The boys of Supernatural have hunted some interesting creatures, but nothing like the creature in  “Ouroboros.”  Straight out of the movies, but with a bit of more realism, Team Winchester are looking for a Gorgon! That’s right, Medusa’s brother.  But let’s recap real quick what the underlying issue really is.


Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) stole Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) grace causing Jack’s body to start dying.  The Winchesters found some grace that would help Jack sustain his life, but he could potentially burn up his soul if he uses too much.  Jack has used a little bit to get out of a jam a time or two, but Cas (Misha Collins) won’t let him do it again. 

Dean (Jensen Ackles) trapped the Archangel Michael inside of his head.  He has to keep him there until the team can figure out a way to kill him without hurting Dean.  Death told Dean that if Michael gets out, he will destroy the world. Dean tried to bury himself alive, but Sam (Jared Padalecki) wouldn’t have it.   The Winchesters recruited Rowena (Ruth Connell) help and that’s when they came upon their current hunt. 

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Noah the Gorgon in in Supernatural, Ouroboros

Philippe Bowgen as Noah Ophis in Supernatural — “Ouroboros”– Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

So the Gorgon. He’s not like Medusa in that he can turn people into stone.  He can, however, paralyze his victims with venom, like a snake. His name is Noah (Philippe Bowgen) and he likes eating men; in particular, their eyes. The eyes give him the ability to see the future. And every time Noah eats someone’s eyes, he sees Dean coming for him, giving him the advantage of a head start. 

The team didn’t know what he was when they started hunting him.  So Sam and Rowena research through piles of books, while Dean, Cas, and Jack get a bite.  Cas asks Dean if he’s okay. Dean is fine, but he is having a hard time keeping Michae locked up.  Dean is strong, but how long can he keep his strength up.  Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jack starts coughing up blood.  He uses his grace to cure whatever is making him cough and returns to the table.

Snake Eyes

Sam and Rowen figure out that they are dealing with a Gorgon and like Medusa, the only way to kill him is to cut off his head.  First, they have to figure out how to catch him.  So when Noah targets his next meal, he sees Dean reading a letter by the location of his kill.  The next day, Dean and Cas investigate the crime scene and Dean reads his letter.  Noah says he can see Dean and the tall man coming for him.  He tells Dean to stop following him but never says anything about Cas or Jack.  The Gorgon can’t see Angels! 

The boys come up with a plan to send Jack and Cas in to stop Noah.  Rowena suggests making an anti-venom serum just in case the Gorgon gets the best of them.  They have to find anti-venom first. There’s only one place to get it…the veterinarian.  Rowena and Sam take their dog, “Jack” into the vet’s office.  The vet takes Jack to an examination room and takes his temperature…in the bum. Poor Jack.  After the vet leaves the examination room, Jack turns back into a human, finds the anti-venom and quickly leaves. 

After Jack gives Rowena the anti-venom, she pulls Sam aside and asks what they did to Jack. She said she could feel a strong resistance when she transformed him.  Sam brushes it off by assuring Rowena that Jack is okay and they have everything under control. 

Clash of the Titan…and Angels
Jack faces off with the Gorgon on Supernatural, Ouroboros

Alexander Calvert as Jack and Philippe Bowgen as Noah Ophis in Supernatural — “Ouroboros” — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cas and Jack find Noah with his next victim.  Cas gives the antidote to the victim while Noah focuses on Jack.  Noah is fascinated by Jack and tells him a story about a black snake that kept eating the same chicken’s eggs until there was one left.  When the snake tried to eat the last egg, he couldn’t crush it. The chicken had hard boiled the egg and the snake died.   Noah says he can’t tell if Jack is the chicken or the snake.  

Cas is hit with the Gorgon’s venom leaving Jack to fight Noah.  Dean and Sam arrive and do their best to kill Noah, but the Gorgon is super strong.  Noah throws Dean up against the wall, really, really hard, knocking him out.  After the Gorgon has thrown everyone down, he grabs his pet snake and heads for the door.  That’s when Jack surprises Noah just before he leaves and cuts off his head.  

