It’s “Game Night” on Supernatural!  Who’s game is it? That’s a good question.


In recent episodes, Jack (Alexander Calvert) killed the Archangel Michael, regained his powers, and may no longer have a soul. Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Cas (Misha Collins) have been watching him closely, but Jack has changed. Dean took Jack to talk to Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) to determine if Jack still had a soul. Donatello couldn’t give a clear answer and Cas still has doubts. 

Jack might be a little scared too.  He tried making friends his own age and ended up scaring them when he displayed his powers.  He also accidentally stabbed one of the new friends with an angel blade. Jack saved her, but at the behest of the Winchesters, they all decided Jack shouldn’t use his powers for now. 

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Dean plays games on Supernatural, "Game Night"

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Donatello is enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home when someone attacks him at his front door.  They tie him to the dining room table and inject something into his neck.

Luckily the Winchesters are home, having a family game night. Even Mary (Samantha Smith) is at home. She tries to talk to Jack about his change and he lets her know that she’s annoying him.  Sam just happens to be out getting pizza, so you know Dean is excited. That’s when he gets a message from Donatello asking for help. 

Dean and Mary drop what they are doing and leave for Donatello’s. On the way, Mary says she’s worried about all of her boys.  She feels guilty for not being more present. She says she’s grateful for the time she has gotten to be with Sam and Dean.  

Jack stays behind to wait for Sam.  In Donatello’s message, he left a message in another language.  When Sam gets home, he and Jack decode the message and find out it’s Ancient Hebrew.  It’s a bible verse about the Devil walking the earth.

Needle in a Haystack

Meanwhile, Castiel secretly meets with Anael (Danneel Ackles). He offers her a pair of rare earrings that are probably cursed.  Castiel needs her help contacting God.  He’s pretty sure that Jack’s soul is gone and God is the only one who can restore a soul.  Anael was once the assistant Joshua, the only Angel that God spoke to. She corrects him saying Joshua didn’t talk to God, God spoke to Joshua.  She decides not to help him but can take him to someone who can. 

Anael takes Castiel to an Emporium where they find Methuselah (Nathan Kay).  They ask him how Joshua contacted God, but Methuselah won’t help. Castiel threatens to finally kill Methusala. So he tells the angels that Joshua used an object in the warehouse. He doesn’t know what it is, but they will feel it when they see it.

Hide and Seek

Supernatural — “Game Night” — Image Number: SN1417b_0263b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alexander Calvert as Jack and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester — Photo: Diyah Pera /The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

At Donatello’s, Dean and Mary walk into a trap set by Nick (Mark Pellegrino).  Dean talks to him as Mary investigates the house. She finds a syringe that Nick says he used to inject Valium into Donatello’s.   Nick says he did it to get the Winchesters attention. He shows Dean a video of Donatello tied up in a room, but won’t say where he is.  Nick says he only wants to talk to them.  Either the Winchesters talk to him, or Donatello dies.

Dean and Mary take Nick back to the bunker.  Sam is livid and attacks Nick. Dean has to pull Sam off of Nick so they can talk. 

Bad Cop

Sam doesn’t quite understand why Nick attacked Donatello, but Dean does.  Nick still has some of Lucifer’s memories.  He knew Donatello through Lucifer.  They decide that Sam will hack the live feed of Donatello to find him while Dean talks to Nick. 

Sam blames himself for setting Nick free.  That set off this chain of bad luck.  If Sam had let the cops arrest Nick, Donatello wouldn’t be missing.  Mary says that Nick’s choices are his own and Sam didn’t know what he would do.  She knows that Sam thought Nick deserved another chance. She says Sam is a good man and she is proud of him. 

Dean starts asking questions about Donatello’s whereabouts, but Nick isn’t answering. So Dean starts beating on his face.  Nick talks about his experience of being possessed by an Archangel. He says he and Dean are brothers because they both experienced it.  Deans asks what his game is all about.  Nick asks to talk to his son…Jack.

Good Cop

Supernatural — “Game Night” — Image Number: SN1417b_0094b2.jpg — Pictured: Alexander Calvert as Jack — Photo: Diyah Pera /The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean tells the others about Nick’s request. Mary and Dean agree that it’s a bad idea for Jack to talk to Nick.  Jack says Donatello help him, so now he has to help his friend.  Sam says they don’t have any other choice.  

Jack enters the basement and immediately asks for Donatello’s whereabouts.  Nick tells Jack that Lucifer loved him, very much.  He says Jack broke Lucifer’s heart, but that was when Jack had a soul.  Jack gets angry as Nick continues to joke about Jack’s soul. Jack eventually breaks and headbutts Nick, making his nose bleed.  The impact sprays Jack’s blood all over Nick’s shirt.  But Jack just waves his hand over his mouth and the blood is gone.  

Jack looks at Nick with is burning eyes, scaring the vessel.  When Jack emerges from the basement, he says Nick will show them where Donatello is.  

