn’t help but drain her blood. They took the girl in the basement to feed Billy so he wouldn’t attack anyone again.  They’d do anything for him so he can have as much of a normal life as possible.

Billy says he doesn’t get to have a normal life.  That life is over. He tells them to call the police and blame him for kidnapping the girl.  Tell the cops he ran away. Then he says goodbye to his parents before taking a ride with Sam and Dean.  The Whitmans give the police a picture of Billy as the girl is taken away on a stretcher. Sam and Dean take Billy into the woods.  Sam watches as Dean prepares to kill Billy.    


Supernatural — “Atomic Monsters” — Image Number: SN1501a_0301r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean drive back to the bunker.  Dean feels like what they do still matters.  They need to keep hunting for everyone they’ve ever lost. And anyone who ever cared about them.  With Chuck gone, they are finally free to do as they please.  But that’s just it. Sam doesn’t feel free.  He feels like everything is lost. He hopes he will feel better the next day, but then again, maybe he won’t. 

Chuck finishes his story and Becky doesn’t like it. She says it’s too dark. Chuck is proud of it.  He tells her to picture the title screen, “Supernatural: The End and the cover is a gravestone that says ‘Winchester.’” Becky yells at Chuck for what he ‘s doing to Sam and Dean, but Chuck loves that it’s making her feel something. 

Becky’s husband returns with the kids. She tells chuck to leave, but he likes her house.  He snaps his fingers and the husband and kids are gone…but not dead. Becky is in shock.  Chuck tells her that he’s actually God and snaps her away too. Chuck is officially the dangerous villain. Chuck sits down to continue writing Sam and Dean’s new ending, saying to himself, “Oh yeah, this is gonna be good,”



It looks like we have the beginning of the end for Supernatural.  I was wondering if Chuck was going to start writing again. Will Sam and Dean realize that he’s back at the computer?  They don’t even know where he is. Some way, somehow, Dean’s connection to Chuck through their gunshot wound will come into play.  They will have to find Chuck to stop his ending from happening. 

And yeah…what about Castiel?  And are we ever going to see Jack (Alexander Calvert) again?  What was with that meeting of the nothing with Billie aka Death and Jack in the Empty?  So many unanswered questions! But we have time…


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