Open Door

Sam can’t wake up Dean and Jack can’t cure Cas with the antidote.  Jack uses his grace to cure Cas, much to Cas’ dismay.  Cas can’t yell at Jack at the moment because Dean is in bad shape.  They take him back to the bunker where Maggie (Katherine Evans) has been holding down the fort.  Rowena comes in and tries to help, but there’s not much they can do.  Cas can’t help him because Michael is getting in the way of seeing what’s wrong.  Jack offers to help and Cas yells that Jack can’t burn any more of his soul for any reason. 

Rowena overheard the whole conversation and she doesn’t like what they did to Jack.  Sam says they will talk about it later, for now, they need to help Dean.  Rowena retreats to her books to look for a way to help Dean.  Meanwhile, Michael is fighting so hard to get out of Dean’s head that Dean’s body is reacting.

Time is Fleeting
Dean is in danger in Supernatural, Ouroboros

Misha Collins as Castiel, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural — “Ouroboros”– Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cas goes to talk to Jack.  Jack is scared that they could lose Dean.  Cas reminds him that the Winchesters are human. Humans burn bright, but only for a brief time.  Eventually, they will die.  Jack doesn’t like the idea of losing people.  He asks what’s the point of being a cosmic being if everyone he cares about is going to die.  Cas says the point is that he got to know them.  When they leave it will hurt, but the hurt will remind him of how much he loves them.  When Dean wakes up, they have to appreciate the time they have together.  

Jack wonders what will happen if Dean doesn’t wake up. What happens to Michael?  Cas doesn’t have any answers. Jack offers to use his powers again and Cas says no.  Jack is frustrated that he has powers he can’t use to help the people he loves.  That brings him back to the story about the black snake.  He asks Cas what the story meant.  He says it’s a story about being willing to give up the thing you love in order to kill the thing you hate. 

Madness Takes Control

Dean wakes up and starts throwing things around.  He stops abruptly and looks around.  Michael is gone.  Michael got out of Dean’s head!  Dean blames himself for letting his guard down, saying they should have put him in the coffin and threw him in the ocean.

They hear people screaming and run to see what’s happening.  Maggie runs towards them and then her eyes and mouth light up.  Michael burned her soul and the soul of everyone else in the bunker, except one.  Rowena. 

While Rowena was looking through her books, Michael came to her. He offered to let her live if she allowed him to take over her vessel.  Jokes on Michael, Rowena is going to live either way.  Death prophecized that Sam is the mortal who will kill Rowena.  Michael’s second offer is to let her live, or he will kill everyone she cares about inside the bunker.  Rowena gets scared thinking about the Winchesters and Cas dying, so she says yes. 

Rowena makes a dangerous deal in Supernatural, Ouroboros

Ruth Connell as Rowena in Supernatural — “Ouroboros” — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean offers to put Michael in the coffin anyway, so Michael attacks.  He attacks the Winchesters and Cas.  Jack is immune to Michael’s attack because of his Archangel ancestry.  Jack digs deep and stands up to Michael, who is stronger.  Jack is able to knock Michael back, releasing his hold on the others. 

Michael reminds Jack who he is.  He is the commander of the host and the cleanser of worlds. Michael throws light at Jack, but Jack is unphased.  He calls Jack a child and Jack yells back that he’s not a child anymore.  Jack says he is the son of Lucifer, a hunter, and a Winchester.  

Jack grabs Michael by the head and uses his grace to force Michael out of Rowena.  Michael’s grace floats around above Jacks’ head.  Jack burns Michael’s soul away, killing him, and consumes his grace.  Jack is back to who he was before.  A Nephilim.

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That was amazing!!   Wrapping up two issues in one episode.  

There are a lot of us like Dean out there. Our only frame of reference for mythological creatures comes from movies and television.  That’s why I love Supernatural. They give the true background story and even some different versions.  

Michael is gone.  Jack is back to normal.  All is right with the world, right? 




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