God’s Plan

The Angels walk through the emporium and look through the warehouse of objects.  Anael explains why she was demoted from Joshua’s assistant to a button pusher.  She says she believed in heaven but saw that everything on Earth was just awful. She asked Joshua why God wasn’t helping his perfect creations on Earth. The only answer she got was that ‘God doesn’t mettle.’ So she started meddling. She started helping people.  Castiel tells her that God reached out and meddle for him. He saved his life.  Anael wonders what it says about God that he will let his people suffer but save the life of one angel.

Later Anael decides that she is tired of looking for an object that they don’t know will work or not.  She says she knows he’s afraid.  In his mind, it’s easier for Castiel to call God instead of telling Sam and Dean the truth about Jack.  Jack’s soul is gone and there’s nothing he can do about it.  

As they are leaving, Ananel picks up her bag and Castiel sees a charm on a chain that he recognizes.  The charm glows in the presence of God. Methuselah says Joshua forged it after he fell.  Castiel holds the charm tightly and prays to God for help with Jack.  Nothing happens and Methusala says the charm never worked for Joshua either. 

When they leave the Emporium, it’s daylight.  Castiel gives her the earrings and lets her leave.  He says just because God’s not with them, they are not alone. They all have each other. 

Game Point

Supernatural — “Game Night” — Image Number: SN1417a_0486b.jpg — Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean– Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean take Nick for a drive to an abandoned warehouse.  Dean goes inside while Sam watches over Nick.  In the meantime, Jack finds Mary going through Donatello’s things. He picks up the syringe and feels grace.  The syringe was filled with Angelic grace.  Mary calls Sam to let him know what Jack discovered.

Dean is looking for Donatello but doesn’t know there are others in the warehouse with them. he finds his friend and starts to untie him.  At the same time, Mary is telling Sam about the grace, Nick is picking the lock on his handcuffs.  Sam pulls Nick out of the car at gunpoint and asks what he’s really up to.

Turns out that prophets can be used as radios to communicate with the dead.  Lucifer died and went to the empty, but he woke up.  Nick used Donatello to call Lucifer. Lucifer told Nick how to bring him back.  Nick reveals that he had help from demons who are eager to have Lucifer back. 

Blind Sided

Nick busts out of his handcuffs and starts fighting Sam. At the same time, the demons jump out of hiding to kill Dean.  Both Winchesters start to win, but then Nick hits Sam in the head with a rock…twice! Sam is able to get away and jumps into Baby and locks the doors. Sam starts honking the horn to call for help.  

Dean kills the last demon, grabs Donatello and they head outside.  When Dean gets to the car, he finds Sam with a severe head injury and Nick is gone.  Dean calls Mary to let her know that Nick is trying to resurrect Lucifer.  He can’t move Sam so he called an ambulance.  Jack and Mary leave to be with Sam.


Meanwhile, Nick finds an abandoned house that happens to have the ingredients that Nick needs to perform a spell. Jack’s blood is on his shirt.  When Nick burns his shirt, Jack can feel it.  He can also feel where Nick is, so they leave, via Jack’s powers to stop him.  

Nick finishes his spell and a dark portal opens.  Lucifer steps out and Nick is grateful. He begs Lucifer to take his vessel to make him strong again.  Lucifer reaches for Nick and Jack shows up, stopping the transformation before it begins.  Mary is with him and watches as Jack starts hurting Nick.  Jack burns Nick from the inside, killing him.  Mary is screaming at Jack to stop the entire time.

Supernatural — “Game Night” — Image Number: SN1417a_0246bc.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Once Nick is dead, Mary asks Jack to go to Sam and save him.  Sam is losing consciousness and the ambulance is too far out.  Dean tries to get Sam to count with him to keep him awake.  Sam fades and Jack arrives just in time to save him.  When Sam comes to, Jack informs them that he stopped Nick and Mary is fine. 


Back at the abandoned house, Jack returns to retrieve Mary.  She’s visibly shaken, so Jack starts to explain that Nick was bad. He had to stop him.  She says Jack didn’t have to kill Nick, but Jack says he deserved it.  

Mary asks Jack to take her home, but he wants her to tell him that what he did is okay first.  She says it’s not okay, but it’s not his fault.  She knows there is something wrong with Jack.  Jack gets angry and says Mary is wrong.  She says if Sam and Dean saw what he did, they would be as worried as she is. Jack asks if she’s going to tell them.  Mary says he needs help and they will help him.  

Jack walks away telling Mary to leave him alone. He starts hearing a high pitch ringing in his ears that hurt his head.  Mary follows him, asking what’s wrong. He keeps telling her to leave him alone.  Mary catches up and stands in front of him. When Jack looks up, he yells at her to leave him alone.  The screen goes black and we hear Jack whisper Mary’s name.

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Wow!  It’s interesting to me how the writers are kind of making Jack seem like a child.  The Winchesters treat him like he’s a three-year-old and expect him to understand when he’s done something wrong.  I know that’s how most of us learned right from wrong growing up, but Jack is different.  He’s got angel powers. Eventually, he was going to hurt the wrong person.  I just hate that it had to be Mary.

After the reunion with John Winchester, I had hoped that Mary would be around more to bond with her sons. She was there. She told the boys how she felt about them, and now she’s might be gone again.  This is going to be bad…makes me sad.  I love Jack. 

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